"I'm so bored~" Shiro grumbled as he floated upside down in the ship. He had turned on the anti gravity effect to have fun since they are still a few miles away from the next planet they were going to visit next. Having the anti gravity was was exciting for the first few hour doing flips, handstands, moonwalks, and other silly antics. Now he was just exhausted and bored.

"You can post more pictures on social media," Keith suggested, "or would you rather watch a movie? We have some board games..." he added as tried to think of more activities.

"I miss Lance," Shiro said suddenly as he floated around the small area.

"You call him almost twice a week though," Bob interjected

"It's not the same," Shiro grumbled, "When we were on Earth, I got to see his face everyday and now I only get to see his face twice a week or when he's in the mission control room if we're lucky."

"Shiro we're about to close up on Lunar X," Keith notified turning off the anti-gravity effect. They ran to their seats after they descended to the floor.

They landed on the planet safely. They scanned the area and it showed the planet has similar components in the atmosphere as Earth. When they walked out of their ship, they were quite hesitant to get out without their helmets because it would be their first time to go on a planet with oxygen.

After finding out the scanners were correct, Keith and Shiro were both excited when they scavenged around the area. Bob was just eyeing them with a deadpan expression.

"Look a rock!"

"A rock!"

"We seen a hundreds of rocks from previous planets," Bob said exasperatedly

"But this is one is from this planet," Shiro explained, as Keith nodded seriously to the explanation. Bob simply rolled his eyes.

"Come on, we could probably find some alien species or a village on this planet before we leave."

"I got the camera ready." Keith's eyes glinted in excitement

They took many pictures of the unknown vegetation, alien animal species, and they even saw a 360 degree rainbow in the sky.

Shiro laughed when Keith poked out the bushes with a bunch of leaves all over his hair.

Keith spitted out the leave that were in his mouth

"Look Shiro! Water!" Keith's eyes sparkled

Keith sighed when he switched off the video call, "I really wanted Lance see this rock that looked like him," Keith grumbled. Shiro smiled as he patted Keith's back gently.

"You can show it to him next time or when we get back to earth."

"That's going to take awhile though, we already used up our calls for this week to talk to Lance," Keith said dejectedly.

Keith stared up at the ceiling of the bed above him; he couldn't sleep since Shiro and Bob were very loud snorers. He usually used earplugs to block out the disturbing sounds when it came around the time to go to bed. Except tonight he didn't have his earplugs, he had misplaced them and couldn't find them throughout the day.

Keith shifted onto his side and used his pillow to block out the snoring. He smiled when he didn't hear anything.

'Me smart? You're just saying that to be nice.' Lance's laughter lingered through his head. Keith's eyes slowly reopened, it has been been awhile since he had contacted Lance. The last time he contacted him was a week ago.

"You're like seriously smart, everyone wants to work with you. You're a really quick thinker in math." Keith trying to prove his point to Lance, back when they were still attending Galaxy Garrison as students.

"Are you sure? The only people who approached me were Roy and Lara for group projects."

"That's only because they got there before anyone else could."

"Whatever you say, ," Lance said playfully still sounding like he didn't believe Keith at all. Keith was going to prove his point and show that idiot that he was a math-whiz.

"Keith, what are your lunch shifts like?" Lance asked before Keith could say his side of the argument. Keith blinked, he relaxed and tried to remember when does he go on his lunch shifts.

"Monday, Tuesdays, and Fridays I'm on first lunch shift, as for Wednesdays and Thursdays I'm on second lunch shift." Keith answered, "Why you ask?"

Lance sighed, "Geez for a prodigy, you don't have a lot of common sense." Keith wasn't sure what to feel about that statement. He felt complimented yet insulted at the same time.

"I want to talk to you," Lance said bluntly, "But you're going to have to wait until Friday since I take first lunch shift everyday."

Keith smiled fondly at the memory. After formally meeting each other he got to be in Lance's group officially forever. Keith would smirk at the people who were jealous of him being in the group. When the teacher said to get into a group of three or two he would race his way to Lance before Roy or Lara could.

He's so thankful he got to know Lance. He'd been struggling with turning his C into a B for the whole semester. He was almost there but it always get dropped to a lower C. With Lance, who would knew his C in Calculus would turn into a 92.5 at the end of the semester. It was barely an A but it was still an A.

"Keith…." Shiro mumbled

"What Shiro?" Keith snapped in annoyance. He was having a peaceful slumber until Shiro abruptly interrupted it.

"Do you think Pigeons have feelings?"

"I'm going to give you one more chance to shut the fuck up," Keith gritted through his teeth.




Few more months and we'll be home.