-Son Goku-


They did it, Universe 7 won. The tournament was the survival of the fittest, Universe 7 fit that role. No matter what Son Goku said to Zeno, Zeno fullfilled his promise: Destroying the losing universes.

Goku stood with fists and teeth clenched, there's gotta' be something he can do.

Goku felt as if a thousand Beerus's were pushing him towards the ground, he could see all the erased souls sparkling in midair. It was his fault.

His son, Gohan, walked behind his father and put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's not your fault, father. If you didn't mention to Lord Zeno about the tournament, everyone would've been destroyed immediately." Gohan said mournfully, "You gave them a chance, you gave us a chance."

Goku looked at his son, "I know-" he stopped. The Super Dragon Balls could do something! "The Super Dragon Balls." Goku said.

"Again!" Present Zeno cheered with his right hand in the air.

"Again!" Future Zeno also cheered with his right hand but quickly switched to his left hand.

The Grant Preist sighed, "I'm sorry Lord Zeno, Lord Zeno, but we can't do it again."

"Why not?!" They cried.

"We do have the Super Dragon Balls..." Grand Priest pondered, "But it wouldn't work." he whispered.

"We're Strong!" Future Zeno yelled,

"Yeah!" Present Zeno agreed.

"You guys can only erase things not create things, Zalama can't bring things back." Grand Preist explained.

"I t-thought Zalama brought back the Earth from Universe 6..." Present Zeno studdered.

Grand Preist paled, "Y-yes it did but it's not within your power. We do have the Future you but he's not linked to this timeline's Zalama."

"Why would you want to bring those losers back?" Frieza asked.

Goku's eyebrows went down in anger, "Stop talking! Don't think I don't remember what you did back on earth to your assassins!?" he exclaimed.

"Shut up! The both of you!" A purple humanoid cat stood with his palm out, "Do you want me to erase you?"

A white haired angel went behind the cat and chopped the back of his neck, "Go to sleep, Lord Beerus."

Beerus fell to the ground with a thump, everyone was silent.

"Are you sure you want to do this Lord Zeno?" The Priest asked, "We don't know what it could do to you."

Both's Zenos put a earring on their ear hole, "Yes!"

The Zeno's collied and became one being. "Will this be enough power, Grand Priest?" Zeno asked.

"More than enough, Lord Zeno." The Grand Preist spat.

"Stop that, call me Zenos, both Zeno's make us Zenos." Zenos said and floated out of his sacred room and to where Goku and Company were.

"Ahem." Zenos cleared his throat.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed except Goku (and beerus who is passed out) he just stared at Zenos and then his eyes widened. "Zeno are those potara earrings?"

"Yes. You mortals can stop bowing and calling me Zeno, my name is Zenos and I'm done with my childish actions. I hope I have enough power to bring back the Universes."