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-These are the answers for the questions shone on the W.H.A.L.E.s exam shone in Chapter 10. Many had asked to know, so I wrote them out. These do play into the main story even if they aren't part of the main plot. These give you a better idea of the world they live in and what got the fic to the way things are in Chapter 1. So, it is relevant.

-This was posted on AO3 months ago and I worried over posting this collection of Extras here, because it isn't as if I can make a Series on FFN like I can on AO3. At the same time, the readers over there are more aware of the fic universe than most of you are, so I decided to just upload these for anyone curious.

-Extras include past things that have been glossed over or not mentioned in detail, that affect decisions of current time in the main fic. They would have taken unnecessary time away from the main plot, especially since some Extras are more than 2K words long, so weren't talked about much in the main plot.



Magical Law

(Points Available: 124 out of 1,000)


-Ministry of Magic departments


-MoM-Rules and Regulations

-Lord Voldemort's Unforgivable List

Circle the correct answer.

1. Which of these is the First Unforgivable on Lord Voldemort's List?

A. Use of Love Potions is prohibited within the borders of Great Britain and Ireland, and the use of one earns a week in Azkaban. Possessing one is a fine of 1,000 Galleons.

B. Anyone found to be in possession of an illegal, mix-bred creature, will be sentenced to a month in Azkaban and fined 1,000 Galleons.

C. Disowning a child for not having magic is punishable by up to a lifetime in Azkaban and a fine of 5,000 Galleons.

D. Death to any who use potions or spells to force themselves on another being.

E. The snapping, breaking, burning, chipping, or destruction(irreparable or otherwise) of another's magical focus, which earns ten years in Azkaban and a fine of 10,000 Galleons.

F. Abusing magical children in any way, which is twenty-five years in Azkaban and a fine of 5,000 Galleons.

G. None of the above.



1. Use of Love Potions is prohibited within the borders of Great Britain and Ireland, and the use of one earns a week in Azkaban. Possessing one is a fine of 1,000 Galleons.

2. The snapping, breaking, burning, chipping, or destruction(irreparable or otherwise) of another's magical focus, earns ten years in Azkaban and a fine of 10,000 Galleons.

3. Death to any who use potions or spells to force themselves on another being.

4. Anyone found to be in possession of an illegal, mix-bred creature, will be sentenced to a month in Azkaban and fined 1,000 Galleons.

5. Abusing magical children in any way, which is twenty-five years in Azkaban and a fine of 5,000 Galleons.

6. Disowning a child for not having magic is punishable by up to a lifetime in Azkaban and a fine of 5,000 Galleons.

7. Planning to cause harm to a group of individuals earns ten years in Azkaban primarily. Twenty if anyone is actually injured or killed.

8. Lifetime in Azkaban for breeding creatures illegally/creating a new, cross-bred creature.

9. No one is permitted to have more than two magical foci. A year in Azkaban, or a 10,000 Galleon fine will be the punishment.

10. The abuse of one's spouse will result in either the Dementor's Kiss, Death, a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, or their Magic Bound and they'll be Obliviated and placed in the Muggle world.

11. Line Theft in any manner results in Magical Binding and a lifetime sentence to Azkaban.

12. Creating any kind of device that can locate a person and steal their magic from a distance, is a lifetime in Azkaban and the Binding of their own magic.

Note: All fines go to the family's of the afflicted first, Hogwarts' Fund second. I made that list, obviously.

2. Your neighbour is concealing a stash of flying carpets, some of which he is allowing
to fly loose
around his back garden. Whom do you go to when reporting them?

A. Wizengamot

B. Department of International Magical Cooperation

C. Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office

D. Obliviators

E. All of the Above

F. None of the Above

Note: As it is a carpet, it would go to the MoMAO. Wizengamot is the jury. The DoIMC deal with other countries. Obliviators deal with memories. The MoMAO is the only one that you can go to. (And canon fact, is the actual answer on the W.O.M.B.A.T. exam.)

3. In 1792, it was decided that _ would no longer take place due to the rising death toll.

A. W.A.S.T.R.E.

B. The Gathering of Warlocks

C. Hags and Hairbrain

D. W.A.S.T.E.R.

E. The TriWizard Tournament

F. Magicals Anonymous

G. Both A and D

H. Both C and E

I. None of the above.

Note: Canon fact. The death toll was much too high to continue.

4. There are fifty-two seats in the British Wizengamot. Two of which have been unclaimed
for the past four decades. Of those fifty-two, three have been held by the same family for the
past two hundred and seven years. Not to be confused with another family who has held
three seats for an extended period of time also. Both families are always lead by Ladies however,
instead of Lords. As this is fact, it wouldn't be surprising for one to confuse the two.
Which British Wizengamot member currently holds the most seats?

