Hawkeye's Sorrow

Disclaimer: I don't own Mash. They are owned by Richard Hooker and by the owners of the television show.

A sheet was placed over the head of an innocent little girl with hair as dark as midnight

that flowed down to her waist. The chestnut brown eyes that were filled with joy were now

closed. Soon she will be laid deep underground in the dark and covered with dirt and grass

nevermore to laugh, or cry, to learn or play.

My eyes began to fill with water as these thoughts occupied my mind

And causing my heart to shatter like glass.

Even though I worked frantically to save her life I failed;

for her wounds were too deep and too numerous and no matter how

much shrapnel I got out of her there were still more.

I remembered the dreadful words while I was working to repair

her vital organ, those words that filled me with dread and hate,

hate that was stronger than a charging bull, "we are losing her."

Very few words I hate more

I worked frantically to save her life.

Pumping her chest to get her heart started again

and filling her lungs with air, but to no avail.

She was pronounced dead,

this sweet little girl who's laughter brought smiles on other people's faces;

this sweet little girl who romped around in the soft grass that grew

around Sister Theresa's Orphanage.

I could not hold the tears that were inside me tears that I tried to keep at bay

are now falling down my face like waterfalls.

For the little girl who brought sunshine to all those around her

were now eclipsed by that dreadful moon.

I hate war!