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Life would never be simple for Harold Hutchins.

He learned that early. And considering the adventure he had shared with his best friend, George Beard and his childhood icon, the one and only Captain Underpants, was the most exciting thing that had ever and will probably ever happen to him.

Little did he know that there were bigger things were going to occur. Some for the better, some for something different.

In the end, it would have to be Harold's choice, and his alone.

It was a new morning! Friday morning to be exact! That meant the weekend was coming up. Aside from that stupid Invention Convention, Harold had the rest of the weekend to spend time with George to continue their favorite series of comics and to make new ones so they could sell them to their fellow classmates. A little laughter was a much needed necessity.

As he rushed to get dressed, Harold nearly tripped over his backpack, just as the doorbell rang. He could hear his little sister Heidi whining that she wanted to open the door. His mother managed to keep the bacon from burning long enough to calm Heidi down to reach the door. Normally Ms. Hutchins would happily greet whoever it was. But there was an uncomfortable silence.

"Hello, Hillary", said the stranger.

Harold froze. That was no stranger. That voice. Harold hadn't heard it in 3 years, yet it seemed as though it was yesterday he had shared his last fishing trip with the mysterious man. "Dad?"

As Harold slowly opened his bedroom door, he peeked out just enough to see his father, Harrison Hutchins, standing at the door, a bit unsure of how to look. Harold couldn't take his eyes off of his father. He would recognize that messy blonde hair that he saw every morning he looked in the mirror.

Shutting his bedroom door, he immediately looked at his window. Knowing what he had to do, he rushed over to his window and climbed out into his yard. Eyeing George's treehouse next door, Harold had never needed George more than he did in that moment.