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-Some wanted to know just what Reginald did to the LeFay,
Potter, and Malfoy families.

LeFay. It was a name that left a sour taste on his tongue. The LeFay line and the DuBois line, both were branched off of the same family. Emrys. Unfortunately, the LeFays held seniority for being the older branch family, and therefore held the Emrys seat on the British Wizengamot.

But not for long.

To have such a position of power was something so many would want, and in Reginald's opinion, his family was the one that deserved it the most. And as he was in immediate line for succession to the family, he would be the one to hold the seat once the LeFays were… taken care of.

It had been very simple to send a House Elf into the LeFay's Manor and have it add the poison to each opened bottle of wine the family had in their cellar. Eventually one would be chosen and that would be the end of the LeFay line.

He waited in his drawing room, a glass of brandy in hand, because he knew his Elf would come right back as ordered, and he wanted to know every detail of its venture.

Wizards tended to forget the capability of House Elves, but Reginald was very much aware of their many uses. And it just so happened that he'd gotten very good at putting his Elf to work for his various plots.

Dotty had yet to fail him.

Irene DuBois was frightening and when he saw her face mere inches from his own, he started. He was still in the drawing room, and had apparently fallen asleep while waiting for Dotty to return. Some time during the wait, his mother had appeared, and she looked angry.

At him.

"Would you care to explain why your House Elf was discovered in the wine cellar of the LeFay family, wielding a massive vial of poison that kills the moment it is ingested?" the old woman demanded, mouth twisted in a severe frown.

His stomach dropped and an ill feeling set it. Dotty had been discovered? She'd failed him?

Irene's hand lashed out, smacking him swiftly and leaving the barest of stings. "The Aurors are looking for you and Morgan LeFay wants to press charges on our House as a whole since our Heir is directly connected to this disgraceful event and his Elf has spilled everything! You couldn't even tell her to not speak if she was caught?!"

But Dotty had never failed him before. How could she have been caught?

"You don't even understand the ramifications of your actions, do you?" Irene demanded, looking ready to eviscerate him, which had him cowering into his armchair even further. "The amount of negotiations that I will no doubt have to do just to get the family off of an attempted murder charge is going to be hell! How you haven't learned after what you did to Charlus Potter and Abraxas Malfoy is beyond me! You barely got out of those murder charges and we ended up with Blood Feuds anyway!"

No one could prove that he'd been the reason both men had contracted Dragon Pox, and he liked it that way. But the families still knew he was behind it, and both James and Lucius had reacted immediately. Perhaps their precious Family Heads shouldn't have shunned the DuBois Family, then they wouldn't have experienced such loss.

Reginald still held the belief that his family was slighted and his actions in return were justified.

"You're a fool, Reginald. You will be barred from leaving the property and will have no access to your trust fund until I feel you are sufficiently apologetic. And you better prey to the great Merlin himself that I manage to save you from Azkaban. Good day."

Irene, who hadn't pulled away the entire time she'd been in his home, finally straightened up. He could no longer see the details in her mauve eyes, and felt only a little better. He was after all, being unfairly punished for trying to help his family achieve greatness. It wasn't his fault that Dotty had failed her duty.

"If you act out in any fashion, Reginald, you will be punished most severely," Irene promised before she disappeared through the green flames of his Floo, not even looking back once.

Fine. He would simply have to wait and be patient. One day he would be given a chance to finish what he'd hoped to start.

Besides, how badly could his parents truly punish him? He was one of the last in the DuBois Family. They couldn't afford to lose him or render him incapable of procreation, so there wasn't much they could do.

All would be well eventually.

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