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Cannon fire could be heard from all around. Muskets and pistols were strewn around the deck of a gigantic ship and their brother's shots almost as loud as the cannons. The Sanctum was under attack from all sides. Shouts of glee, anger, and pain filled the air as a little girl scurried around and ducked below the stairs going up to the stern.

"WILL!" she shouted, hunkering low in her hiding spot. Her clothing was tattered and torn; a long billowing shirt was draped over her skinny form and black pants longer then her legs were cuffed to fit her. "WILL!" she called again, tears beginning to drip down her face. She closed her eyes and brought her head into her knees and began to rock back and forth. Panic was beginning to take over her little being, tremors running all over her body. Please, someone come and get me! she thought desperately.

"MARIA?" she heard someone shout. She lifted her head out of her knees and looked around wildly. Out of the darkness she could see the outline of a little boy, no older than herself.

"WILL!" she screamed, waving frantically from her spot. He must have noticed because he ran right to her and sat. They wrapped their arms around each other. Sitting and waiting in terror for the battle that was happening aboard the ship to end.


Eight Hours Later

The girl crawled onto the shore, blood leaking from her many open wounds. She groaned, her breath heavy from the action she had just endured. Staring at the ground, she continued to place one hand in front of the other pleading with herself to move away from the water. She placed her hand in an awkward position and fell to the ground, not bothering to reposition herself. Everything was gone. The ship, gone. The crew, gone. And her best friend, gone. A single tear streaked down her face as she slowly slipped out of consciousness.

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