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"Come ON, Nate!" Parker whined, not letting the mastermind leave the HQ's living room. "We all need a break. We've been working nonstop to put Moreau away and now that we've finally done that… we should have a small vacation… you know, have some fun, and finally relax. Come on, please?"

"Parker's right, Nate," Sophie agreed. "We're all tired. We can just go for a few weeks. It wouldn't hurt."
Nate looked around his teammates; he received nods from every member, except Eliot… but even though he didn't give away any emotion, his eyes said it all: he, of all people, needed this vacation.

"Fine!" Nate gave up, throwing his hands in surrender. "Start packing. We'll go to Hawaii."

"Yayyyy!" Parker exclaimed, jumping up and down right beside Eliot.

The hitter rolled his eyes, but smirked, a quiet sigh escaping his lips. In the background, he could hear his teammates laughing; Hardison even came up to him to do their usual hitter/hacker handshake. Maybe a vacation would be nice, the hitter thought.

When they finished celebrating, they all started packing; Hardison got all their tickets… and they were off!




The five thieves arrived at a beautiful estate in Kauai, after an eight hour flight. The building was huge, and by the looks of it, so were the rooms. There was a pool on the side of the building, and luckily, it was empty.

"I wanna go to the pool!" Parker was saying, clapping her hands together.

"Darlin', we'll do everything we can here," Eliot said. "We first gotta check in and get settled. Alright?"

"Fine," Parker replied, clearly annoyed.

The team quickly checked in, and got settled in their rooms. Within an hour, everyone, except Eliot, was sitting in the pool.

"Come on, Eliot!" Sophie said. "Come in,"

The hitter, who was sitting on a rather comfortable beach chair, shook his head, a sly smirk playing at his face.

"Oh come on," Parker said. "Get in Eliot, the water's fine,"

Finally, Eliot gave in. He stood up and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular body. The entire team gazed at his perfect form, the muscle under his flawless olive skin. They all gasped when they noticed the deep scars marring his body. Parker looked at Hardison, her eyes wide.

Without paying attention to everyone's looks, Eliot sat on the edge of the pool. He gasped from the sudden cold that took hold of him, his fighter instincts threatening to kick in. He quickly pushed them down and took a deep breath, sliding in all the way. The water now suddenly felt nice, refreshing. He came up for air, leading against the pool's wall. He ran a hand through his soaked hair, feeling the water drip down his body.

"See?" Parker said, smiling. "See?" Parker said. "I told you,"

Eliot grinned. At that time, one of the pool's bartenders came walking by. Eliot stopped her, saying, "Hey, darlin', can you get me one of those cold beers for me?"

The woman smiled sweetly. "Sure, I'll have it brought down in just a few,"

"Appreciate it," In a couple of minutes, Eliot had a beer in his hand, and he was drinking it with pleasure. He turned around, seeing that Parker and Hardison were having a race. He smiled, knowing that Parker was going to win by far.




When the team had enough of the pool, they got back to their rooms. Eliot was lying on his bed, reading a book when he heard a knock at his door. He stood up and walked towards it… but when he opened it, there was no one there.


No reply.

He walked out of his room, stealthily making his way out of the building. He walked to the pool, looking around his surroundings.

"Eliot Spencer?"

The hitter turned around, seeing a man in his mid-forties standing in front of him.

"Jackie Williams says hello," the man said.

The minute Eliot's mind fully processed what he said, the guard charged at him, throwing both of them in the pool.

When Eliot opened his eyes, he saw the man flinging a sharp dagger at him. Eliot dodged the attacks, but soon enough, he felt a stabbing pain in his side. He saw blood flowing all around them, but was forced to dodge more swipes. Finally, after a couple of minutes, Eliot managed to get the knife out of his opponent's hands. Without thinking, he smashed the dagger into his chest; his foe's expression, which had been filled with determination, turned into confusion. His grip loosened on Eliot, and the hitter took that chance to resurface. He gasped for air, swimming for the ledge.

He slowly got up; his eyes darted towards his stomach, seeing that the fabric of his shirt was now ripped, blood flowing through. "Dammit," he mumbled. He began making his way towards the hotel, trying his best not to make a sound. He stopped at the closest room there was: Parker's.

As soon as the door opened, he fell through, curling into himself.

"Eliot!" Parker exclaimed. She knelt beside him, supporting him and getting him onto her bed.

She ran out of the room to get the others, explaining, "He just collapsed through. I don't know what happened."

"Bandages," the hitter said from the bed. "I need bandages,"

The team quickly got him the equipment he needed; Parker helped Eliot mend his wound, while he replayed what happened. "The man said that Jackie Williams said hello," he said, finishing his story.

"Well, who is Jackie Williams?" Nate asked.

"Dead," Hardison replied. "He died in the military… serving with Eliot Spencer?"

All eyes fell on him. "Eliot?" Nate repeated.

The man sighed, wrapping the rest of his ribs. "Thank you, Parker," he said. "Yeah, I worked with Jackie Williams. We were on a mission together and were captured by the enemy. Unfortunately, Jackie didn't make it. I got out, and right when I got back home, I left the military. For good. I never heard of Jackie ever since. That guard caught me off guard when he said his name. He was professional as well." He sighed, running his hand through his hair. He ruffled it a little to get rid of the moisture.

"Oh, Eliot…," Sophie whispered.

"I'm alright, Sophie, I really am. What's really worrying me is the man that attacked me. He knew what he was doing, and he had great skill. He could've killed me."
Parker had given him a blanket, which he took gratefully, wrapping it around his shoulders.

"Okay, new plan," Nate said. "We have to get Eliot-"

"Right now, I'm more concerned about getting you all out of here-"

"Eliot, he's after you," Nate said. "We have to get you out of here. You have to stop worrying about us. Instead you have to worry about yourself, get yourself out of harm's way."

"I'm the hitter, Nate," the hitter replied. "I'm YOUR hitter. And it's MY job to keep all of you safe. So no matter what danger I'm in, I'm ready to get you out first."

The room fell silent.

Suddenly, the room's windows crashed down. Without thinking, Eliot lunged at Parker, who was closest to the window, protecting her from the shards of glass. He felt his back being shredded with glass, but he refused to let Parker fall in danger. He felt hands on his shoulders and then he was on the ground, staring at who was his best friend.

"Jackie," he whimpered.

"Hello, Eliot," the man said, smiling.

The hitter stood up, his hand going around his stomach. "You were dead," he managed to croak out.

Jackie suddenly reached out and grabbed Parker, and was holding a gun to her head. "You have two choices," he said.

"Jackie, let her go," Eliot said.

"You can either come with me…," Jackie continued. "Or you can let her and your team die. It's your choice,"

"Eliot, don't," Parker begged. "Please,"

"Just let her go," Eliot finally said. "I'll go with you,"

"No!" she cried.

Jackie smirked. "That's the answer I was hoping for." He then pushed the blonde into Eliot's arms. The hitter caught her easily, whispering in her ear, "I'm sorry, Parker,"

He let go of her, and walked over to Jackie… willingly. The man forced Eliot onto his knees, cuffing him. He then walked over to the window, pushing him out.

"No!" Parker screamed.

"It was a pleasure doing buisness with you all," Jackie said, grinning. The next thing they knew, Jackie was gone… and so was Eliot.

"Dammit!" Parker exclaimed.

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