A. Lord Lucius Malfoy

B. Lord Sirius Black?

C. Lady Amelia Bones

D. Lord Slytherin

E. Dowager Augusta Longbottom

F. Lord Arvant Blischwick

G. Lord James Potter

H. Lady Adelaide Greengrass

I. Lady Vitra LeFay

J. Lord Armando Selwyn

Note:(Pure fanon for this story.) Lord Arvant Blischwick holds Blischwick, Corvinus, White, and Madis Lordships. (He is fanon made.) Also, it was a trick question. Only the last 9 words are actually the question.

5. In 1919, which Dark Lord/Lady attempted to force entrance into the British
Ministry of Magic,
but was unable to make it passed the Wand Check Registration
Desk, and was subsequently arrested and tried hours later?

A. Sisi Whitby

B. John Alexander Croft

C. Gellert Grindelwald

D. Mundus Magnild

E. Bardo Babcock

F. Pap Sans Pyrus

G. None of the above.

Note: (Fanon for this story) Yes, I named Pap Sans Pyrus after Papyrus and Sans from Undertale.

Sisi Whitby is a Dark Lady of my own making. She was a Hufflepuff, who was adept at Purrintongue, and she would summon mice and rats and implant them into her captives. She would then release her felines and had them claw her prisoners open in order to get to their food. They died in excruciating pain, while bleeding heavily.

Letters B, D, and E are fake names made from off the top of my head.

6. On the Isle of Normi, in 1974, Lord Voldemort created the first and only _,
and had to destroy
it hours after its creation, once realising its destructive powers.
He thenceforth made it illegal for any other
being in the United Kingdom to do the
same, and marked it as an Unforgivable action.

A. Dementor/Boggart Hybrid.

B. Elixir of Death

C. Symbiotic Anomaly that required a host(living or otherwise) and enhanced the power of any who bonded with it, but also sucked away their life force.

D. Inferius capable of using magic.

E. Crystal Ball capable of homing in on a particular person and stealing their magic.

Note: (Fanon for this story) My mom decided which was worse in her opinion, because she was born the year it 'happened'. So anyway, Voldemort realized just how bad an object like that was and he destroyed it hours later because he is not so foolish to believe that no one would ever possibly find it, and it was safer for it not to exist at all. What if it was used against him? You know?

Isle of Normi is just a name I came up with. Though it should be noted that the crystal ball in question was created by a specific stone Voldemort had personally discovered there. Said stone is being observed by the Unspeakables. AKA, the stone No-Name used in his poison that sucks up magic.

7. Who was the Magical who held the seat of British Minister for Magic the
longest and also passed the Law of Mixed-Mingling?

A. Millicent Bagnold-10 years

B. Ulick Gamp-11 years

C. Basil Flack-1 year

D. Artemisia Lufkin-13 years

E. Wilhelmina Tuft-11 years

F. Unctuous Osbert-9 years

Note:(Half of this is fanon. The names are all real Ministers from HP though.) I don't know if she held the longest out of all the Ministers in canon, but pretend that in mine, Artemisia lasted 13 years and was the longest. The Law of Mixed-Mingling is fanon, created by me. It was what allowed Werewolves and Vampires to cohabit with humans, under certain restrictions.

Artemisia was a Hufflepuff, first female Minister, and was elected at least twice. She succeeded Unctuous Osbert. (canon facts)

8. In the event of an emergency, who holds primary control over the Department
of Magical Law Enforcement?

A. The Head Auror

B. The Minister for Magic

C. Lord Voldemort

D. All of the above

E. None of the above

Note: (Fanon for this story.) Voldemort always holds control no matter what.

9. Your friend confides in you that they have been harbouring a fugitive within
their home.
The fugitive hasn't actually been convicted of a crime as of yet, but
they are wanted for questioning. What action should you take in regards to this

A. Immediately inform the Head of the Auror Office.

B. Keep your friend's secret.

C. Stay out of your friend's business.

D. Send the Daily Prophet a letter concerning the situation, but make sure that it can't be traced back to you.

E. Offer to help them.

F. Trick your friend into confessing on their own.

G. None of the above.

Note: (Fanon for this story) As Voldemort is a Slytherin, he is of the sort to appreciate cunning actions. He wants it to be told, but not in a flashy way. And being able to report someone without anything leading back to you would be much more impressive than telling the Aurors.

10. If you were to go and register a XXX creature, which Department would you
need to visit first?

A. The Department for the Regulation and Care of Magical Creatures.

B. The Department of Magical Registration.

C. The Department of Creature Welfare.

D. None. You cannot register a XXX creature because they are not allowed to be pets.

E. None of the above.

Note: (Fanon for this story, sort of) I know that XXXX creatures cannot be domesticated. I'm assuming under proper watch, XXX can be, so the answer is C.


