A/N: I'm a fan of both Harry Potter and Mass Effect, and noticed that no one ever put Harry in Andromeda. The purpose of this story is not just enjoyment, but hopefully inspiration. Maybe someone will say, "I can do better" and set out to prove it, so I can sit back and enjoy the story instead of being the one creating it. Either way, hope you are happy with it.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Your New Life!

"How can something so beautiful be so bloody boring?!" Harry used his wand to put another checkmark into the side of the bulkhead next to the window in the lounge area. He always seemed to end up there every time his dreamless sleep potion wore off. It was his own personal way to keep track of the number of times he had awaken on the 634 year trek across the stars on the Ark: Hyperion. Eventually getting bored of staring at nothing but darkness, Harry began to make his long journey towards the closest cafeteria that didn't require use of the currently offline tram system.

Making use of a liberal amount of alohomora and lumos spells, Harry navigated the darkened corridors that extended through the ship towards his destination. He had initially gotten lost during his first exploration on the ship and ended up taking over 36 hours to find something edible. Recording his route on his omnitool allowed him to make sure it wouldn't happen again. He guarded his omnitool as his third most prized possession, beaten in importance only by the elder wand and moleskin pouch he had inherited from Hermione. Tech and magic had never really interacted well, with the exception of runes, so Harry had to use his omnitool on his off casting hand to save it from overloading with magic. He had upgraded it before the trip with the best money could buy, and proceeded to digitally copy every book of magic in his possession, along with numerous games and music to help keep himself sane on the journey.

Harry sat down at his favorite table in the corner of the vast, darkened cafeteria with two prepackaged meals he had liberated from the dispenser. As he started rereading a book on advanced human transfiguration on his omnitool while absentmindedly eating, he couldn't help but reflect on just why the hell he was there in the first place. He enjoyed making drastic life changes without worrying about the consequences, but there was no takebacks on this one. He was stuck with this decision for the long-haul, or at least until they figured out how to send him back the way he had come.

In Harry's opinion, life after Voldemort had not lived up to his expectations at all. The parallels that he had seen between the magical and muggle worlds would have seemed ironic to him if hadn't had to live through them. After the 9\11 attacks had happen in 2001, America had become xenophobic towards those that it had perceived as threats and eventually closed its borders off to an entire religion as well as declaring war on multiple countries. Less than a year after, a muggleborn with parents that had immigrated from the Middle East, had become inspired by Al-Queda's attacks and decided to fight back against pureblood supremacy by using a runic bomb to blow up the Hogwarts Express.

The casualties from this had been over 75 children, and demanded a swift response from the DMLE. The suspect had escaped the aurors, but his entire extended muggle family living in London had been brought in and questioned extensively. They were kept in extended custody without trial in the ministry's holding cells for fear of possibly aiding the suspect while the search continued. This angered most of the muggleborn who protested the treatment of the innocent people, knowing purebloods would never be held without trial for extensive periods. The Minister of Magic simply responded that it was for the greater good of their society which was under attack.

As muggleborns became more enraged with the heavy handed efforts of the Ministry, terrorist attacks started to happen in magical locations around the world, as well as other places in England like Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Tensions continued to rise until a drastic two-part solution was suggested by one of the ministry workers, and after debate, approved by the Wizengamot. The magical world was to be pulled back into itself and put behind a one-way fidelius based barrier. Leaving it would strip you of your magic, and there was no way in from the outside. This was purposed to the International Confederation of Wizards who unanimously approved it due to their own muggleborn terrorist attacks that they were dealing with as well. To power the barrier, the purebloods used a dark ritual to sacrifice the magic of the current and all future muggleborns.

Harry had opposed the decision vehemently with his friends and old schoolmates, but fear and bigotry drown out his voice to the rest of the wizarding population. In the end, the ritual had been completed in the department of mysteries before Harry had even been aware that it was occurring and could attempt to put a stop to it. Harry lost his best friend that day. As the magic left her body, he could do nothing but stay by her side and watch.

