Lance sighed, he was tired but he couldn't go to sleep yet since he had to finish grading for one of his class's quizzes. He leaned back in his chair, stretching out his arms and back as far as he can.

'Just three more to go and you can go to sleep Lance.' He tried to motivate himself to stay awake, he grabbed his pen once again and marked the incorrect responses. As he put the final grade, he noticed the student forgot to put their name on it. He contemplated if he should take points off of it or not.

Before he could decide he heard his laptop ringing alerting him that he had an incoming video call. All the tiredness and irritation he was feeling before was gone, he sat right up with a smile. It was Keith and Shiro. They were currently in space on a mission just to go on a exploration of a planet that Galaxy Garrison had discovered ten years ago.

Keith was so excited, he never thought he would be one of the astronauts to go on the planet first. He was just an entering freshman back then who was already excelling in his aviation class. Shiro was just a junior back then, it was no surprise he got the spot when he was the prodigy student of Garrison.

Lance pressed the accept button, the screen presented a very excited Keith with Shiro standing in the background who was undeniable containing his excitement. Lance smiled fondly at them.

"Hello Keith! Hey Shiro."

"Lance guess what we found during on our exploration!" Keith was literally shaking with joy, waiting for Lance to respond so he could get to share his new discovery as always.

"Another hand-sized rock?" Lance teased

"No! Something much even better!"

"Go ahead and tell me." Keith smiled even wider, he took the camera off of the stand and ran on the other side of the ship.

"Keith and I found water on this planet." Shiro said before Keith turned the camera to a body of water. Lance looked at it with amazement

"Shiro I wanted to tell him." Keith glared at Shiro

"Shouldn't you be telling the person in charge of the project?"

"They weren't answering so I thought why don't we call for the assistant." Shiro answered

"Anyway we found body of water, this could possibly mean aliens are real!"

Lance held back his laughter at Keith being so animated, before Keith was very inclusive not that is a bad thing. It was just refreshing to see Keith showing a new side of him to Lance.

"Yeah I don't doubt that Keith."

"Lance- Oh my god we're so sorry I didn't realize it was late back on Earth." Shiro said anxiously, noticing how dark it was outside from Lance's window. "That explains why the project leader wasn't answering." Shiro trailed off.

"It's fine, I'm just grading quizzes for my students." Lance waved it off, "They're honestly doing so much better than last semester." Lance skimmed over the paper, placing a 98% on the sheet.

"And I'm finished!" Lance cheered

"That's great but you should get some sleep though." Keith looked at him with concern,

"I'm fine, it's only Friday anyway." Lance laid down as he pulled a blanket over his body, pushed the button for the brightness to go down.

"I can't wait to see you two again in a few months." Lance felt his eyelid go heavy but he wanted to stay awake a little longer. 'It's been almost two years, I miss you both.' Lance thought clutching his blanket tighter around him.

"Yeah, I can't wait to eat actual food. I hate eating out of packages." Shiro agreed.

"That must suck." Lance chuckled, he remembered he had wanted to go on the trip with Keith and Shiro since they needed another astronaut for the trip. He wasn't sure if was best suited for the project. It was already too late when he sent his application, they had already find a person to fill in.

"And Bob keeps cockblocking us." Keith pouted, "I wish you had came instead of him, you are much better company to be with."

"That is very true, I'm a witness."

"You know they have to take qualified astronauts for the mission, and I'm pretty sure I'm not qualified."

"I'm going to tell you this now." Shiro began, "You're more than qualified, I seen you fly an actual spacecraft it's no wonder you're a teacher now."

Lance knows for sure he wasn't blushing at the compliment but he didn't realize he was holding back his breath as his brain was having a melt down.

"Yeah thanks Shiro." Lance smiled into his blanket

"Also before we go, I want to show you something. Shiro help me." Keith pulled Shiro over to help him to set things up. Lance rested his head down, waiting for the two to come back.

"Lance we're ba-" Lance was sleeping peacefully before Keith and Shiro got a chance to show him what they wanted him to see.

"Goodnight Lance." Keith said before cutting off the video call