Write an informative essay for each question.

(Points Available: 50)

1. In great detail, explain Lord Voldemort's takeover from the beginning of the war,
to the end, and beyond. Highlight all key points.

In 1962, Lord Voldemort began to gather his followers from the four corners of the United Kingdom and Ireland. He started his march in Wales, then traveled to Ireland, Scotland, and England, finishing in his home country.

In Wales he made contact with the only Welsh Werewolf pack, and earned the trust of Mark, the Alpha of the pack. He then spent a fortnight in the presence of a small coven of Vampires that had connections on the continent. He allied himself to their leader, and managed to open a communication channel to several covens on the mainland.

In Ireland, the Dark Lord appealed to many of his former schoolmates, impressing upon them his designs for a unified government. With much discussion and thorough action, Lord Voldemort managed to appease their worries and gain the trust of fourteen families that still serve him to this day.

In Scotland, Lord Voldemort made the first contact he'd had with most of his schoolmates, in the past fifteen years. Overall, he gained the support of thirty-seven human families, two Veela families, and one coven of Vampires.

To finish in England, the Dark Lord succeeded in winning over a portion of the Wizengamot. He then drew up a more beneficial treaty with the Goblins of the Britain Branch of Gringotts.

Through his connections, he was able to situate himself into the lives of many children in Hogwarts, and became a usual fixture in Britain. The Dark Lord refers to his faithful followers as his Knights of Walpurgis.

The Dark Lord's first raid took place on 4 August in 1976, in Diagon Alley. No deaths were accounted for, and only four people were kidnapped. They were found several weeks later, in perfect condition and with no memory of what had happened.

During this time, one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore arose to fight the Dark Lord's cause. In opposition to the Dark Lord's Knights, he created the Order of the Phoenix.

Albus Dumbledore was under the impression that the Dark Lord sought to slaughter all Muggles and Muggleborns, outlaw Magical Creatures, make Purebloods the supreme class, and turn Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry into a training ground for his 'Death Eaters'(term coined by Albus Dumbledore, and it's first known use was in November of 1977).

Four more raids took place between 1976 and 1979.

14 April 1978, Ironic Alley, Ireland. No lives were lost.

17 August 1978, Little Middle, England. 5 lives were lost.

2 June 1979, Moniac Village, England. No lives were lost, because of the Knights. One Order of the Phoenix member did accidentally kill a Muggle.

8 July 1979, Ministry of Magic, England. 14 lives were lost. It was also the defeat of Albus Dumbledore. Lord Voldemort disarmed him and then locked him in stasis until his magic could be Bound. Harold Minchum relinquished his position of Minister, to the Dark Lord post haste.

Albus Dumbledore was placed in Nurmengard alongside his former lover, Gellert Grindelwald. Lord Voldemort succeeded Harold Minchum as Minister for Magic.

1980: A group of Rebels rose up, calling themselves The Relinquished. A name derived form the fact that the Minister had given over the safety of Great Britain and Ireland and all who lived therein, to Lord Voldemort, without a fight.

In a misguided notion of preserving peace, The Relinquished began raiding villages all over Great Britain, and attacking any who were Dark oriented, any who sided with the Dark Lord, or any who did not struggle against the Dark Lord's reformation.

Thirty-four lives were lost in total.

1981: The Relinquished continued to just barely escape from their raids, with more and more of their numbers being caught and tried for their crimes against the citizens of Great Britain and Ireland.

Edgar Bones, former member of the Order of the Phoenix and Assistant Head Auror, was killed while defending his wife and children from The Relinquished, who had attacked his family in retribution for gracefully bowing out of the war.

Seventeen other deaths were recorded, including Regulus Black, who had been defending a group of children in Ottery St. Catchpole.

1982: Lord Voldemort passed several laws during his tenure as Minister for Magic, and managed to capture the rest of The Relinquished. They were tried in August and September, their magic was Bound, and they were imprisoned for life in Azkaban.

Among their numbers were notable former-Aurors:

Alastor Moody

Wilfrid Doge

Marianna MacDougal

Andraes Edgecomb

Eldritch Pillywinkle

1983: The war was finally declared over on 30 July. Lord Voldemort made a speech titled, 'An End to Begin With'.

"An End to Begin With"

On this day in history, Magical Britain and Ireland have been thoroughly seized,
and the war is officially over. A change is coming.

For those who have lost family and friends during the war, I apologise. I tried for the
method that would end with less blood spilled. Our people are few in number and we
cannot afford to lose any more than necessary. As it was war, there were bound to be
deaths and damage. As remuneration, I will be personally assisting in the rebuilding
in the rebuilding of our society from the ground up, and aiding in the payment of what
I can.

