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Time Sitch

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

Chapter 1

"Hello? Earth to Dr D? You know we're on a tight schedule, right?"

A light-blue-toned male figure diverted his attention away from the many contraptions on display, to face his green and black cladded accomplice. "I know Shego! But there's just so many devices here that I have to consider for future conquests of world domination."

"Maybe if you just got one decent plan together, you wouldn't need to have more 'future conquests'", the green-clothed villainess replied.

Doctor Drakken could only give a low growl in response. But she was right. Every other plan he had ever devised had all ended in failure. The only reason he had managed to keep pursuing his many schemes was because of a little bit of 'money managing' by Shego… Basically stealing from banks and wealthy personnel. Pretty much accounting in a villain's dictionary.

"Well this time it will really work", Dr Drakken said. "With this compression radiation device, we will be able to break into every elite military base undetected, steal the finest weaponry, and ultimately take control of the earth with the iron-fist of tyranny!"

"Maybe we should lighten the load on this 'big scheme' of yours", Shego suggested.

"What are you trying to insinuate?!", Drakken asked.

"The problem is that your ideas are mega-lame sauce and too convoluted. Why not just a simple 'A to B' plan?"

"The point of this contraption is to get into the military bases unnoticed!" Drakken exclaimed.

"Oh, and we've totally not been noticed by the security in this facility", Shego sarcastically replied back. "I had to kick at least twenty-five security butts just for us to get here! And besides, the top dogs at military HQ may not be the smartest, but they're not complete melons. They'll have heat sensors covering the whole place, detecting even the smallest bugs."

"Shego! Why must you nit-pick every plan that I carefully devise?!" Drakken bemoaned.

"And did I fail to mention that even if we successfully steal the shrinking thingamabob, a certain red-head 'princess' would have been alerted to our lil' stunt?"

"Aarrgghh! That Kim Possible! She always intervenes to foil my plans and ruins everything", Drakken ranted. "Why couldn't we just tackle local law enforcements? We could easily take them down."

"Ahem", Shego coughed.

"Erm… ok, you could easily take them down, while I watch you kick their rear-ends. But my point still stands."

Drakken quickly glanced around the room once more. He saw a glimmer from a metal-coated device set aside on an enormous pristine-white display table. It was the shrinking ray weapon he had been looking for! He ran over to it, as if he was an excited child on Christmas Day. Drakken attempted to lift up the contraption high in the air with a triumphant pose. Although he seriously underestimated the size and weight of it.

"Aha! I finally have... the compression radiation device... in my hands", Dr Drakken said in-between spells of huffing and panting. "With this… weapon… we will… be able… to proceed forward… with my brilliant plan." He couldn't hold it for any longer. He fell under the weight of the device and crumpled in a heap on the floor.

"Not if you're going to crush yourself to death", Shego retorted, as she picked up the weapon from the ground. She turned the device around in her hands a few times to inspect it closely, making it look easy to hold.

"Why not just recreate the science behind this whatchamadingy - but bigger - use it on your henchmen, and then go for world domination."

A small sparkle appeared in Drakken's eyes, as he began to smile while picking himself up from the floor. "You know what Shego… That would actually be a very ingenious idea!"

"Not really, it's still whack. But at least it's a step up from your stupid plans."

Drakken's face suddenly dropped again. He snarled at Shego, and snatched back the weapon. "Someday Shego, you won't be making meanie comments to me. I will gain respect when I finally defeat my archenemy, Kim Possible; and when I conquer the world, every single person on this planet will look in awe upon the genius and might of Doctor Drakken!"

"So not gonna happen", a distinctive female voice shouted from behind Drakken and Shego. Both villains span round and saw two teenagers - a red-haired girl and a blond-haired boy - at the entrance to the room they were in.

"Kim Possible!" Drakken yelled. "And her sidekick who's name continues to escape me."

The 'sidekick' turned to his female companion. "How could he still not know my name after all this time? Is 'Ron Stoppable' really that forgettable?"

