The Phantomhives, Have A Good Staff

"Young master," the hand shaking me was far too persistent. I would have preferred if she would have left me alone and gone to tend to my mother. I turned over in bed to escape her groping fingers. A little laugh escaped her mouth and I heard her footsteps. For a moment I had thought myself victorious before she came around the other side of the bed. She lifted me into the air and my eyes shot open. She smiled at me kindly. "Good morning my little bocchan."

I smiled down at her, "good morning, Amber Rose." She held me in her arms and carried me to where my warm bath was thankfully already drawn. I was twelve and I probably should have been too old and too heavy for her to do something like this. Still I was spoiled and Amber Rose was certainly capable. I whined as my feet touched the cold tile rather than a towel and she tutted her tongue at me but left me where I stood. The bath was quick, at least the cleaning part but I insisted on remaining in the water.

"Ciel, breakfast is nearly done, I can tell that Lucas is almost done already. Your mother and father are both already dressed and working, you must dry off and prepare to meet them in the dining hall," she tried to sound cross but she was never very good at it. I laughed and spit water onto her apron and she rolled her eyes. "Do not make me come in that tub after you little bocchan."

I laughed and got out, she dried me off quickly and left the towel for me to stand on. My outfit was put on me in haste and she held my hand as we walked down to meet my parents in the study.

"Ciel good you're up," my mother said, her eyes remained fixated on a letter she was reading. My father said nothing as he flipped through the ledger. Amber Rose sighed and bowed before walking out.

'I'll be back soon,' she mouthed to me and patted my head.

I smiled and walked over to them anyways, I kissed my mother's cheek and she startled a bit but smiled as I hurried to my father's desk. I ducked under his arm and then climbed into his lap. "Papa," I said. He sighed and wrapped both of his arms around me.

"Ciel I'm glad you're here," he kissed the top of my head. "Could you help me read over this ledger?" I nodded happily and climbed off of him, I fetched my regular reading chair and brought it beside my father's. We sat in the study for about half an hour, my mother reading in silence while my father talked me through the family ledgers.

"Lord Phantomhive," Lucas appeared in the doorway and bowed at the waist. "Breakfast is awaiting your family," my father nodded to him and Lucas disappeared. I stood from my chair and rushed to my mother, pulling her chair out for her.

"Such a proper little lord we've raised," she bent and kissed the top of my head. I held her hand as we walked to breakfast, pulled out her chair and then sat beside my father. The day was laid out for us, Lucas updating us on the various responsibilities of the day. I had lessons in dance, finance, and business, in order to prepare for my trip to our toy manufacturing site tomorrow. My father had two meetings before lunch and a dinner meeting. My mother had mostly free time, where she would be able to check on staff progress or redesign a room or two in the house, her attendance was requested at the dinner meeting. I scuffed my shoe against the carpet, out of the three of us my schedule was the least appealing by far.

"Lord Phantomhive," Amber Rose passed me quickly, she was holding a letter on a silver tray as she scurried down the hall after my father. He was headed to his study while I was headed towards my tutor's room. I glanced over my shoulder, her expression was worried which was unusual for her. I shrugged and continued down the hall. I hesitated at the door when I saw it cracked and could hear the agitated voice of my tutor.

"Madam I insist you leave the young Lord Phantomhive to his duties today. He has an important outing tomorrow and his father expects him to be ready. These lessons are paramount to his understanding and his ability to succeed in the factory tomorrow."

"Listen here, it's rare that I get to visit at all and I'm sure that my sister would tell you-"

"Madam red," I shoved the door open and ran into the room.

"Ciel," she cried and lifted me into her arms. I hugged her neck tightly.

"I missed you," I cried mournfully.

"And I've missed you too my little nephew." I laughed as she planted kisses all over my face. "Come, let's leave your tutor in peace and go find that beautiful mother of yours."

"Mama is to her own devices today, her schedule was the easiest."