I am not here to harm any of you. As of these past four years, I have striven to make
Magical Britain a better place. I have worked through the treaty we had with the Goblins
made it more beneficial to all parties involved. Our ties are stronger than ever. Magical
Creatures and Beings are being minded better than before, with actual benefits available
to them.

Furthermore, I plan to implement a magical primary school here in England, in order
to better prepare our children(all of them) for Hogwarts.

Times have been hard, but now is when we rise out of the darkness of war, together.
Working together, we can ensure that Magical Britain flourishes brighter than it ever has.
No longer will we segregate by blood status or magical cores. No longer shall we allow the
world to make a mockery of us. We are going to join the rest of the magical community in
the present day, and we will be branching our acceptance out.

It will not be easy. Yet the best things in life never are. It will take time and work, but together,
we can rebuild our lives.

Do not think of this as an ending, for it is truly a beginning for Magical Britain. It is an end
to begin with.

Will you assist me, in this new beginning?

1984: Magus, the very first primary educational facility in Magical Britain and Ireland, opened. The Dark Lord appointed Narcissa Malfoy as the Headmistress and Molly Weasley as her Deputy.

1985: Lord Voldemort's Unforgivable List was made legally binding.

1986: Lord Voldemort appointed Bartemius Crouch Jr. as Minister for Magic. He then appointed Severus Snape as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, and Minerva McGonagall as his Deputy.

1987: The Dark Lord appointed Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange as the Heads of the Dueling Arena, where magical beings could go to train and receive tutoring in their magic.

1990: Lord Voldemort single-handedly protected Hogwarts from an assault by a foreign Dark Lord by the name of Lars Estruc.

1994: France and Norway attempted to reinstate the TriWizard Tournament, but to no avail. Lord Voldemort promised that 2001 would be the proper time to hold such an event.

Lord Voldemort's reign has been fair and timely. In the wake of his takeover, Magical Britain has grown under his ideals and command.

All for the better.

2. Explain why Albus Dumbledore would not have succeeded in winning the war
with only his philosophy, 'for the Great Good' to guide him.

The Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald also lived by the same belief. His mark was left on every location that he and his people attacked. Seared into the earth, unable to be magically removed. The phrase holds painful memories for many people.

To share the philosophy of a man who murdered hundreds of thousands of Muggles and Magicals, is not only foolish, but suspicious.

Albus Dumbledore truly believed he was doing what was right, which is more than what could be said for his totalitarian friend, Grindelwald.

When news of his and the former Dark Lord's friendship had been made known, Dumbledore lost credibility among the eyes of Magical Britain. By keeping such important information secret, he was easily exposed.

He could not have lasted long under the belief that 'anything for the Great Good' was okay. Often times, Dumbledore sacrificed people to get achieve his means. All in his misguided notion that the 'Greater Good' was worth it.

Magical Britain did not allow him to continue his Headmastership of Hogwarts and they wouldn't have allowed him to lead them in any fashion. Even against another Dark Lord.

His actions would have been eventually noticed and a rebellion would have arisen in response to him.

3. List and define as many of the rules on Lord Voldemort's Unforgivable List,
as you can, in Alphabetical Order.

Note: The list I wrote above, in Alphabetical order by first word.(Too lazy to write it out again.)

4. Why is Parseltongue not an evil ability?

A language cannot be evil. Language is only a method of communication between species and races. Usually spoken, though many have written forms. Some only have written forms. Others are merely signed.

It is unfair to label an entire language, simply because the person who used it was evil.

Also, 'evil' is a subjective word. Not every person is going to share the same beliefs on Good and Evil. Therefore it is impossible to ever truly know what is evil and what is good.

Many people believe themselves to be good, based upon their own experiences and feelings. Where they are 'good' and do 'good' things, another might disagree. Therefore, one cannot truly know what is Good or Evil.

Both are based off of intent. And as a language cannot in any way, shape, or form, have intent, it cannot be evil.

5. Why is the use of the Dark Arts not expressly taught in core
classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Dark Magic, like any other kind of magic, needs to be taken and practised in low quantities, for beginners.

It is unhealthy for those who have never been around Dark Magic, never used Dark Magic, or who don't have Dark Cores, to be exposed to too much at once.

Dark Magic holds addictive qualities and requires refined control over one's magic. It is therefore important that children do not attempt to use such until they are at least fifteen.

Beginners need a guide who is experienced, to be with them as they are learning.

Hogwarts' cores classes teach basic knowledge on how to survive in Magical Britain's society and the Wizarding World. The Dark Arts do not fall into that category. In order to learn extensively, one would need to be apprenticed to a Dark Arts Master, or attend one of the Universities on the continent.

Generally, Hogwarts students do not possess the self-control or magical power necessary to wield Dark Magic.

There is a small class offered for those in their seventh year, who show aptitude. It is taught by Euphemia Rowle.

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