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Time Sitch

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover


Missy had 'awoken'. The last thing she remembered was the Doctor's TARDIS zooming into the Eye of Harmony. She knew he would have re-manipulated Kim Possible's reality so that none of the events in the 'alternate' universe had taken place.

But to an extent, that was part of the plan. Not Missy's plan, mind you. If given the chance, she would have twisted that reality into total insanity, so that there would have been no hope. And then one by one, she would have done the same to as many other realities as she could. She didn't feel the need to conquer any of them, like her single-minded past selfs. But alas, she wasn't the one in charge…

Missy was no longer within Dr Drakken's ruined lair. She was in a different location. Once upon a time, many lives again, she had been here…

This place was known as the 'Omniversal Spectrum', where the totality of existence and every single multiverse stemmed from. The first time she had been here – as the Master – she had been overpowered but awed by the power it had to offer. The power to shape infinity to one's wishes. But that opportunity had been shut in her face, when she had been defeated by Kroton. He had become the new Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum, and the Controller of the 'Glory' (the focal point of the spectrum). His first act was banishing the Master away from the spectrum point.

That was a very long time ago now. So much had happened in Missy's life since. Not least that Kroton was no longer the Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum…

Missy began to walk towards a large set of stairs, which spiralled upwards. To the mortal eye, it seemed endless. But that was just an illusion, and Missy would walk up those stairs in no time. Perception of physics, time, distance, etc. didn't apply in this 'realm'.

All around her, Missy could see glimpses of the many different multiverses in existence through the different plain-viewpoints. And glimpses into individual universes and the seemingly limitless life that all and every creation provided. But strangely, Missy was no longer awed by any of it. Truthfully, Missy had lost interest in controlling the whole totality of existence when she was banished. In fact, over time, Missy had grown more disillusioned at the idea of ruling over anything for the sake of feeling powerful and almighty. She simply enjoyed the thrill of causing… 'mischief'. Cold-hearted mischief.

After walking up the stairs, Missy reached another level. It was a wide, open platform. All around and above her, Missy could see even more viewpoints into the many multiverses. Through one of these viewpoints, Missy thought she saw the Doctor… with Clara Oswald…

Far over the other side of this platform sat her 'boss', on a dark stool-like object. He was a big dude… humanoid, but not human. Grey-skinned, with intense-red eyes that could shoot beams out of them. He described himself as a 'New God' from his multiverse… so a bit of a powerful tyrannical ruler really.

Missy almost never took orders from anyone on any level, never mind accepting someone as her 'leader'. But Missy was forced to make an exception for this one. She hadn't had any real choice. He had taken Missy from her time-stream in her universe, because she had memories of her time in the Omniversal Spectrum, and having some knowledge of it.

But he had made a 'deal' with Missy. Do the dirty little work that was 'below' his perceived level of authority – in any way Missy saw fit – and stand alongside him as one of his first 'horsemen'. (Sounded rather biblical; but Missy's 'boss' was anything but.) In return, she would live, and be able to return to her own time-stream in her universe in-between her duty to her new… 'master' (how ironic).

This seemed like a threat; and it probably was, after practically being captured. But even if Missy wasn't all about conquest these days, she was still as devious as ever, and very clever. She would bide her time, and act as the 'obedient soldier'. And when the right time came, she would strike…

Missy walked up to the god-like being, who had just noticed the Time Lady and turned his attention to her. Missy stopped a few metres from where he was sat.

"I'm back, darling…" Missy said.

"You shall address to your lord and master by his proper name, and with the respect he deserves", another figure standing by boomed with command.

Missy sighed, not hiding her annoyance. But that was as far as she pushed her attitude for now. She knelt down on one knee, and addressed 'properly' to the big-man with the shiny eyes.

"Hail almighty Darkseid", Missy said monotonally.

Darkseid's expression didn't shift an inch. He probably wasn't enthused by Missy's lack of revere for him. Without any more pondering, he began to speak.

"I see the Doctor managed to disrupt your little chaos", Darkseid stated.

"Well, that was part of your plan. And I really hate losing to that guy. You can't imagine how annoying the bragging rights are…"

"Your insignificant rivalry with the Doctor is not my concern. All I care about is the goal. And it was achieved."

"Yeah, see, I'm still really confused on that one."

"The purpose was to set the forthcoming events in motion. Everything is proceeding as I have ordained."

"And you started out by taking an L…?"

"A deliberate loss. I still have the ultimate control. I retrieved you from banishment by the Doctor, did I not?"

"Is this where I bow down and praise you for your generous mercy?" Missy asked sarcastically.

"It would be unwise to provoke almighty Darkseid in such a belittling manner…" the figure standing alongside Darkseid said.