Harry tried to continue living in the magical community in a flat in Diagon Alley, but he wasn't able to rationalize away what the wizarding community had done. His rage was slowly building inside of him at the thought of his dead muggleborn friends like Hermione, Dean Thomas, the Creevy brothers who had died as their magic was stripped from them. It didn't help that he had stopped physically ageing at 21 thanks to the Deathly Hallows claiming him as their master. He received constant questions about it, and was even brought before the Wizengamot to face an inquiry about it which he barely talked his way out of without giving details on the Deathly Hallows.

After 30 years of living in the magical world, Harry had decided to call it quits and devised a way to escape to the muggle world with his magic intact. He found a fellow magical who had decided to end his own life by leaving through the barrier due to the loss of his wife to the ritual, and had him agree to carry Harry out as well. The twist was that he would cast an avada kedavra at Harry beforehand. Harry had discovered in a failed suicide attempt, that the killing curse would only put him in a state of suspended animation for 30 minutes or so, instead of sending him on the next great journey. He theorized that it was due to him building an immunity to it after surviving it twice already, but had no one to collaborate his theory with.

Harry proceeded to empty his vaults into a few bottomless trunks he had purchased, as well as every book, potion ingredient, and a few brooms he purchased from Diagon Alley. Anything he needed immediately, he stored in his moleskin pouch tied around his neck. The rest of the things he'd need long term were stored in the shrunken trunks in his pocket. After that he went to meet his fellow wizard at an out of the way place near the barrier line.

One flash of green later, Harry opened his eyes to find a grey alleyway in the middle of London with the dead body of the wizard next to him that had helped him escape. Harry said a quick thank you to the man, then proceeded to transfigure his body to a bone and vanish it. Overjoyed that his magically was still functioning normally, Harry began to realize that he had the whole world opened up for him to explore and he began to make plans for leaving England.


Harry blinked his eyes a few times as he came out of his thoughts and realized he had already finished his meal. Learning oclumency had helped him overcome his nightmares from the war, as well as letting his memory in leaps and bounds for retention. Unfortunately he found that when he was recollecting, it took much longer to come out of it since old experiences were so much more vivid. This wasn't a hindrance for him though since he had all the time in the world being the only one awake on the entire ship.

Harry pushed himself up from his bench with a huff and began his walk back to his room. It was hidden under a hastily cast fidelius at the end of a random maintenance hallway he had discovered. He had barely finished casting it while hidden under his invisibility cloak before a crewman who was on his way to verify the rooms manifest forgot where he was heading to, and turned around to go get the rest of his duties accomplished before the ship cast off. Harry had initially vanished the cargo in the room, then unshrunk a bed, dresser, and set out his shrunken trunks. Taking a look around the barebones room though, he realized something was missing. Harry reached into one of his trunks and pulled out a rolled up piece of poster paper. One sticking charm later, he had a picture in the center of the wall opposite the door showing a cat holding onto a tree branch with the words "Hang in there!" looking back at him. Now he felt like the room was truly his new home.

He was beginning to regret his plan on how to pass the journey between galaxies. Harry had seen the flight plan and timeline for the journey beforehand and had decided that he would use dreamless sleep potions to put him to sleep for 24 years at a time. After the potion would wear off, he would check the ship's progress at a terminal, pass some time exploring and studying, then go back to sleep with another potion. Unfortunately there was a 1 year time period before Harry's body could use his next potion unless Harry wanted to risk never coming out of the dreamless sleep. This hadn't seemed like a big deal to Harry before his trip had begun. 300 years into the trip, and 12 years alone in the dark though had him wishing he could time travel back to when he first thought up this plan and kick his own ass.