"Shego! Take down Kim Possible, and make sure she doesn't get anywhere near this shrinking device", instructed Drakken.

"Just keep a hand on that thing, Dr D", Shego replied back, powering up the bright green energy in her hands. She then smirked at her opponent. "Well Kimmie, I guess it's time to rock 'n' roll again."

Without a response, the teen heroine - known as Kim Possible - jumped towards her arch-nemesis to attack first. As Kim tried to land a kick on her, Shego dodged by somersaulting backwards. She then swung her right leg at waist height towards Kim, but she managed to jump over that with ease.

As the two of them began a more hand-to-hand style of combat against each other, Drakken turned his attention to Ron Stoppable, Kim's sidekick, who was watching on from the entrance. As the young teenaged boy glanced in Drakken's direction, the mad scientist announced, "Say hello to my little friend!" He pointed the weapon in his hand towards Ron (which he could now conveniently hold without any sweat), and began firing powerful ray beams at him.

Ron Stoppable didn't want to hang around and find out what this contraption did. With great athletic skill - which was very unusually for someone not being particularly good at sport - Ron dodged the first shot aimed at him.

Drakken kept on firing his weapon in Ron's vague direction, but without ever quite hitting him. If there was one thing Ron was highly skilled at in the field of hero work, it was in the art of 'escaping enemy attacks'. On this occasion, it also helped that the blue-skinned mad scientist wasn't very good at shooting.

"Hey, KP", Ron called out. "Any chance of a little bit of help here?"

"Kind of busy at the moment, Ron", Kim replied back, as she dodged an attack from Shego before swinging a punch towards her.

As Ron continued to sprint around the room in circles while under fire from the shrinking ray weapon, a naked mole rat jumped out of one of Ron's pants pockets. The little rodent took in his surroundings, with no one taking any notice of him. He then noticed his friend and owner, Ron, in trouble. With a determined look on his face, he moved quickly towards Drakken, and began climbing up his right leg beneath his clothes.

Drakken stopped shooting at Ron, as his face suddenly changed to one of puzzlement. He felt a weird tingling feeling slowly going up his body, and then suddenly realised what it was. "Something's crawling around my body", he stated worriedly.

After a moment, the naked mole rat began to nibble him all over his body. "Ouch!" Drakken shouted. "What the… YOW!" He proceeded to try slap the 'pest' off him, but to no avail.

Eventually, through vigorous movement by Drakken trying to stop being bitten, he tripped over himself, knocking his arm against multiple contraptions from a nearby workbench. They all fell on-top of him. One particular object - an ominous, smallish black, cuboid block - eventually landed nearby him.

"Booyah! Good job Rufus", Ron cheered to his pet friend. Rufus scrambled out of one of Drakken's sleeves, and gave a cheery squeak as he fisted the air in victory.

Ron picked up Rufus and ran over to the continuing battle between Kim and Shego, to try aid his best friend. "I'm coming, KP!" he called out.

"I'm fine Ron! Watch out…" But Kim was then tripped to the ground by Shego's low-level swing kick.

While Kim lay on the ground, Shego quickly turned to Ron and started firing green energy beams from her hands, causing him to retreat and hide behind some metallic tables.

"Now that's no fun. Come out from behind there, you chicken!" Shego jeered at Ron. But before she could strike at him again, Kim had got herself up, and took advantage of Shego being distracted by kicking her, foot first, in the back.

Shego managed to cushion her fall, and rolled over into a crouching position, ready to pounce at Kim again. "Sometimes Kimmie, you manage to be more annoying than your doofus sidekick", she said.

Kim didn't take too kindly to that comment, more for Ron's sake. "I just hope your pride is ready for a beating from yours truly." She began to swing punches at Shego again, who easily blocked each of them.

Drakken began to wake up from his very temporary unconsciousness. As his eyes opened, he looked up to see the strange black cube that had landed in front of him a few moments before.