"Be still, Kalibak", Darkseid addressed to the one standing next to him (a son of his, also a New God). "Despite her vexatious mannerisms, our Mistress of Time is very aware of her use to me."

"And when my usefulness is done…?" Missy confronted.

"I suggest you concentrate on not causing any more aggravation and continue to serve as a useful tool in my arsenal. You may be the first of my new horsemen, but you are not irreplaceable…"

"Ah, but you know you're going to need me", Missy stated.

"Do not overstep your own importance…"

"You need someone who knows the Doctor inside and out. Is he not still an obstacle in your way of tyranny?"

"I do not worry about this 'Doctor'. Even after his 'heroics', I have clouded the smallest part of the Time Lord's mind, so that he wouldn't have any memory of the Omniversal Spectrum that he was once brought to."

"As much as I really hate to point this out, the Doctor is very clever… very, very clever. And soon enough, he is going to work out what's going on. Right now, he may seem like an annoying, tiny insect. But when unleashed, he's like a raging, fiery demon from the depths of hell itself; the 'Oncoming Storm'."

Missy was almost smirking as she finished her sentence. For a prolonged moment, Darkseid only stared down at the Time Lady sternly, before continuing to talk.

"I destroyed the whole collective of the Guardians of Time. I slayed the Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum. I have conquered many universes in my own multiverse, and I will carry out my inevitable conquest on the rest of the omniverse. What makes you think that I should worry about the Doctor?"

"What isn't there to worry about the Doctor?" Missy asked rhetorically. "But me, I'm the only one that doesn't worry about him. That's why you need me."

Darkseid's gaze bored down on Missy, but she wasn't to be fazed by this New God trying to cut through her. After all, he had chosen her for her mind and for being able to withhold against any raw, fragile emotions. Even a god would find it hard to topple her.

Darkseid broke his glare away from Missy, and now addressed to Kalibak, his son and his most loyal servant. "See that you send our Mistress of Time on her way." He then stood up from his stool, and said to Missy, "I will summon for you when I see fit."

With that, Kalibak began to walk towards Missy, and pointed a golden, thick staff at her. It contained a fragment of the Glory's power; enough to send individuals to and from their own universes.

Missy didn't like being instructed around; it wasn't her style. But she also didn't want to spend any longer in Darkseid's presence than was needed. At least she knew her warning had touched a nerve. If she was to survive, and prove successful, she needed to warn of the dangers that the Doctor could pose.

Power began emulating from Kalibak's staff, and once more, a bright light enveloped Missy.

The Mistress of Time disappeared as Kalibak's staff had its effect. Darkseid found the Time Lady to be an annoyance at best. But the Doctor was a curious one. He had a long life, for a mortal. He had gained a reputation as a saviour throughout his universe. But he was also a soldier of war himself; the one who had ended the so called 'Last Great Time War', between his own people and the self-proclaimed supreme race 'the Daleks'. It was said that the Last Great Time War had spanned eternity. Darkseid wouldn't lie, he felt a tiny shard of jealousy. It was the sort of war he would have relished in.

The Doctor had been the one to destroy the whole Dalek race, but also wipe-out all the Time Lords. Darkseid would have viewed this as ultimate victory. But the Doctor had felt great guilt since he had committed this genocide. A sign of weakness, Darkseid thought. But still, it showed the potential the Doctor had for causing destruction in his wake. He would keep an eye on this time travelling Time Lord…

"Return to Apokolips, Kalibak", Darkseid commanded. "Oversee how the preparations are going, and report back to me."

"As you command, almighty Darkseid", Kalibak acknowledged, bowing before his father. With that, he tapped his staff on the ground, and vanished away.

Darkseid had always been continuously preparing for conquest and war on his home planet, Apokolips. But since he had resided himself within the Omniversal Spectrum, he had begun to prepare other tactics to conquer the whole of the omniverse, and to take control of all existence itself. There was just one obstacle in his way…

When Darkseid had first infiltrated into the realm of the Omniversal Spectrum, he had slaughtered Kroton; the Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum, and the Controller of the Glory. Darkseid had already decimated the Guardians of Time so he could possess the Key to Time. Using its powers of 'mind manipulation', Darkseid broke into the Omniversal Spectrum without Kroton having any will power to stop the invading New God.

Before his demise, Kroton's final desperate act was to summon an opponent to stand off against the invading New God. This had proved to be an inconvenience for Darkseid; but now faced with a challenger, victory would just become ever sweeter.

Because of Kroton's death, Darkseid managed to take some limited control of the Glory. But he wasn't able to manipulate whole realities to his own wishes; he could only set potential events in motion. And his rival was able to do the same. It had become like the human game that every Earth-person called 'Chess'. It was all about strategy, and thinking many steps ahead of the opponent.