Harry would be the first to admit that his brain always was sluggish for the first day or two after awakening from a 24 year dreamless slumber. It made him feel worse than when he had decided to chase tequila with ryncol supplied by a Krogan he met at a bar. As he wandered slowly down the hallway back towards his hidden room though, Harry couldn't help but feel a sensation of being watched again. A quick about face and casting of homenum revelio showed that once again, he was the only living thing around not residing in a hibernation pod. Turning around, Harry continued on to his destination not noticing a camera with an orange glow in the corner of the hallway focus in on him for a moment before powering down as he turned a corner.


SAM activated the next camera on the anomaly's well documented route back to where the AI could only theorize was his base of operations. SAM had first seen this individual 25 years into the journey when he had tripped one of the motion sensors set up in the ship's hallways. The crew was well into their hibernation and had left orders to only revive someone in absolute emergency. Every life on the ship was deemed too important for colonizing Habitat 7 upon humanity's arrival and wasn't to have years of their lifespan wasted frivolously on the 600 year journey, being woken up for minor problems that an AI could handle. Following this protocol, SAM had decided to observe the anomaly as he drunkenly wandered down the hallways and verify if he was an active threat before reviving the captain and a few security personnel.

The artificial intelligence captured the anomaly's image and ran it through the personnel database of the initiative project. It was only able to find a single mention of the individual, an image of him in the background of the unveiling of Ark Hyperion by the Initiative's director to the members. SAM continued to process the anomaly's captured image through the Alliance's personnel databases that it had copied at the behest of the director, letting their crew have the ability to examine their ancestors' history later on. It finally found reference to the anomaly starting back in the school records of the 1990's as one Harry Potter. Mr. Potter had apparently disappeared for a few decades from any government record, before popping up in England over 40 years later as a young adult purchasing a plane ticket to Hollywood. For the next 150 years Mr. Potter would pop up in various places under the world, using various aliases.

SAM had almost immediately reclassified Mr. Potter as "The Anomaly" again when it sensed the strange energy used by Mr. Potter to generate an unknown light source after running into his third wall in the darkened hallway. SAM had registered a burst of this energy for less than a second, days before the journey had begun. It had logged the recording for its report to both the Pathfinder and the ship's captain. It was deemed as unimportant compared to keeping on schedule for the departure though and was thus archived and promptly forgotten about. Now SAM was able to recall these readings from its database and comparing that energy signature matched to what observed Mr. Potter output. (fix)

The AI observed the subject's route as he meandered through the ship, stopping occasionally to read whatever was displayed on his omnitool, before changing directions again until he would reach a dead end. SAM had spent most of this time using all sensors at its disposal to try to categorize the energy that Mr. Potter was outputting as his light source, when it recorded an even more amazing occurrence. The anomaly had approached a locked door, paused for a moment, and then waved a stick while chanting what appeared to be "alohomora". SAM registered another burst of the strange energy briefly before the door slid open for Mr. Potter, who continued on with his journey. The door's electronics were shielded, but SAM still registered what could almost be a miniature EMP hit on the local area's circuits. At this point, SAM's estimation of Mr. Potter's threat level was elevated to a much higher threat if security measures were unable to keep him out of restricted areas. To its relief though, Mr. Potter had concluded his journey at the cafeteria, before getting himself some food and returning on his route to the location that the AI had first detected him. At this point, SAM recalled the ship's schematic to try and infer Mr. Potter's destination, only to discover a blank spot on the ship's design. It brought up multiple backups of the ship's design only to discover that is was if that end of the hallway and what laid beyond it never existed. As Mr. Potter disappeared off of his sensors, SAM's processor went into overdrive trying to process everything it had just recorded. Mr. Potter still hadn't crossed the threat level threshold to justify unthawing leadership, but it was a close thing. SAM decided that it needed to gather more information before reaching a conclusion.

