This is my second story. Amy will be in the first season and a half of the second season. Tawnia will be in the half of the second season. I will do my favorite episode as soon as I get done on the Vietnam. I probably do the episode I didn't care for. I will do the story by my self, so I can learn the grammar. I will do the episode during and after.

Contain Warning: Torture and Mention of raped, (Non-graphic.) You will see the torture and hear the scream.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own The A Team. They belong to Stephen J. Cannell.

Part: 1-Hannibal picks his men.

Vietnam, 1969.

Lieutenant Colonel Smith got off the helicopter. He needed to recruit new men because his other men were killed in the field except Sergeant BA Baracus, Lt. Ray Brenner and Capt. H.M. Murdock and he's needing another supply officer after he got done talking to Major Tyler.

Hannibal walked in Major's office and saw a Major sitting behind the desk. Hannibal salute the Major.

"At ease. What can I do for you, Colonel Smith?" Major Tyler asked.

"I need to recruit a few good men." Hannibal replied. "And I need another supply officer."

"What's happened to your other supply officer?"

"He got killed when we got attacked last night."

"Okay. The men was outside doing their exercise," Major explained. "So you're going to have to asks Capt. Matthew for that."

"All right, thanks." Hannibal saluting the Major then left the office.

Hannibal walked towards the back and saw the men doing their exercise and that's the way he like it. He walked up to Staff Sergeant Walker.

"Hey, Sergeant." Hannibal said.

"Hi, Colonel." Walker saluted him. "What can I do you?"

Hannibal saluted back, "I need a few good men."

"Take your pick." As they were doing the obstacle course.

"Okay. Who's ahead?" Hannibal asked Staff Sergeant Walker.

"We are." Sgt. Walker said.

Then he went onto the other side and asked them the same thing as he did the first one. So he asked them the same thing.

"Who's ahead?"

"Four of us!" One of the men shouted.

Then Hannibal ordered them to get in line.

The men got lined up. Hannibal walked up and down the line checking them out.

"Why do you want to join the special forces?" Hannibal asked.

"We like the challenge, sir." Private Taylors said.

"I like the challenge, too." Hannibal answered. "Anything else."

"That's it, sir." Private Taylors replied.

"All right. Meet me at the truck area tomorrow morning." Hannibal ordered. "And don't be late."

Hannibal walked in the brig and saw Capt. Walker sitting behind the desk.

Capt. Matthew got up after he saw Hannibal walking in the brig.

"What can I do for you, Colonel Smith?" Capt. Matthew asked.

"I need a supply officer." Hannibal replied.

"We got two Lieutenants." Capt. hoping Hannibal didn't pick the trouble maker."

"Can I see them?"

"Sure." They walked in the jail cell. Hannibal saw two men laid 0n the cot.

"Ten hut!" Capt. yelled.

The men stood up and saw a grey hair man. Hannibal walked up to them.

"What's your name, kid?" Hannibal asked.

"Second lieutenant Andrew, sir."

Hannibal walked up to the next one, "What's your name, Lt?"

"First Lieutenant Peck, sir."

"How are you?" Hannibal asked.

"I'm twenty-one, sir." Peck answered.

"No your not." As Hannibal didn't believe him.

"Yes I am!" Peck scowled at him.

"Okay." Hannibal and Capt. walked out.

"What did he do?" Hannibal asked.

"He got in a fight and then he got caught stealing." Capt. explained. "You're not thinking about picking him, are you. I hope not. He's going to be court-martialed."

"I don't know. I need to think about it before I make my decision."

"Okay." Hannibal walked out the brig to get some rest.

Will he choose the right one or will he make a mistake?