"Did you hear? Joe's daughter is dating a Newsie! Oh that poor man." Mother said. My two sisters, mother and I were walking around in our garden before our afternoon tea. "I can't imagine what her mother must think! Imagine, her daughter, an upper class young lady, dating a low income orphan." Mother continued. "And, the worst part is, your brother helped them! Oh Bill! What had gotten into that boy's head?" Mother asked. "It could be nothing mother." Gianna said. "Oh you could be right. Maybe they threatened my darling boy into doing it." Mother said. "Just promise me this girls, promise me you won't fall for a street rat like dear Katherine did?" Mother asked. "Mother why would I ever court a orphan?" Amanda asked. "Good job sweetheart. Gianna?" Mother asked my older sister. "Yes, mother. I promise." Gia said. There was a hint of doubt in her voice. "Adeline?" Mother asked. Gianna, Mother and Amanda all looked at me, waiting for my answer. I thought for a minute. Could I really promise something I had no control over? "I can't promise you that mother. I can promise you anything else, but I can't control who I love. If I had control over love, I would promise you that, but I had no control over love, God does." I replied. Mother, Gianna, and Amanda abruptly stopped walking and looked at me.

"Well I never!" Mother said, putting her hand over her heart. "Adeline." Amanda hissed. I looked at her. "Fine, yes I promise mother. I won't court a Newsie." I said. Mother went back to fanning herself and walking with my two sisters. "Come along children, tea's ready." Mother said. I sighed and looked up. "Oh Lord, please give me the strength to pull through the rest of the day." I said. Gianna stood by my side and smiled. "Adeline! Gianna! Come." Mother said. We shared a look. "Coming mother." We said, before resuming walking. "Oh William!" Mother said, walking over to Father and pecking him on the cheek. "Olivia." Father said, kissing mother. The two pulled away, and Father looked toward Gianna and I. "How are my twins?" Father asked. "Fine Father, You?" I asked. "I'm well sweetheart." Father said, kissing Gia and I on the cheek. "Where's Bill darling?" Mother asked. "He's up in his room." Father said. "Adeline, go fetch him will you? Tell him tea's ready." Mother said. I nodded, and walked into the house. Bill's room was on the third floor of our five story mansion. There were three main floors, one for Bill, Mother and Father, Amanda, Gianna, and I. The first floor was reserved for the chef and the gardeners. The second floor held Father's butlers, and the maids, the fourth floor held Gia, Amanda, Bill and I's maids, and the fifth floor was the attic.

I climbed up the main staircase. There we're thirty steps to get up to the third floor. Then I had to walk down the never ending hallway to get to Bill's room. When I finally reached his door, I stood and caught my breath. I knocked on the door lightly. "Bill?" I asked. Bill opened the door. "If father sent you up here to yell at me some more, I'd rather not hear it." Bill said. I chuckled. "That bad?" I asked, walking into his room. Bill sighed. "All I did was help Kathrine do some good and I get punished." Bill said. "That doesn't matter. You helped those kids do what was right. It doesn't matter about Father, or Mother, it matters, that those kids can eat now." I said. Bill chuckled and sat on his bed. "You'd get along great with some of the Manhattan Newsies." Bill said. I walked over to his bed, and sat down next to him. "Grandmother would be proud." I whispered. Bill smiled. Our Grandmother had done everything in her power to help the Newsies. She bought them food, payed for their lodging, gave them clothes, anything you could imagine. When Grandmother died, it was hard on Father. His anger about her death was pointed toward the Newsies. He blamed them for her death. "I know she would." Bill said. I rose from my spot on his bed. "Come, tea's ready." I said. Bill laughed and we made our decent down the thirty stairs and to the garden for tea.

"I'm just saying William, Joe's got a nice son, why can't he court Adeline?" Mother questioned. "Because, he can't Olivia. I've got a nice boy in mind for my Adeline, leave who my youngest daughter should court to me." Father replied. I sighed. Mother and Father were always arguing over which daughter was going to be courting a son of Father's friends. "Mother, Father not now." Amanda said, gesturing to Bill and I's presence. "Oh William! Why?" Mother asked. Bill sighed. "Kathrine needed a favor, she'd do anything for me, so I went to help her." Bill said. Mother sighed. "Enough with the heavy, it's tea time." Mother said. Bill took his seat next to Father, and I took my seat between Amanda and Gianna. Tea time was really the only time we spent together as a family. Father was always off at work, Bill was normally with Katherine, Amanda, Gianna and I were at school, and Mother was ordering the maids around. It was always the same everyday. I needed a change. Something adventurous, something fun. Something risky. I craved this. My life was boring, wake up, eat, go to school, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. Risky, fun, adventure were things you didn't find everyday at the Hearst household.

The rest of the day dragged on slowly and uneventful. Mother and Father were back to arguing over who I was to court, Amanda was off tending to her mending, Gianna was working on a school assignment, and Bill had been sent to his room for the night. I sat in my room, brushing out my hair, looking in the mirror. I wish something would change around here. "Ms. Adeline, are you ready for your nightgown?" Sarah asked, walking into my room. I nodded my head, and stood up. Sarah walked over to my dresser, and pulled out a silk nightgown. She slipped it on and pulled it down over my feet. She laced the back, and pulled my hair back. She tied it back with a purple ribbon, and smiled. "Beautiful." She said. "Thank you Sarah." I said. She smiled and walked toward the door. "Goodnight Ms. Adeline." Sarah said, before walking out the door, shutting it behind her. I climbed into my bed, and pulled the covers up around my face. I fell asleep that night, praying for some adventure in my life. Something fun, something risky. After all, what's life without a little risk?