As the days continued on SAM recorded Mr. Potter's multi-daily trips to the cafeteria and back to his presumed base of operations. Sometimes he would spend extra time in the vast cafeteria reading on his omnitool, or even exercising, but he would always return to his base afterwards without much deviation in route after the first few days. Months into the established routine, SAM observed Mr. Potter begin to start using his energy more frequently in the cafeteria, waving his stick while occasionally mumbling specific words. SAM started logging the different effects he would observe that resulted from the energy, though two specific effects interested him the most. Mr. Potter would shrink and enlarge various furniture, cut off pieces of a table, and on one occasion, cause a chair to explode. After this was done though, he would cast a more prolonged burst of energy that would result in the ruined objects being returned to their previous state without any signs of damage. Once again SAM registered that the local shielded electronics would take a minor hit though. The other result that interested SAM was when Mr. Potter turned himself invisible to his visual sensors. SAM wasn't able to find him until he scanned for the specific unknown energy and discovered a small output of it in a localized area. He continued to watch this area until Mr. Potter reappeared in the location and the unknown energy faded away.

SAM recorded 365 days of these events before suddenly, Mr. Potter had stopped his routine. After days of no sightings, SAM had increased his active monitoring and scans to encompass the whole ship instead of just Harry's usual route, but still was unable to find him. At this point SAM had to admit that Mr. Potter was most likely either gone from the ship, or possibly had something bad happen to him in the undetectable area and was unable to do anything. SAM cataloged all of his research for the crews review upon arrival, and set himself back into standby mode again for the remainder of the trip.

SAM was surprised to find himself awakened again almost 24 years later from standby by the same motion sensor as the previous time. It turned on the cameras in the motion sensor's hallway in time to see Harry staring out of viewport for a few minutes, before he left a shallow cut on the wall, and proceeded to stumble down the hall on his familiar path to the cafeteria. SAM dutifully began its observation and recording duties again on Mr. Potter while trying to figure out how he didn't seem to age biologically from the last time he was seen 24 years ago. The AI knew that all cryopods on the ship were still occupied and was unable to infer how the anomaly had avoided aging. It began to sense a pattern when Mr. Potter disappeared 365 days later again and set a wakeup for himself for 24 years from then to see if it could catch Mr. Potter as he came back. SAM had recorded this routine 10 more times at the 24 year mark of the now over 300 year journey and had no reason to expect any deviation as it started up the necessary instruments for its yearlong observation of the anomaly known as Harry Potter.


Harry of course knew none of this was happening around him. He had just crossed over the edge of the fidelius at the end of the hallway, and entered his home. He lit a few candles and extinguished his lumos, while trying to plan out how he wanted this year to go. His previous times awake had been spent productively in his opinion and he wanted to keep the trend alive. Harry's priority was to prepare for his new life in Andromeda since he had joined the journey at almost a spur of the moment after listening to the director's presentation where he was working as a caterer. His hand eye coordination meant that he was a decent shot at the weapons he would practice with at the civilian shooting ranges back on earth. He was decently read up on history of the initiative from an omnitool he had "found" from a crewman's locker before the trip had begun. He had practiced the small spells that he could in the cafeteria to the point that he could cast them silently. He was even able to cast some of the easier spells wandlessly, though with a higher magical drain. At this point, his reparo spell had seen so much practice, that he could cast it with minimal concentration beyond the initial intent and hardly spent any magic for most easy fixes. He had maintained his fitness to the best of his ability with runs around the cafeteria and conjured weights in his room.

The only glaring hole in Harry's view for dealing with the unknown future was his lack of any tech knowledge at all. He could boot up his omnitool and navigate it, as well as use various terminals using common sense, but was effectively a Luddite in dealing with anything more advanced. Harry knew he had been waiting on researching this subject due to his frustrating past experiences with it, but realized that he had no further excuses to put off. "Well this year is going to suck bollocks" he muttered to himself as he settled back on his bed and opened a downloaded book called "Hacking for Vorchas" on his omnitool.


