Path to better life

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I dedicate this fic for Jade who was kind enough to let me use her idea and has been nice and fun to talk

Chapter 1

For years Bob Spinelli had been special agent for MACUSA, department of international safety and secrecy.

For years he had worked for better life muggleborns and half-bloods without exposing wizard world.

But this was another thing and he knows it.

Bob still his nice office, well after 10 years at agency you should get bigger office.

But that wasn't a point, he looked file and he shakes his head and takes couple deep breaths.

It was file about his cousin family mostly about his cousin James daughter Ashley Laurel Potter.

There is picture of small girl with jet back black hair, cute nose, green eyes and cute but I dare you smile.

Bob look pictures of his second wife Flo and his son Joey.

His mind travels and he start think how funny summers they used to have with James.

Cousin James was son of his aunt Eumphemia Potter nee Spinelli, lady and most sweetest and kindest women.

Years in merry old England had been rough and after his aunt and uncle died in dragon pox and James and Lily had gone hiding, he hasn't been many reason to go back in UK.

Until now... After many years of reign of lord Voldemort, this beautiful baby in picture destroyed him completely.

And great old fool Dumbledore is sending his family member to awful no-maj family what disgrace not that Bob had mind Lily or her background but her sister and that walrus of man were something else.

He hated them about much as they hated him.

Bob looked cloak and he knew it was time to do something unheard and impolite but it was better that let her grown with those din witted morons... Yes Roberto "Bob" Spinelli was going to his goddaughter, well that's make interesting bonus to CV.

Bob looked around and appeared to Surrey, it was cold night and it was perfect, nosy neighbors were sleeping.

As silent as night Bob sneaked to door steps where baby was sleeping covered in the blankets.

Bob grap baby and looked around to make sure nobody was watching.

And soon as as he had appeared he disappeared.

He came to front steps of nice small apartment and he smiled.

Baby was sleeping peacefully and he knew that he had made right decision.

After all Flo wanted baby so badly but couldn't have one.

Even with all magic world some things are impossible but Bob could help with this one at least for bit.

Bob knows that they must move from Texas but it's for the best.

Bob walks his home and soon everything is going to turn better.