X-MEN x the Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Chapter 2 (Diagon alley)

X-23 had just received a letter for a magic school and conformation she was a wizard. However, two questions popped through the service of her mind. The first is can it be true, or was it some sort of trap for the young mutant? The second thing was that who did the words "you're a wizard Laura" come from?

She turned around and saw a giant walking from the shadows. After seeing the largest man Laura had ever seen walking out from a dark alley, obviously it put the young girl on edge and into a combat stance. The fact that the over 10 feet tall man new her name and Laura's exact location did not help in the slightest.

The giant simply stopped, held his hands up in the air, gave his best friendly face, and said "My name is Hagrid and I am with Hogwarts. I am here to help give you some school supplies and introduce you to the world of magic". Seeing that Laura's demeanor had hardly changed, Hagrid decided to pool out some identification. However, noticing that the kid was slightly tensed up as a result, the ½ giant subconsciously did some miner movements, almost like pulling out something for one of his more 'timid' pets. With that Laura got to see his ID, but she was still tens.

The giant still seeing that Laura was still not trusting him, he said "How ales do ya think you are going to find the magical items needed without some wizarding help? Besides you won't be the only one I would be helping". Before Laura could fully register what Hagrid had said, a boy walked around the man revealing himself to her.

Hagrid spoke again, "Laura this is Harry. Harry meet Laura." The mutant was shocked that the man had someone else with him. she was so distracted by the mountain standing in front of her, she did not notice the other person. As a result Laura has to play this carefully.

Laura finally spoke by saying "may I ask you one question before I go. How did you know where I am and if I have magic powers"? Even Harry looked up at the man, as if the same question just went accost his mind. The giant responded with "there's a quill that rights done the names of all the Wizards and witches in the world and whenever they come of age we send them a message for one of the 11 magic schools. Considering a wizard or a witch's mail can only be avoided throw magic they are guaranteed to get it.


While they were walking Laura could not help, but be both wary of the over 10 feet tall man, but still have a great joy and hope. In meanly ways it similar to how the x-men recruited mutants for their school, in her comics. Something Laura has always wanted.

It was a little bit of a walk with a couple glances at Hagrid from someone across the street, or from Laura herself. However, herself and harry were looking at the list of school supplies. The items ranged from robes to cauldrons. Although most of the books did not interest her, but herb and defense agents the dark arts text books were exceptions; do to their potential usefulness. One of the book that the girl might get regardless was called fantastic beast and were to find them, simply due to her interest in animals.

"Can we find all this stuff in London", Harry wonder out loud.

"If you know where to go" Hagrid said.

They walked past multiple types of buildings, but no sign of them even being remotely magical. Eventually they stopped when the mountain in the brown coat said "here we are the leaky cauldron". The Inn was old, and rundown compared to the surrounding complexes, but the young mutant can tell that it was special. However, the strangest thing was that Laura could tell that only the 3 of them could see it. Everyone else simply walked by as if it was not there.

Before the kids could even ask a single question Hagrid brought them inside the building filled with strange people. However, as soon as they were inside the chattering stopped and everyone's eyes turned into the group. They were either staring at harry or talking to Hagrid, but all he said was "I am on official Hogwarts business" as he tapped harry and Laura for emphasis.

With that x-23 was filled with questions about Harry. Everyone was shaking his hand and treating him, like a celebrity. Laura kept an eye on everything that got near them, but compared to the two others in their band she was a shadow.

Although, one-man stud out to her more than the others named Quirrell. Quirrell is a tall man wearing a purple turban, who reeked of garlic, and shook more than a leaf. All the words he said were in a stuttering, to the point that she could hardly understand what the man said to Harry. However, Laura was able to figure out that he was going to be there defense agents the dark arts teacher and "I doubt that that you are going to need my intrusions, knowing your reputation" from the man. With that X-23's hopes for his class dropped, like a rock, and her questions about Harry Potter only rose.

In about 10 minutes they escaped Harry's fans as they made it into a small room in the back with a brick wall. Hagrid then examined the wall and explained the professor's behavior. Apparently he was a book worm in school and after graduation he spent a year traveling the world learning all he can on defending against the dark arts. However, when he stumbled accost a group of vampire in Romania he hasn't been the same sense, to the point that now he's pretty much scared of everything. When he was finished the ½ giant then tapped his umbrella against the brick wall and as a result the bricks started to shift and as a result introduced the girl to the magical world. In their place an entrance to the magical world emerged, followed by 4 welcoming worlds from Hagrid "welcome to Diagon Alley"

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