This was it. Harry sat on his bed in his hidden room and contemplated taking his final dose of dreamless sleep potion. He had consulted a console on the path the cafeteria that day and it had displayed a self-updating map of the Hyperion's journey and its location relative to the final destination in Andromeda. He had less than 34 years before the arrival and he needed to be smart about his plans. Hiding on a deserted ship as the only one awake was one thing, but hiding with the crew up and about was an entirely different challenge. He had gone through everywhere on the ship he had previously visited, making sure to wipe away all traces of his existence. He had heavily cast reparos all over the cafeteria to ensure any leftover damages from his training had been removed. He had even gone and cast a glamor over his "I was here" record he left by his favorite viewing port.

Now Harry carefully emptied out a small portion of the potion, measuring the remaining amount to ensure he woke up as close to the day of arrival to Habitat 7 as possible to give him the best chance of slipping away to the surface in the ensuing rush to colonize. He couldn't help but fantasize about what he might encounter in the new galaxy, and who he would meet. Everything he was waiting centuries for was finally about to happen. With a hope and a smile, Harry shot gunned the potion, laid back, and closed his eyes.


SAM prepared to go into standby for the final time before its preprogrammed routines kicked in upon arrival to Andromeda. It was set to come online a week ahead of arrival and begin to power up the ship's systems and prepare the logs for the crew's awakening. SAM archived the last footage it had of Mr. Potter and reviewed it to make sure he still remained the non-threat it had designated him as over the centuries.

Mr. Potter had been busy the last few days. SAM logged over 300 separate uses of the energy to repair various damages incurred in the spaces he had occupied over the centuries. There even was a continuous low level energy field that was placed over the wall SAM had observed Mr. Potter mark multiple times over the trip. SAM was able to detect the energy with his sensors, but couldn't detect anything abnormal with the cameras in the room. He made sure to mark it as somewhere for investigation when the crew awoke. On the final day of Mr. Potter's awakening cycle, SAM had observed him looking at the console displaying the ship's journey and making some entries into his omnitool. SAM inferred that Mr. Potter was calculating on when to wake up and decided it would adjust the display's date to show a day off of the actual arrival. The AI theorized that Mr. Potter would want to be awake for the actual arrival and decided to influence his sleep cycle to allow for it. This would also let it direct the already awakened crew to Mr. Potter when appeared again, allowing them to address the potential problem early before actual arrival. SAM watched Mr. Potter return to its sensor "dead zone" for the final time before returning to standby mode itself.


Harry's first day the new galaxy was nothing like he had hoped for, yet everything he had expected given how his luck always turned out. He awoke to what felt like an earthquake as the ship shook around him so hard that he tumbled out of his bed, still tangled up in his sheets. He saw a previously unnoticed red light flashing in the corner of his ceiling and could hear a steady alarm echoing through the ship. As his potion addled mind tried to piece together what was happening, he felt what he now registered as another explosion shake the ship. Harry threw on his crew outfit that he had set aside for himself, and hurried out into the corridor attached to his room.

Smoke was rolling along the ceiling, too thick for the life support system to fully handle. Harry could see multiple panels in the walls with sparks shooting out of them, and to make matters worse, Harry could see a fire starting to build in intensity out of a grate in the floor. If there was one thing Harry had always prided himself in, it was ability to think and act quickly and rationally in a stressful environment. Or to quote Mad Eye Moody, "Potter never lost his shit in a fight, unlike the rest of those tossers in the Ministry!" Harry grabbed his wand from his pocket and set to work. He started out with casting a flame freezing charm on the fire to snuff it out, followed with some quick reparos on the pipe that had ruptured, along with walls. To finish it off, he vanished the smoke still in the air, returning the hallway to a pristine state. As he jogged down the hallway, wand in hand, he couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the rest of the crew that were supposed to have woken up by now.

