Judy was nervous to say the least. She had never thought that her partner would be THE predator. The predator other predators hate, and most prey feared. Just the fact that he didn't need to wear a collar was caused all that. Judy had been curious about him, but never really tried to understand him. That's when she decided to remember back to the when he and other officers came to bunnyburrow for an under cover case. She remembered that's when she first met him.

An alarm is what woke Judy Hopps up. It was a month before she was supposed to head to the academy. She never heard the alarm before so she grabbed the tazor her father had her keep by her bed in case of emergencies and headed outside towards the business district. She saw mammals running away, even Gideon Grey, her childhood bully, who sold pies from his van in the district was running.


"A MURDERER! RUN!" The red fox continued his runing, not daring to look back.

Judy resolved herself and ran towards the origins of the calamity with determination in every aspect of her being. She rushed through and out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed other mammals also running towards the source. She was shocked when they pulledd tranq guns out of their outfits. A wolf wearing a bussiness suit, a tiger wearing a pair of black slacks, a green button shirt, and a black jacket, a cheetah with blue jeans, a green tshirt, and barefoot were all heading to the same place.

All of the mammals got to the source and most were shocked to see 5 bunnies dead on the ground in front of the Tri-Burrows National Bank. Judy was to shocked to move as she looked at all the bodies with their throats ripped out, limbs shredded, and even one with his guts ripped out. She wanted to vommit, but forced herself to bring the mammal responsible to justice. She looked around and saw the suspect in the bank. She started walking towards it until she felt a paw on her shoulder.

"I wouldn't go alone, it's not safe" She looked and saw it was the wolf, but what shocked her was the fact that he had blood red eyes. She had never seen a mammal with actual red eyes before. She nodded and the two slowly crept up to the entrance. The wolf signaled for a weapon swap and Judy nodded in understanding. The tossed their weapons to each other and then turned to the culprit, a black furred wolf with blood coating everything on him, and a wicked smile.

Judy gave a silent countdown and before she finished, the wolf rushed in. She turned the corner and fired the tranq gun at the bloody wolf, causing him to focus on her and the gun. The other wolf silently snuck up on the bloody wolf and proceded to set the tazer to it's highest possible setting that wouldn't kill the suspect. Thats when he noticed that the wolf still had his knife and from the way he held it he knew how to use it. The tiger and cheetah rushed to the entrance.

"What's happening?"

Judy turned to the tiger to answer his question. "Suspect is still at large and isn't showing signs of surrendering" That split second is all the bloody wolf needed as he threw his knife straight at her. The bloody wolf never saw what happened next as he heard someone shout "LOOK OUT!" and felt the worst shock he ever experienced in his life as darkness surrounded him.

Judy barely managed to dodge backwards as the knife flew past her face, a inch from hitting her, but diddn't judge the distance and hit a pillar. She crumbled to the floor but left a hudge dent in the pillar itself. The three animals secured their target and then proceded to gather up al the evidence, except for the one tranq dart Judy had hidden behind her. Her vision was failing her as unconsiousness tried to take her as she looked at the predators and noticed they didn't have collars.

"Who..are..yoooo" Judy succombed to the darkness and fell to the floor. Little did she know that the other predators were watching her with interest. They knew the bunny was special but never expected that. They decided to let her get a good rest as the police sirens signaled it was time for them to make their leave. The wolf gave one last look to the bunny and saw a ZPD Acadamy pin she had on her. "Never give up"

Judy looked at the wolf in their littleparking duty vehical and realized she met him once before. She never thanked him for saving her with that warning. Silver noticed her unease and decided it would be best for them to get along. "Whats got you so worked up?" Judy jumped a little at his question and the inside of her ears got a little red.

"I never got to thank you. If it wasn't for you I would have died at the bank back in Bunnyburrow. So, thank you"

"Your welcome. And I'm...glad? I wondered if you would make it through the academy. I knew you were special. Just don't ever give up"

The two continued in silence for another hour in peace.

However beneath the surface, there was trouble brewing, trouble that no one sees coming.

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