"Ah, then let's go check your father's study, perhaps he'll know where she went off to." I nodded and listened as she told me of her adventures from the past few weeks. London was a bustling city and so many more exciting things happened in London than in our sleepy country hill. She had patients to look after and wild adventures about men who had lost limbs.

Madam Red knocked on my father's door and it was opened quickly.

"Ah Angelina, you're here," my father said.

"I don't mean to disappoint you, Vincent," she smiled at him and he rolled his eyes.

"Papa," I held my arms out to him.

"Oh no, my little Ciel-kun is leaving me," she nuzzled her face against me and I laughed. "Unacceptable I cannot let my cute little nephew leave so easily."

"If you're just here to play with my child please find a more appropriate place to do so. I see you've already taken it upon yourself to end his lessons for the day." My father seemed annoyed, he was taking things from his desk and putting them into a briefcase.

"Well I'm so rarely here, I did want to spend time with him and my sister. I'd say you're welcome to join us but it would appear you're leaving."

"Yes I've been called to the city quite unexpectedly, did you bring Henry with you, Angelina?"

"Of course, he's my butler so he comes with me everywhere, as you instructed."

"Good, I would hope that you might stay here with Rachel and Ciel until I return. I shouldn't be long, perhaps only a few days, a week at most I hope."

"Yes I can stay with them, I assume you'll be taking Lucas with you?"

"Yes, just as you brought Henry with you. My wife should be on her way here, I told Amber Rose to go and find her so that I may bid her goodbye."

"Good then, I won't have to go through the trouble of finding her. Will you send for any of our other cousins?" He hesitated and looked up.

"I could perhaps send for Charles and Isabel, they shouldn't be very far away. Do you think it prudent?"

"I think at the moment you're only leaving your wife and her sister, no man is here to look after us Vincent, however will we survive?" she laughed.

"I'll phone Charles right away," he grumbled and took his phone out.

"Charles, yes good morning...something's come up and I must leave wife's sister is here already...yes she does, Henry...but I was hoping you and Isabel might come down...No, it should only be a week at most...I understand completely...yes well upon my return then you should stay awhile longer...Yes thank you, Charles, I am in your debt." My father hung up the phone. "Charles will be here by nightfall. I'll make sure Amber Rose prepares a room for him. Do make sure you tell Henry to help her around the mansion, it's rather large and she's already in charge of dealing with Ciel."

"I can take care of my nephew in the morning then."

"No, no leave it to Amber Rose, she's used to him and his different fits." I pouted from my aunt's arms. I didn't throw fits.

"Papa," I whined. "How could you even think about leaving now?" I asked struggling to get to my own feet. He looked at me surprised and my aunt was glad to put me on the floor. I strutted over to him and stood as tall as I could. "You have an appointment tomorrow."

"All of my appointments have been moved Ciel, this is really very pressing business I've instructed Lucas to take care of it already, there's really no need to worry-"

"What about me," I huffed. The door opened and my mother was in the doorway. My aunt quickly intercepted her, grabbing her arm and twirling her back out the door, shutting it softly behind them.

My father's face softened and he knelt down beside me. "Lord Phantomhive," he said and I looked up at him with big eyes. "It is my deepest regret to inform you that I have had the misfortune of having unexpected business come up. I must beg that you allow me to reschedule our outing to the factory to a day soon after I return."

"Immediately after," I said.

"Immediately after," he conceded and smiled. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry Ciel, I know you were looking forwards to the trip together. How about the day after I get home we'll ride down together and we can stay overnight. I'll even let you pick a toy to bring home." I hugged him back tightly.

"Come back safe ok?"

"I promise," he kissed the top of my head and stood. "Your negotiation skills are improving well Lord Phantomhive," he winked at me and I laughed. He walked around the desk and opened the door to see my mother and aunt leaned against it. He smiled and shook his head. "Rachel," he kissed my mother's cheeks and I stuck my tongue out.

"Come here my little joy," my aunt stepped into the room and took me into her arms. "Henry is already making food, let's see if we can find a room for me to stay in. What do you think about the room right next to yours?"