The door at the end of the hallway refused to open for Harry, even after swiping his omnitool across it multiple times. He noticed that some kind of message had been broadcast to his omnitool, but he shrank it with the intention to read it later. Turning back to the door, Harry placed his hand on it and cast an alohomora and watched it take effect. Less than a second later, he was sucked forward with incredible force as the air from his hallway was pulled through the opening door with the force of a hurricane. Harry had to cast a quick sticking charm on his feet to stop from being pulled in while he waited for the wind's intensity to die down. Once he could move safely again, Harry inched his head through the door to try and figure out what the hell had just happened. To his surprise and utter horror, he found a chunk of the wall ripped away in the next hall with nothing between him and space but a damaged, flickering force field. "I guess there was a reason I couldn't open it after all" he thought to himself as he decided it would be a good idea to take the ship's warning seriously from now on. Harry was seriously beginning to regret not purchasing a hardsuit before he stowed away on the ship. He had figured he wouldn't be in space that long and wouldn't really have any need for it.

Harry would be the first to admit that he didn't have the expertise to fix something as complicated as a ship's bulkhead. What he did have though, was a deep magical reserve and a wand made from elderwood that he had won from Voldemort. So he pointed his wand at where the hole began closest to him, and cast reparo. The hole began to slowly close as the ship seemed to generate the bulkhead it had lost. The forcefield had began to flicker even more violently though, prompting Harry to cast another reparo, with way more power behind it. Harry watched the ship finish healing itself of the breach at an accelerated rate.

After the rupture was fixed, the door at the other end of the hallway opened and a crewmember stuck her head in. She was blonde and in her mid 30's, with a nametag that read "Jennings" from Harry could see down the hallway. "Hey!" she shouted as her eyes fell on Harry. "We were told the hall was exposed to space. Are you ok?" Harry could only nod as he stared at the first human in what rightly felt like an eternity. She sighed to herself after not getting a verbal response from the crewman. "Looks like the sensors were malfunctioning from all the damage we took. We're all instructed to report to our damage stations to begin a damage assessment and repairs. If you need any help, just ask SAM." As she ran off down the hallway, she looked back over her shoulder at Harry one last time. Jennings held eye contact with him for a few seconds to determine if he truly was ok, then turned around and sped off until she was out of site.

It was a full minute before Harry was able to respond and by that time, the beautiful creature he had just ran into was already gone. He had seriously underestimated just how starved he was for human contact. At this point, Harry realized how stupid he was acting and how incredibly lucky he had been. Jennings was too concerned about his safety to even bother identifying him, but he couldn't depend on that to stay in effect as people calmed down. Harry debated on pulling out his invisibility cloak, but didn't want to risk losing it in another hull breach. He decided on casting a disillusionment charm on himself, and began to proceed down the hallway to find something that could tell him what had happened.


Alec Ryder could feel his eye twitching. He hated it when his eye twitched. It meant he was letting his stress get to him, and that was the very opposite image that The Pathfinder needed to portray. He was supposed to be the rock that the rest of humanity could fall back on in the sea of unknowns that this new galaxy represented. Alec was standing on the bridge of the Hyperion with Captain Dunn, trying to figure out what had caused such massive damage to their ship just hours into arriving in the galaxy. He had been ignoring SAM repeated attempts to talk to him for the last few minutes while he tried to gather his thoughts. He had just been notified that his daughter Sara was trapped in a coma due to a botched wake up process from hibernation caused by the crash. His son Scott Ryder and Lieutenant Cora Harper stood behind him as they all looked at what was supposed to be humanity's fresh start, Habitat 7. The planet was engulfed in lightning storms, showing nothing of the beautiful lush landscapes they had captured before starting this journey. Too make matters worse, Scott had just sided with the Captain Dunn over his father on what he felt humanity's priority should be. Alec felt he needed to explore the planet and find out what had happened, while the Captain and Scott felt repairing the ship and finding the Nexus took priority. At least he knew that he could always depend on Cora to have his back no matter what the decision was. Loyalty like that wasn't something that could be bought, you had to earn it.

