The further down I go, the scarier it gets. I keep hearing drops of liquid, squeaking noises, all the like. Luckily there are no oompa-loompas to stop me, but Wonka's still a source of concern. That, and me being trapped inside of this cave, which heavily smells of chocolate. The strength of the smell nearly makes me gag.

Suddenly I find myself at a dead end. I begin to panic when I see something up ahead. It looks like a pedestal of some sort. Curiously I approach it to find it covered in chocolate powder. Brushing it aside, I notice a sparkling jewel and a cover made of some strange material. After a lot of brushing, the final product is revealed.

"It looks like some sort of tome," I gasp.

Before I can think, my curiosity gets the better of me and I slowly open it. Inside it contains various scribblings dating back to as far as before the Middle Ages. I can't really read the Middle Age text, but it's around the Victorian Era entries that I understand most of what's going on. From the looks of it, it contains entries from members of a secret organization dedicated to finding and creating every possible type of candy through any means necessary. Most females don't begin to appear as members until roughly the late 1800s; however I do notice a few secret developments prior to then.

"Emeline, Victoria, Barnabas, Bartleby, Jacob, Astor," I read.

"How far does this date back?"

In each section are the most noteworthy members of that era, each beginning with Sir or Lady. Some of them seem normal, others strange but beneficial, but then there are some that are downright disturbing.

Sir Jack Christopher: Creator of the Blood Replenish Chocolate Bar in 1928.

Lady Dominique: Creator of the Edible Holographic Candy in 1987.

Sir Robin Astor: Creator of the Arsenic Edible in 1566.

Sir John Lennox: Creator of the Strychnine Sweets Tea Bags in 1795.

Lady Wendy: Creator of the Tranquilizer Candy Cane in 1944.

Lady Emeline: Creator of the Instant Death One-Bite Bar in 1834.

Just to list a few.

"How morbid," I shiver as I read the information on that last entry.

It turns out Lady Emeline was a notorious serial killer in a small town in England at the time. She would usually target children as they were most susceptible to sweets. It's estimated her victim tally stacked into the hundreds, even thousands.

Something strange I notice is that all of these people seem to share the same last name: Wonka. Is it a family organization? Are any of these people adopted? Is Mr. Wonka a part of this? At the very back of the book, I find my answers. Several pages are dedicated to a family tree of every single member, all sharing the same last name. It takes me a while to get to the last page. At the very bottom of that, I find the name William S. Wonka. Sure enough his picture is in there. But what catches my eye is that there's a slot below him. It's marked as female with the date of birth being in September eleven years prior. I pray that this isn't what I think it is.

But sure enough, I find a note from a woman named Jennifer Wonka (formerly Honey) on that date nine years ago:

It's been one year since the abduction. William's been working around the clock to find the name and address of the family who took my baby girl. I miss her ever so much.

Another note just over two years later:

William's beginning to suspect that his employee Dorian may have something to do with our daughter's abduction. It would be a shame if that was the case. Dorian is so sweet and kind and full of ideas. I can't imagine him being an abductor.

And then another note, five years ago:

I'm afraid our fears have been confirmed; an employee was involved in the abduction of our little girl. If I'm correct, the girl should be about six by this time. William's insisting to take drastic action if necessary. I dare not stop him, but I don't wish to upset the family either. Mr. Prescott has gone above and beyond in his job.

The last name makes me stop. No, it can't be. This is fake. It has to be, right? Even though I know I'll regret it, I keep reading.

He tells us he does it all for his daughter, who has developed an interest in candy-making. Just a few moments ago, he came in to show me her notebook of ideas, ones far beyond that of a six year old. If we can bring her back, I know she'll be able to keep the organization's bloodline running in spite of our enemies. After all her name means "strength in battle."

Here's to the hope that she comes across this one day. To the hope that she'll realize where she belongs and who she really is; Matilda Wonka (now Prescott).

(Author's Note):

Surprise! I'm not dead! Things have been really busy. I'm still working on this fic, don't you worry. On top of it all, I may or may not have a sequel in the works...

I'll keep you posted when I can! :)