To the ordinary eye, it looked like a curious but unimportant little object, with nothing particularly remarkable about it. But this didn't feel like any ordinary object to Drakken. He felt a strange force emitting from it, almost as if it was calling to him… Ok, the 'calling-to-him' part was probably just a delusional thought from Drakken's mind. But there was definitely some sort of power force that he could feel.

He took hold of the object and grasped it, as he began to stand up. It felt warm on the surface; possibly some sort of heat source on the inside? In all honesty, he wasn't completely sure why he had picked it up. But he felt the need to examine it properly. He was certainly intrigued by the small object.

Drakken took a small remote out of his pocket and pressed a single red button on it. He then proceeded to shout over to his 'assistant'. "Shego! We're going."

Shego blocked Kim a few more times before kicking her in the stomach, causing the teen heroine to crash against the wall behind her. Shego turned to Drakken, and realised he wasn't carrying the shrinking ray weapon, having left it on the floor behind him. "Uh, aren't you going to take that compression-widget thing with you?" she asked.

"We don't need it anymore", Drakken answered.

"I thought you were all about taking over the world a minute ago?" And then she noticed the black cube he was carrying in his hand. "Why have you got that little whatsit, Dr D?"

"It doesn't matter", Drakken snapped back in irritation. "Just blast the ceiling so that we can get to our escape transportation."

Shego grumbled briefly, before obeying her boss's orders. She created a hole above them using her energy beam powers, creating enough room for their hovercraft to descend into the room.

As Drakken and Shego got into the hovercraft and began to lift off, Kim and Ron ran over to the spot from which the two burglars had been before. They looked up, and saw Drakken leaning over the edge of his airborne transportation.

"Kim Possible", he yelled out, "you think you're all that, but you're not!"

There was no tone of defeat or victory from Drakken. And Kim noticed that he didn't have one of his 'stupid blank' looks that he gave Shego whenever he had been confuddled by her witty comments. It was just a cold, hard stare aimed at the red-head.

When the two villains had disappeared out of sight, Kim and Ron noticed the shrinking ray device that had been left behind on the floor.

"Looks like another mission successfully aced, brought to you by Team Possible!", Ron declared frivolously, starting to stride towards the exit.

"Hold up a sec", Kim said, pulling Ron back by his mission shirt. "This was the gizmo Wade said Drakken and Shego were going to nab, right?"

"Err, yeah. And?"

"And yet they would just leave it? Something's not right about this sitch."

"Well, duh, they failed! That's why", Ron replied.

Kim was nowhere near as convinced as Ron was. Shego definitely had the upper-hand over the teen duo before she made her getaway with Drakken. But before Kim could ponder further, a scientist in a white lab coat ran into the room.

"Is all the equipment safe? Did Dr Drakken take anything?"

"The device is still here, Dr Cyrus Bortel", Kim replied. "I would give this lab a thorough check-over, though. Just in case."

"Thank you, Kim Possible!" Dr Bortel said joyously. "Who knows what would have happened if he had got his hands on the compression radiation device."

"It's no big", Kim simply replied.

"If there's anything I could do for you…" Dr Bortel started saying.

"Well actually, I do have this science essay that I could use some 'guidance' with..." Ron said with an implying wink. But Kim swiftly covered his mouth with her right hand.

"It's all cool, Dr Bortel. No favours needed. But if you need anything, just call us up", Kim quickly said before Ron could finish his request.

With that, she started to pull Ron in the direction of the exit. As they disappeared from the room, Dr Bortel could hear the fainting sound of Ron complaining... "Ohh, but come on, Kim."

Kim and Ron were on a plane back to Middleton, thanks to one of their many contacts. A while ago, this particular contact had been caught in the middle of a thunder storm and lost control of his plane. But fortunately, Kim had been nearby to rescue him from the falling aircraft. So, feeling a sense of debt to her, he had offered to give them a lift back home from the mission the duo had just been on.