He had just finished using the authority granted to him as pathfinder to sway the decision to his choice. As he began to give instructions to suit up and meet in the hangar bay, SAM sent him a spike of pain in his head. Cora had already anticipated his instructions and had left to coordinate the exploration team. Scott noticed that his father was in pain though and walked over to him to see if he could help.

"Now that I have your attention" said SAM, broadcasting to the Captain and Scott as well, "I have to notify you of a potential threat to the Hyperion"

"SAM" Alec started, "this is going to have to wait. We're on a time crunch…"

"With all due respect Pathfinder" SAM interrupted, "I don't believe this can wait. I'm send you all a video file of something that happened in the last few minutes in the lower decks."

All three individuals looked at their screens with varying levels of astonishment as they witnessed a black haired young crewmember seal a decent sized hullbreach with a swish and flick of a stick he was holding. There wasn't any sound available so no one knew what he said during the process, or what the crew member talked to him about afterwards. They did see him become invisible though right before the video ended.

Captain Dunn was the first to come out of shock. "SAM" she asked, "can you track this individual?"

"His name is most likely Harry Potter from what I've been able to research from our collected records." the AI informed her. "I am unable to get an exact fix on Mr. Potter when he is under his invisibility field, but I can track what room he is bleeding off the energy in that he uses to maintain the field. I believe that Alec and Scott can use the scanners in their omnitools to break through the field and find him."

Captain Dunn turned to Alec. "I can't leave the bridge right now. I'm needed here to direct the damage control. I need you to apprehend Harry so we can figure out who, or what he is, and why he is here."

Alec nodded at this. "Scott, contact Cora and tell her to meet us in Cryo. That's the closest point the tram can drop us to before we go on foot." "We'll catch him before we go planet side" he said to the Captain as he walked off. He missed the friendly eye roll and smile Scott passed to the Captain before he turned to follow his father while bringing up Cora on his omnitool.


Harry cursed his luck as he wandered down another random hallway. He had followed the crewmembers to a briefing while invisible, but had only arrived to hear the last bit of it, with no mention of how the damage happened. After the crew had left, he realized that he was in a part of the ship that he had never seen before. He hadn't bothered to turn on the mapping function of his omnitool since he had woken up and had realized he was effectively lost on a 1.5 kilometer long ship. Harry's only option at this point was to randomly wander the halls while dodging people until he found somewhere that looked familiar. This was slow going though as he stopped to fix whatever he found broken, and helping heal injured crew members when he could get away without being seen. He never noticed the cameras with the glowing orange light following his journey.

Harry had just finished up fixing a hole in the deck when the far doors slid open allowing in 3 crew. These particular individuals set off alarms in Harry's mind though as they seemed to be looking for something, and were armed with a small arsenal each. Harry decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this case and tucked himself into an alcove in the wall between some pipes to avoid getting in the groups path as he watched their slow approach. Both men had what appeared to be some kind of orange scanner active on the omnitool of their left hand, while the older one had a pistol in his right hand and the younger's glowed blue with biotic energy. The serious looking young lady behind them glowed blue with her biotics on display while toting a huge shotgun. They had just passed Harry and he had decided to sneak away when the younger one heard a noise and turned around, inadvertently sweeping Harry with his scanner. Harry found himself glowing orange for a moment before his spell broke. He stayed still hoping that they wouldn't notice him, then proceeded to start swearing colorfully as first the woman, then the other man turned to look at him too.

Harry slowly raised his arms in the air in surrender, causing the woman to point her shotgun at his chest. No one made any sound as they all processed what had happened and tried to figure out where to go from there. It was at this point that Harry finally recalled how to communicate verbally with his fellow man. He looked directly at Alec Rider and said something that he could immediately cross off his dialogue bucket list afterwards. "Take me to your leader." Alec felt his eye twitch again.