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Parker sat by Eliot all night, helping him get through every nightmare. Every hour or so, he would start tossing and turning, small whimpers escaping his mouth. Parker would always be there, shaking him awake and calming him down. When the hitter finally had enough, he just decided to stay awake.

"Tell me," he said, gasping for air; the last nightmare had been the hardest nightmare to get through. "What did you do when Jackie captured me?"

Parker had helped him sit up, and was using his legs as a pillow. "We searched for three years," she began. "We flew every country we could think of until we finally decided to get this place. We needed a place to call him. Anyway, we still kept searching for you. And then on the week that we wanted… no needed, a break of nonstop searching with no results, I found you. I finally found you."

Eliot thought about those words for a few seconds before saying, "You went through so much just to find me?"

"We're a team, Eliot," Parker said. "We never leave each other behind."

Eliot took those words into account as he and Parker just sat there for the rest of the night….




For the next few days, Eliot started recovering- both physically, and mentally- from everything that happened since he killed Jackie. Parker was with him the entire time, helping him get through every nightmare, every panic attack, and every moment of doubt he had. Eliot was grateful for that, and soon enough, he decided to get their relationship back on track. The sudden kiss that Parker had planted on his lips the first time had begun an unspoken question that hung between the two of them: What do we do now?

In the end, Eliot decided to give it a try, and it was a great decision he made at that.

The two of them had already knew a lot about each other… but when they really started "dating," they learned things that neither of them would have ever even guessed about one another.

Eliot found out that over the time he's been gone, Parker thought herself how to fight. And Parker found out that Eliot was actually a master at lockpicking, and pickpocketing.

Life was good for the entire team, and without counting minor nightmares that came to haunt Eliot every once in awhile, he seemed to have completely recovered from the incident.

In the duration of a year, the team started taking missions again. They even took a job that had to do with Jackie's family, which was a good experience for Eliot. He enjoyed being called "Uncle Eliot" every second of the day.

His nightmare finally ended, and he was so grateful for that. Pretty soon, Jackie Williams was all but a distant memory. His nightmare was over… Eliot's nightmare has ended…