THIS continues from when Rebekah and Kol ran off together in season 4

Kol has died three times in his life of over a millennium. Twice, he was killed by his own blood. He nearly died once again when the little whelp, Marcellus, bit him. Kol would never have thought he'd say this in all his one thousand years of existance, but thank God for his bastard brother's flings. If Hayley Marshall hadn't rescued him and his siblings he'd be dead, only this time permenantly. There was no Other Side to bring him back from. Only Heaven, and Hell, and Kol knew what he deserved.

These thoughts bounced around in Kol's head as he drove his newly acquired car north, with his sister by his side. The two had decided to take a break from New Orleans and the crazy family drama, and wandered aimlessly on the Louisiana roads.

"So, Rebekah. Where are we going?"

"We'll see about that later, Kol. First we have to feed. And I figured, why not have a little fun doing it?"

Kol grinned from ear to ear.

"Little sister. Grown mischeivous in the past few decades, have we? Well, go on, spill it. What exactly do you have in mind?"

"Well, there's a little prison called Bossier Facility."

"Yeah, I've heard of it. It's a nasty little place. What about it?"

"Well, I thought we could break in, kill all the guards, and then turn the prisoners. What do you say?"

"Hmm," Kol rubbed his chin, pretending to give his sister idea some thought, "well, since my sire line has completely died out because of that bitch, Elena, I suppose several dozens of hardened criminals disassociated with society and filled with hatred aren't a bad way to start a new era."

"That's exactly what I thought," Rebekah said joyfully, playfully punching her brother."

"Who would've thought that you and I would have so much fun after such a long time? Seriously, when's the last time we bonded like this?"

"I believe it was the mid fifteen hundreds. Klaus and Elijah were looking for Katerina, and you and I were ravaging India."

"Well, you and I are a few centuries overdue for a little bonding, wouldn't you say?"


The sports car pulled up to a metal fence gate. The American flag was raised and swayed in the wind. The Mikaelson siblings walked up to the guards at the gate. Kol held out his hand as if to star a friendly conversation. Instead, he grabbed the guards neck and bit deep. the other guards started firing shots, but they all missed as Rebekah tore out his throat.

Kol picked up the gun used by the guards and weighed it in his hands.

"You know, I haven't used a gun since the Civil War. What do you say we have a little fun?" Kol grinned. He threw the guns over the fence and bent down to jump. Rebekah followed en suite. They both picked up the fallen rifles and started shooting at all the guards coming up to them. Kol interchanged between shooting and feeding. His battle was fluid. He kicked a guard in the knees, then bit into his neck. Another foe sprayed bullets on him, but Kol ripped off the arms of one of the victims and threw it at full strength towards the gunman. Several heads were sperated from their bodies, and many men lay dismembered. Kol felt a sharp pain in his leg, and saw that a sniper had shot him. Kol picked up one of the many bullets strewn upon the ground and threw it towards the .an with twice the force of a gun. The bullet peirced his eye and took out some brain as it exited his head. Kol looked at his sister.

"We've made quite a mess. I don't think our siblings would appreciate it. No survivors."

"No survivors," Rebekah repeated. The duo made there way inside the holding cells. They fed on any guards that came through, and killed them unhesitatingly. The entire compound was on lockdown, no one got in or out. This was to the advantage of the vampires that flames the halls. Once they found the control room, Kol wiped every footage of them from the moment their car pulled up to the gate. Kol then picked up the intercom.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen. You may have a beard the commotion. I will jeashe you from your cells, but you must report to the front gates ag once. Anyone not doing so will face a very greusome death. Inmates, I suggest you kill any guards trying to subdue you. No survivors. There are exactly six hundred and fifty nine prisoners. I suggest all of you attend. "


Kol left the room and went into the holding cells. A prisoner was holding the bars of his cell, eager to be free. He was tall, black, and muscular. He wore a white tank top and grey sweats.

"You," Kol addressed the prisoner. "Whats your name?"

"Gary Freeman," he replied.

Kol chuckled. "Ironic, isn't it? Freeman."

"Whatever, weirdo, just get me out of here."

"In due time," Kol reassured him. "First, tell me why you're in here."

Gary signed. "I may have burnt down my stepfather's house. And, you know, kill him and his family in the process."

Kol laughed. "Okay mate. You want to be free? Drink my blood."

"What!? You're crazy!"

Kol looked the man in the eye and bit into his own wrist. He held it out and compelled, "Drink. My. Blood."

The man complied, and Kol snapped his neck. When he woke, Kol told him to rip open the bars to his cage. Kol grinned from ear to ear.

"Here's what you're going to do. Youre going to free the man next to you and drain him if his blood. Then, you'll free every prisoner here, and feed them your blood, then kill them. When each inmate wakes, youll tell them to do the exact same thing. Tell all of them to meet at the front gate by sundown. If they don't, they will die in transition. Go."

The man, under compulsion, headed out to do what he was told. Kol turned to his sister. "You and I need to find every remaining human. My, nay, our new acolytes need to be fully fledged."

Kol and Rebekah scoured the halls and found fifty guards. They were all bound by Rebekahs compulsion. At sundown, five hundred and fifty prisoners gathered at the gate. Gary walked up to Kol.

"Where are the rest of them?" he asked.

"You gotta understand, there's a lot of beef in these prisons. Some men wanted to settle their feuds."

Kol groaned. "I suppose this will do."

"Listen up!" Rebekah yelled.

"That hunger you feel? That's the bloodlust. You blokes are now all vampires in transition. You have a choice. Feed on human blood, or die a painful and hungry death. My brother and I are the very first vampires. The Originals. Now drink."

Rebekah released The fledgling vampires fell upon the guards like the Red Sea upon the Pharoah. By the time the vampires were finished, the humans had been completely drained. Even the old that caked their wounds had been locked clean.

Five hundred and fifty vampires stood before the siblings, eager to follow them to more food. Kol turned around and placed his hands on the gate, and with a ferocious tug, he pulled them down. Scores of new vampires fled into the night.

Kol stuck his hand out to block the last few from leaving. He took half of the group while Rebekah took the other half.

"I want you lot to get a whole lot of petrol and gas and burn this place to the ground. Every square inch, do you hear me?" He compelled them.

Half an hour later, Kol and Rebekah sat on the roof of their car, sipping whiskey from a bottle, and watching in glee as the prison roared in a huge inferno, and the flames reached the night sky.

"Well, that was fun Rebekah! Whatever shall we do next?"