Using the power from the Key to Time, Darkseid transported himself to the most focal part of the Omniversal Spectrum. This was where the Glory resided. This was also where he had kept his challenger imprisoned. Although he wasn't able to banish his opponent, Darkseid was at least able to use the Glory to keep him locked within this realm.

His opponent was currently floating above the ground in suspended-animation, helpless to escape. He was surrounded by blue manipulation energy that kept him in place, unable to move. He had come from an Earth where he had guided and mentored a young team of self-proclaimed 'gifted' individuals, and pursued a peaceful existence between mankind and the homo superiors. But time and time again, his work proved fruitless. There would always be some conflict taking place between the two sides of evolution.

For one reason or another, Kroton had thought this man was a worthy opponent against the all-powerful Darkseid. Or maybe Kroton had just been very desperate, and had vainly summoned anyone he could connect to in a split-second moment. But even though Darkseid was clearly superior in strength and physical might, he would not underestimate his opponent. The power of his mind was very strong.

"It seems your decision to grant the Doctor temporary limited control of the Glory proved successful, Xavier", Darkseid stated to his opponent.

"I would prefer 'Professor', if you don't mind", said the homo superior known as 'Xavier'. He showed some signs of tiredness. "And I merely countered the move you made with the Mistress."

"I did suspect that was your thinking. Which is why I have clouded a very small part of the Doctor's mind. He won't remember anything about the Omniversal Spectrum, or that he had a taste of the Glory."

"But I promise you, he won't forget for much longer", warned the Professor. "Soon, he will realise he hasn't just visited a 'spiritual' realm outside the omniverse…"

"Your confidence is foolish. As far as I'm concerned, I still have the upper hand. I have had the advantage since I slayed the Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum…"

Darkseid indicated to the cyber-head of Kroton, which were the only remains of the Cyberman that the New God had kept. Cybermen tended to look emotionless anyway; but even so, looking into the eyes of the fallen Kroton, it truly was lifeless now.

"Having the advantage doesn't give you the victory, Uxas", said the Professor, referring to Darkseid by his real name. "And besides, Kroton foresaw that I would prove a worthy challenger to you."

"But this is not a challenge you wanted, is it?" Darkseid questioned the Professor.

"No, it wasn't. But as you are a danger and threat to the whole omniverse, I know the importance of my role that has been bestowed on me."

"I know what you are thinking, and it is preposterous to think you could stop me."

"Your telekinesis must be a little rough, Darkseid", said the Professor. "Very disappointing. In point of fact, I am not the one to bring about your fall. I have made my choice, and they will be the Elect of the Omniverse. They will bring about your eternal end in the final days of existence."

Darkseid's eyes widened, while pondering in thought. And then he returned to look upon the Professor sternly, having attempted to access his imprisoned opponent's mind. "Only two?" he said. "One male and one female… The hero and the faithful companion… I see it now", Darkseid then exclaimed. "You have chosen the Doctor, and one of his many female friends."

The Professor showed no response. He only continued to stare at Darkseid, not showing any sign of whether the New God had presumed correctly. And then he finally responded, "I will not tell you. You may be trying to penetrate my mind, but my own powers of telekinesis are at least a match for yours, if not more so. I will certainly not reveal who I have bestowed this responsibility."

It was clear that the Professor was starting to agitate Darkseid, but then the New God swiftly controlled his emotions. It would take time, but Darkseid was willing to wait. And when he had found these so-called 'Elect of the Omniverse', he would go about destroying these 'chosen ones' by his own hand.

"But tell me, Xavier", Darkseid carried on. "Why did you choose the two children of Middleton to assist the Doctor, and have their naive, folly world as the battleground for the Doctor and the Mistress? What significance do they have?"

"They are good. They are kind. They have the will and the courage. And they have heart."

There was a pause of silence. And then Darkseid uncharacteristically chuckled, which boomed across the plain they were in. "I find it amusingly dire that you would select these two children to prevent my plans from coming to fruition, just because they have… what the humans of their Earth would call 'spunk'." Darkseid's expression then returned to a steady and grim look. "I'm disappointed in you, Xavier. Keep this up, and I shall conquer the totality of existence with ease."

The New God began to step away, preparing to leave the Professor's presence, and continue to plot his next move. "When my next plan is ready, we will meet again", he said to the Professor. "And when we do, I expect a more worthy challenge."

And with that, Darkseid teleported away. But as he did so, he didn't sense the thoughts and feelings of the Professor. The Professor had caught the New God in a moment of foolish arrogance. If Darkseid had taken a moment to stop residing in his own ego, he might have started to work out the Professor's endgame. But the Professor was confident he would be able to withhold his ultimate plan for long enough.

What Darkseid didn't realise was that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable would prove vital in the final fate of the omniverse, and the totality of every and all existence itself.

The Doctor and Team Possible will return.

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