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Warnings: If you have not read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and the next two books, you have spoilers here. Same, if you have not seen Beyblade V-Force, (though, you can imagine the boys of Beyblade how you see on the first season). This fic will go by alternate line in both universes. Some deaths in the canon could be respected in the case of Harry Potter.

Fandom: Beyblade and Harry Potter.

Couple: Anyone in this moment. But in the Pottery Universe, many canon pairing will be respected. No yaoi. Between the Golden Trio and the Blade Breakers, only exist a friendship.

Harry Potter and The Blade Breakers

For unknown reasons, our young friends, they are taking to a "world", where the magic will is something on every day in the lives of someone people. Besides, they will to go to the most prestigious Wizarding and Witchcraft School, where they will have to face many dangers… and many enemies.

A stole without success

It's a midnight on a Japanese town. It's all in calm, in special, in front a Dojo. A shadow emerged on a near ally. Cannot sees the form, but him view with expectation this place, he want to appreciate the interior of this building. Suddenly, in his hand, shines a type of a mirror with a light blue. With a deep voice, he said:

"There is a Spirit. I think that it would be more complicated to get it".

He got into the building. He opened the door without any difficult, because he had a superhuman condition. He found the thing that he was searching in a jade sword. But he didn't see a two shadows that they noticed his presence in this place.

"You will not take it!"

"Ha! If you think that two muggles like you, could stop me, you are very wrong!" in this moment, the man drew out a wand. He pointing with it to his aggressors. "Petrificus Totalis!"

In same time, one of them, the biggest one, fell on the ground rigid like stone. While the other, the smaller, looked at the scene with horror. Then, he sew the intruder with an intense hate.

"If you do not want the same thing to happen to you, let me do my job."

"You will not take Dragoon!" The little boy tried to stop him, despite what happened to his father.

The masked man, however, repeated the spell again in the infant. Now, no one would stop him. The sword emitted a glitter, as of a certain inconformity, being stripped of the family with which it lived and guarded. The stranger looked with disgust at his attackers, disappearing instantly in front of their eyes.

At the same moment, something similar occurred at the entrance of a store in the United States. Another hooded, he left to the establishment. In his hands, he had a collar. He walked away from it, until he reached the corner, watching with joy that object he had stolen. Like his comrade, the objet shone with luminous, but it is a purple color that emerges on his hands.

"Well, I did not think that Draciel was too easy to get it. The family were not even an obstacle for me".

Somewhere else, there is a dark presence, too. He could see far away, toward on a hill, a great mansion, in the cold lands of the Soviet Union. He entered in the same way similar to his companions. But like the first, he found a boy who had a bow and arrows in his hands.

"You will not take the phoenix here! Not without passing over my corpse!"

"Hmm, I do not have time for now, though I can play with you. Crucio!"

The boy squirmed on the floor, with the feeling that something was burning his chest. The punishment ended. With a simple movement of his wand, he removed a medal with a coat of arms that was found. He disappeared in front his eyes of the young boy, still painful because the curse, that the stranger had thrown at him.

"Perfect, I got the Sacred Beast. Now, I'm going to the tiger". An object shone in his hands, causing him to vanish into the air.

He appears elsewhere, but not alone. There were three people, without exception, all dressed in black robes and white masks. They murmured to each other. They were in a village in China. They going to a particular construction on the village. They easily entered on the site. One of them approached the door, closed it and sprinkled a green substance in the doorway. The others had slept a guard, were going to an altar, where was a piece of metal.

"It's sealed, Nott. But if the boy wakes up?"

"Don't worry, Lestreage" his companion said. "Crabbe is giving him some sleeping potion. He will not open his eyes for about half a day". He took the metal piece from its box. "I thought it would be difficult to get them. But eventually, the Dark Lord will have them, finally."

"But they are not all" said Lestrange. "The Dark Lord does not admit of mistakes, and you know, Nott".

"But we couldn't find them." Crabbe was joining them at that moment. "We must return to England."

"Why do you think our master wants this?"

"According to him, they are the key to conquering our world ... and the muggles, too."

They left the place and appeared in a field. They picked up a stone, took out some wands. With them, they touched the object. They were in front of an old and outsized European mansion. Next to this building, there was a family pantheon. Some broken tombs were visible. They entered in the house and went up the stairs to the attic. There was a light from that room, a rodent-like man opened the door.

"Did you get them?" said a cold and whistling voice.

"Yes, Master." The group said in unison.

"Excellent." He smiled a little. He was tall, albino-skinned man. His face was like burned and blurred. His features had a strange, waxy, deformed appearance, and the whites of his eyes were red. He wore a black tunic with poisonous green colour. "For years, I had search for them. Nevertheless, I didn't think that the muggles possessed them, and they would dominate to the perfection. The Great Protecting Spirits of the Hogwarts.

"It means, my Lord..."

"That's right. Dumbledore can't stop me now if I have on my power. Give them to me."

He touched the jade sword, that one of the masked man given him. However, he did not think that this objet shines with such immensity as to cause temporary blindness to all people in the room. The other objects shines too. The light that emerged from each of them, to transform to sparks.

"Don't let them to escape!" The Dark Lord groaned to his servants. But, for bad luck for their, they were not successful, since they immediately disappeared on the spot.

Far from the Mansion, the objects reappeared in an office, with paper airplanes flying from here to there. They were on the desk of a young red-haired man, who was starting to work in that department. Surprised looked at the entities in detail, however with caution.

A book appears after things. It opened. The man watched with some fear of the volume. However, there is no way out. Instead, a note appears on its front pages:

Deliver this book, along with these objects, to Albus Dumbledore. He will know what to do with them.

The man hesitated for a moment. But as inexplicable for himself, he relied on the words of that book. It came into the hands of an old man with a long beard. He smiled when he saw the manuscript brought by the red-haired man. He is in a circular room, with portraits of different people hanging on the wall.

He went to the centre of his study with all things. Concentrating, once he spoke in Latin, with his wand. In same moment, on the floor appears an invocation's circle, emitted a faint white light, illuminating the room.

The objects glowed intensely with the colours that the sacred spirits possessed. They magically transported a Mansion in Russia, in the room where that young archer was attacked. The sacred beasts, in the form of beams of light, came out of that magnificent building.

All have been return to the place to which they belong, hoping that the moment is indicated for the arrival of his guardian. Except one, wishing to stay with that family that live here, again. The Phoenix returned to that coat of arms on which it was situated, to sleep a few more decades. At the very least, he could hide his essence for some time.

Phoenix's Nest

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