Currently, they were talking to their communication's guru, Wade, through the Kimmunicator. Wade was a child genius, who by the age of 10 had completed high school AND college, ending up with multiple first class honours in a number of different degrees. He wasn't one to brag though, and was quite happy helping Kim and Ron in their missions through inventing gadgets, running Kim's website, and controlling the ever growing contacts lists they had.

"Props on the mission, guys", Wade said.

"Thanks Wade", Kim replied with a humble smile.

"Big-up Rufus for stopping Mr Blue stealing the device and turning me into a mini-Ron", her goofy best friend interjected. Rufus chittered happily at the recognition he had just been given.

"Unfortunately, I have some less than good news", Wade said. "Looking at security camera footage, and having received Dr Bortel's report, there was one thing taken by Drakken and Shego."

Kim sighed in her typical sassy attitude, somewhat annoyed. "What did they snitch?"

"Not really sure", replied Wade. "It looked like a black, cube-shaped object. But I couldn't find any information about it."

"I thought you were meant to be the super-smart genius, Wade", Ron said.

"There's literally nothing about it. Not even the top scientists have been able to work out what it is."

"Sounds like one mysterious object", said Kim.

"And if Drakken works out what it does, it can only spell trouble", Ron stated concernedly.

"Pfff, doubt it. I find it unlikely that Drakken is going to figure out how to use it", Kim said.

"You can never be too sure, Kim", Wade inputted.

"Well just in case, can you find out their whereabouts and keep track of them?" Kim asked. "Might as well be ahead of their game."

"Will do", Wade replied. "Would you like me to set up a tracker on your Kimmunicator?"

"Please and thank you", Kim answered. With a thumbs up from Wade, the screen of the Kimmunicator turned off.

"Something's not right", Ron said nervously.

"You were the one that acted all nonchalant about our mission a moment ago", Kim asserted.

"I know, KP. But this is different. I'm worried about the black cube they took."

"Hmm... maybe you need to stop worrying about that so much, Ron. You know Drakken's not the brightest tool when it comes to figuring out the gizmos he's stolen."

"That's easy for you to say", said Ron. "My Ron-ness is telling me something really bad is gonna go down."

"Hmm, trouble", Rufus said in agreement with Ron.

"At least you have a social life to distract you", Ron added. "There's your cheerleading, keeping Bonnie as far away from you as possible, and let's not forget about a certain Josh Mankey…"

"Hey, if anyone calls me or beeps me, that's my first priority, and you know that. Surely you have something to keep your mind off this black object sitch", Kim said.

"Not really. My diary's not been too hot recently", replied Ron. "Although, I do have to look after my pal here to make sure he's in peak naked-mole-rat physique." Rufus stood up and flexed his little biceps to prove Ron's point.

Kim raised her right eyebrow at the sight of Rufus flexing his tiny muscles, and then continued talking. "Don't forget the school work. You know what Mr Barkin is like when people don't meet his 'standards'".

"Yep, and I'm usually the one who gets the Barkin-fury first", Ron stated somewhat glumly.

"Wanna hit Bueno Nacho when we get back?" Kim asked, wanting to pull Ron out of his slump.

"You know me too well, KP", Ron said, having perked-up, and now relaxing in his seat.

Kim had smiled at his response. It wasn't hard to know what made Ron happy, and she knew when he needed an emotional boost. She also knew he was stressed, particularly about the black-cube object. And whenever his mind was stuck on one trail-of-thought, he wouldn't stop talking about it. That was the last thing Kim needed.

But she couldn't deny she was also a little worried about the object Drakken had stolen. It seemed very strange that Drakken had abandoned his original plan for the other item. Maybe a little ominous...

'Stop it', Kim thought to herself. 'You're being just as bad as Ron.' She decided to get her homework out of her backpack, to keep her mind off the sitch. It certainly wouldn't complete itself.