Judy Hopps was so exited to start working that she couldn't rest on the hour long train ride to Zootopia. She was just so curious about it. "I wonder if I'll get a partner? Most likely not, but if I do, I hope they'll be accepting of me" Judy always wondered about the tame collars, ever since she found out that all the predators in Zootopia had to wear them at all times. She suddenly remembered what she learned at the academy.

"Okay cadets listen up!" A polar bear wearing a black collar ordered "Today I will tell you one of the most important things to remember about Zootopia. The TAME COLLARS. The tame collars are required for every predator in Zootopia to wear, well almost, there is ONE predator that isn't" That sparked Judy's interest "Why is that? Why does that one predator have the right to not wear it?' The polar bear turned to the bunny with a look of utter sadness "Because that predator can't feel, can't express, can't do anything normal mammals do. It can only do as it's told' Judy knew better than to continue the subject so she let it drop and couldn't pay attention to the rest of the seminar.

Judy was shaken by her thoughts as the doors opened to let mammals off and on the train. Judy hopped off the train and went looking for her apartment complex where she already made arrangements online. She got to her room and opened it up into a tiny room with only a bed, a VERY small desk, and a even tinier closet. she excitedly threw her suitcase on the bed and began putting her stuff away. She couldn't wait until her first day tomorrow.


Judy snapped the alarm off and began getting dressed. After she got her uniform on and left the room, she thought about her "FOX AWAY" spray and was deciding to take it or not. She ended up taking it anyways. She rushed to the ZPD's Precinct 1 building and went straight to the receptionist. "Umm, excuse me" The fat cheetah looked over the counter and saw the bunny officer. "O. M. GOODNESS! They really did hire a bunny. Your are so much smaller than I imagined" Judy looked utterly confused but brushed it aside "I'm looking for the meeting room, where is it?" The tiger whose nameplate read Benjamen C. Clawhouser leaned back and pointed to a door down the hall "Bullpins first door down on the right" Judy thanked him and left to the room, only when she was out of hearing range did the cheetah finally say "That bunny's going to be eaten alive"

Judy opened the door to see utter chaos, but controlled chaos. She didn't look around to much and decided to just stay quiet and hopped into a empty chair. She was about to greet her co-workers when a Hippo by the door said "TEN-HUT" All the members of the unit started banging on the tables as a Buffalo by the Name Chief Bogo came in. "Alright, shut it" When they didn't listen he shouted "SHUT IT!" Then everything went into a respective quiet. "First things first we have to notice the elephant in the room, Francene, Happy birthday" All eyes turned towards the elephant and a little rufhousing erupted. "Next we have some new recruits, but I'm not naming them because I don't care" All the members on the force chuckled a little at the Buffalo "But there is one important piece of information that I'm going to share, but your not going to like it" The Buffalo gazed down as everyone but the new recruits understood "Officer Hopps, your are getting a partner" Judy couldn't believe everyone was so down about her getting a partner.

"Who is it Chief Bogo sir?" Everyone in the room went quiet as a tall, muscular wolf with black paws, grey neck fur, blood red eyes, and razor sharp teeth entered the room, causing the other wolves present to whimper. "That would be me Officer Hopps, valivictorian of her class, and first bunny cop in existence" The wolf said in a formal tone, and only then did she notice he didn't have a collar "Your the predator without a collar, umm, something bloody fang was it?" All the wolfs froze and tried to hide at that nickname that everyone gave the dead beast "I think your referring to that stupid nickname everyone knows me by, I am actually Silver Fang Blood, but please call me Silver" The wolf sat down next to Judy by jumping over the elephant sized table like he done it everyday. Oh Cheese and Crackers! Why did it have to be THAT mammal?! I heard all about him, and even read about him. He's the only predator to ever not have to where the tame collar. AND he can kill and not even blink an eye at it! Oh this is not my day is it?

As Chief Bogo finished assignments he called for the last two "Hopps, Blood, parking duty" Judy wanted to question him when she was interrupted by none other than her new partner "Understood chief we'll get right on it" He hopped out of the chair and waited at the door for Judy "Come on, we have a job to do" Judy just numbly nodded and followed. This is going to be one heck of a day.