Spot had met us at the Brooklyn bridge. He had a triumphant smile on his face as he saw Gia and I run into view.

"You did it." He said, giving me a hug. I smiled. "We did it." I say. The king lets me go, and turns towards my sister. "Pleasure to meet ya Ms. Gianna." He said.

Gia blushed. "Please, the pleasure is all mine." She says. I roll my eyes and nudge my sister in the side. "He's taken." I say to her. I do have to admit, it was quite funny to see the light drop out of my sister's eyes.

"Come. We have to prepare you." Spot said, motioning my sister and I to follow him. I could sense the doubt in my sister as we walked further and further into Brooklyn. I grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile.

"I am warning you now, the boys will not be so welcoming towards you two. Most of us have been together since before I was the leader. They don't take lightly to new newsies. Especially girl ones." Spot warned as we walked into the lodging house.

I took a moment to breath in the scent and not gag. This was going to be my new home until I was eighteen. Then I was off into the real world.

"Adeline, Gianna, these are out girlsies. They reside near the Riverside park in Manhattan." Spot introduced. I looked at the eight girls standing in front of my sister and I. They all stood at various heights, but they all looked so different. If Spot hadn't introduced them as girls, I would have thought they were just apart of Brooklyn's newsies.

The tallest one stepped forward. "This is Ace, she's the leader." Spot says. It was very easy to be intimidated by Ace. She stood a good six or seven inches above me, and her brown eyes were hard like stones. Ace was not a person I wanted to mess with.

"I hear you want to disappear." Ace says, her voice soft and warm. Not something I was expecting from someone so intimidating. Gia nodded. "It's our mother." She told the leader. Ace nodded. "We disappeared about six months ago. Parents were pushing for marriage and we left. Disguised ourselves as newsies. We can help you."

Gianna and I looked at the leader. "And how can that happen?" I asked. Ace motioned for one of her girls to come forward. Dark brown hair framed her ears. "This is Rich. She can help you with your clothing." Ace introduced. The girl smiled at us and handed Gia and I our new clothes.

"And this is where I leave you. They'll help you for the first few days, and then your on your own." Spot says, before stepping out of the room. I looked at the girls hesitantly before I set the clothes in my hands down and began to change.

I had a green plaid shirt, with dark plaid pants and a plain brown vest. "There is one thing you'll need." Rich said, hanging Gia and I a long string of bandages. "What is this?" Gia questioned. "You can't be a boy and have women's parts." Rich said softly. I nodded and took my corset off.

I began to wrap the bandages around my chest. "Well it's more comfortable than a corset." Gia mumbled.

Another girl stepped forward. She was the shortest of the eight, but there was something about her that told you not to mess with her. I was curious to see what each girl would help with, but then again, these girls made me sceptical.

"This is Streets, she can help you with your voice." Ace says as Streets clears her throat. Gia quirked an eyebrow. "What's wrong with my voice?" Gia asked. Streets chuckled. "Ya to feminine. You need to deepen your voice." The girl instructed. Gia looked at the girl like she was crazy.

"Well this is interesting." I say, trying to make my voice deeper. Gia looked at me with wide eyes. "Well your a pro at that." She mumbled. "Mumble again." I instructed. Gianna looked at me. "What?" She asks, confused. "Mumble again." I tell her.

Gianna did as she was told and mumbled again. "There. Just mumble everything youse says." Streets instructed. Gianna nodded and mumbled again. "We're sure this is going to work?"

I smiled at my sister. "Like a charm."

We spent the next few hours perfecting how to act, how to speak and everything in between. It was now into the early hours of the morning and it was time to start selling. "You sell in brooklyn?" I asked the Riverside girls.

They shook their heads and smirked. "Oh no, we sell in Manhattan, and today, so are you." Streets said. I looked at them with horrified eyes. "Excuse me?" I asked. Vi elbowed the short girl in the ribs.

"It's easier to start selling in a less threatening area. Brooklyn can be quite intimidating." Spot says, making his presence known.

I turned around to look at the blonde boy. "And Manhattan is such a good idea?" I ask the nine. Ace and Spot shared a look. "For now, yes it is. In a week's time you'll be ready to sell in Brooklyn." The former said.

I nodded and looked over at my sister. "You two are leaders, I trust you completely." I tell them. Ace nodded. "Nice to see you again Spot." The Riverside leader said. The Brooklyn king nodded, and Gianna and I were off.

"Don't be nervous. The Delancey's can smell fear." Streets said when we neared The World. Gia's eyes widened and my heart started to race. This could end one of two ways; Gia and I could pass for boys and live the life of a newsie, or very badly.

The ten of us made it up to the distribution desk. Ace and her girls got their papers, and now it was my turn.

"Well look here! Freshmeat!" Oscar said. I glared at him. "Fifty." I said, slapping the money down. The Delancey brothers shared a surprised look at my aggressiveness and I smirked. I grabbed my papers and met the Riverside girls by the gate.

"That was ice cold." Skates said. I smirked. "Well, it's the least I could do after they dragged the boy I love to the refuge." I stated. The girls nodded and Gianna came up to us. "The nerve of some people." She said, shaking her fist out.

"What did you just do?" I questioned, turning to look at her. The Manhattan newsies laughed as Morris grunted in pain. I put the pieces together and looked at my sister proudly.

"You make me proud to be your sister." I tell her. She chuckled. "Well he had it coming." She admitted.

"I've never seen you two before. Who are you?" Jack asked, walking up to Gia and I.

I smirked. "Action and Ice."