"Ya," I cheered and hugged her.


As the darkness closes around you, I can see you more clearly. The time will come soon, that you are mine and mine alone. I can feel the craving on my tongue, and yet you seem so pure, so tasteless. Even now your form is so white I almost can't stand to look at you, but the aura is there, the aura of a damned soul, a tainted one. The edges are blackening, the darkness is creeping in around you. Is it the house you live in? I can sense my kindred in it, I can sense them touching you. Every soul in the home is black besides yours. Is it simply that it is inevitable? Will another claim you as theirs. As of right now I have no reason to come here, I should be trapped inside hell, and yet I have been given a glimpse of something that is not mine to take. I licked my lips. Ciel Phantomhive, it will be interesting to see how it is I am involved in your story.


Breathing was easy, you inhaled through your nose, then exhaled through your mouth. It was one of the simplest things to do at all times. But, right now it was hard. Even in my sleep I was struggling, usually it was easiest in sleep. I opened my eyes to see my room covered in smoke. I pushed the blanket off quickly.

"Mama!" I yelled as I got out of bed. I threw the door open but flames engulfed the doorway. I shut the door quickly and backed away from it. "Mama!" I cried again. I hurried to my window, three stories up. I threw it open, the smoke escaped still trying to smother me.

"Ciel," the door opened and Amber Rose stood surrounded in the flames. "Oh thank Him below," she hurried over to me. She picked me up and hurried to the window sill. "Hold on Ciel," her eyes flashed red and I clutched her tightly. She pushed off of the window and landed safely beneath the burning home. "Your family is this way," she ran, still holding me, to the front gardens.

"Ciel!" my mother and aunt ran towards Amber Rose.

"Mama," I screamed and hugged her as soon as she was close enough.

"Oh my sweet boy, oh I was so scared." She was sobbing and my aunt hugged her. My aunt's hand ran through my hair.

"What, what about Charles and Isabel."

"Yes, yes, Amber Rose, go back inside, Henry is there too."

"Were Julia and Helen not with them?" Amber Rose 'tsk'ed as she shed her soot covered apron.

"I didn't keep tabs on them," my mother growled. "Go in and find our cousins, that's an order." Amber Rose nodded her head and sped back into the building.

"I used to think your husband and his family were crazy you know," my aunt said and kissed the top of my head. "Live in a house full of demons, it'll be safe," she shook her head. "I guess I underestimated their power."

"It does sound crazy," my mother stood, holding me and staring at our burning home. "Yet here we are, alive. It's no accident that Vincent had left, someone did this on purpose."

"The only person who would know Vincent was leaving would be the queen Rachel."

"Unless the letter was a fake," my mother stared at the doorway waiting for my cousins.

They were quiet for a little bit after that, just staring at the doorway, waiting to see my cousins again.

"Rachel-" my aunt said but that was all she got out before she was on the floor, my mother turned around as quick as she could.

"Amber!" she yelled as a hand collided with the back of her neck and she too fell. I stared up at the giant men with wide eyes. I tried to untangle myself from my mother's arms but the grabbed me by my coat and lifted me up high.

"Now, now Ciel," one man clicked his tongue. "Don't be so quick to leave."

"Come on, before the demons of the Phantomhive house find us," the other man said.

"Ya the carriage isn't far," he placed some fabric in my mouth to end my screams. I was sobbing and reaching out towards the doors. I tried to scream for Amber but as I was thrown violently into the carriage I knew she hadn't heard me.


AN: Hello all! I'm very excited to be writing this story. This is a favorite ship of mine that I haven't done anything for yet. Obviously, it's at least a little AU as the Phantomhive parents are still alive! I want to apologize for Ciel's possible OOCness here. I tried really hard to capture both the feeling/mindset of a 12-year-old while still staying loyal to what we're shown of him prefire from the show. The only conclusion that I came to was he was kind of a childish 12 so I did the best I could. From here on in though he will be more accurate. Please review! I'll see you with an update soon.