This story was wolfsrainrules' (my) idea and was inspired by esama, who is in both of our opinions, an absolutely amazing and brilliant author. DRABBLE CHAPTERS (SHORT CHAPTERS)
Immortal Skull was northpeach's idea and frankly, with the two of us working together, it snowballed into this.
This is likely the darkest fiction either of us has ever written. While northpeach's maternal family is both German and Jewish, neither of us are intimately familiar with Jewish culture. We will be doing research (so much research), but if you are Jewish or of Jewish descent and see an error, please let us know.

This is gonna cover Immortal Skull who lived through WWI and II who from a Jewish Family. This fic covers the Holocaust, the torture involved in the Holocaust, the mental issues that come with surviving all of this, the world ending and then getting to come back in time, more mental issues PTSD, Flashbacks, Experimentation, torture, gore.Racism and Prejudice of the times, and please, PLEASE be careful of this.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy our work!


He was well over ninety years old, despite his young appearance.

He'd thought for sure nothing could surprise him anymore. He'd seen the worst of humanity- had lived it- had even seen some of the best of humanity.

Flames though...that had been a shock.

Explained some things of course, he had seen some...very indescribable incidents over his life, in the Wars. Knowing what the multicolored Flames were, and what they could do was nice. He'd figured his own out of course, but it was nice to have official channels to ask questions through

He had found his home with Flame users, found his Sky in Xanxus of the Varia. Found a family that accepted him, knew of his age and what he had seen, and still welcomed him amongst their number in Varia, and the Tenth Generation of Vongola.

So came the second shock in his long life- and perhaps the most scarring.

The End of All Things.

When the world goes to shit, when technology fails, and food becomes scarce, when there is no safe...the worst of humanity is brought to life. Skull had long ago realized that the future would not be a bright civilized place.

Not anymore. Instead he had chosen to keep his own alive. To keep his Sky and fellow Elements breathing, safe as they could be, fed. He'd chosen to keep the Little Lion and his Guardians alive.

Chosen to use his many, many years of experience in the Wars, and surviving those wars, to help his family with facing the obstacles of a post-apocalyptic world.