Here is a new story. Amy is in this one. I know Tim Dunigan was on the show, but he doesn't act like a conman. Murdock seems to me is not comfortable around him like he did with Dirk Benedict, so I put Dirk Benedict in my story as known as Face.

season one: 10 years later,

Part: 13- Mexican Slayride-Part 1

Amy asked her friend to find anything about the guys who been in prison and then escape from prison, then they disappear without a trace and she will meet him as soon as she gets done talking to her boss.

She walked into her boss's office and sat down in front of the desk when her boss gets done with the paperwork.

"What can I do for you, Amy?" The boss asked.

"I haven't heard from my friend, Al Massey," Amy said. "Have you heard from him?"

"No, I haven't. He has been reckless since he went down there," Grant replied. "He will be fire as soon as he gets back."

"He lost his wife and he's grieving," Amy explained. "Just giving him another chance."

"You want to go find him."


"Okay, you're suspended with half paid," Grant said. "And get out of here."

"Fine." Amy walked out of the office and went downstairs. She met up with Zack.

"Do you find anything on the military men?" Amy asked.

"Yes, but we have to go to the private office," Zack explained. "What the boss said?"

"I got suspended with half paid."



They walked in the private room, so she can look at the file that Zack will show her.

"Here are three files of the team," Zack explained. "Here is Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, he's the leader of the group."

She looked at Hannibal Smith and thinking of herself, 'Not bad looking.'

"Here is a second file. He is Sergeant B.A. Baracus as know bad attitude."

She looked at the picture of B.A. and thinking of herself, 'He's scaring and mean-looking,'

"Here is a third file. He is first Lieutenant Templeton Peck and he's orphan."

She looked at the files, 'Mmm, he is a good looking.'

"That's it. There are no other files," Amy asked.

"That's it," Zack answered.

"I heard there was a fourth man that fly them to Hanoi."

"He is not in this one," Zack explained. "I heard he is in the mental hospital or something and that is all I can tell you."

"Thanks. I think I go to visit him, what's his name before I leave?"

"His name is Captain H.M. Murdock. He might and might not help you."

"I'll take the risk." She got up and left the building to heads towards the mental hospital.

*Meanwhile at the movie set.*

B.A. and Face arrived at the movie set and saw Hannibal in a lizard suit.

"There he is in a lizard suit," Face said. "Let's go get him."

B.A. drove down the road real fast and he needs to get to Hannibal real before Lynch gets there. Face got out of the car and rush to Hannibal.

"Hannibal! We got to get out of here!" Face yelled.

"Why?" Hannibal asked.

"General Lynch is coming!"

"Oh just great! I'm just about to learn how to breathe underwater and how to roar," Hannibal said. "He will never learn."

Face and Hannibal looked up and saw General Lynch on top of the hill and rush to the set. Hannibal and Face got in the car and B.A. hit the gas to get out of the dodge.

B.A. drove around the building followed by the military police and then followed the movie cart towards the other side of the water. Hannibal ordered B.A. to stop, so he got out of the back of the car and walked up close to the waterfall.

Lynch ordered the driver to stop. He knew what Hannibal up to.

'Move to the left, move to the left.' Lynch said as quiet as he saw Hannibal move to the left.

"Go go go," Lynch ordered the driver to go after them, but Hannibal rush towards the handle and pull it down, the water came down on Lynch. Hannibal got back on the car and then left the studio.

"All you have to do dropped the handle," Face said.

"I just love to irritate him," Hannibal replied. "Keep on driving 'till you see the payphone."

B.A. keep on driving 'till he saw the payphone and pull over.

"Who are you calling, man?" B.A. asked.

"Murdock," Hannibal answered.

"Murdock? Why we need that crazy fool?" B.A. asked. "We ain't flying."

"No, I just want to warn him about Lynch."

Hannibal got out of the car and walked up to the payphone to calls Murdock to let him know about Lynch coming to see him. Hannibal dials Murdock's number and waits for him to answers.

Murdock Show Amy out and told her, he will speak to her later and went to the phone to answer, "Hello?"

"Murdock, this is Hannibal," Hannibal said. "What taking you so long to answers?"

Murdock told Hannibal the reporter want to see him about her problem. Hannibal told him to tell her to meet him in the alley and warn him about General Lynch is coming his way to talk to him about his friends. Murdock told him, don't worry about it and he will take care of it. They hangs up.

Hannibal looked at the phone, "He's gone nut."

He walked back to the car and they left the area.

*Meanwhile at the Mental Hospital.*

Murdock opened the door and let Amy back in, "Sorry, my mother called." He went to the bed and laid down on the bed.

"I thought your mother is dead," Amy confused.

"She is." He got up from the bed and went to the sink. He picks up the shaving cream, and put the cream on his hair and shave it a little.

She get ready to leave and Murdock stopped her. "Meet Mr. Smith at the alley."

"Okay, thanks." Amy left the room.

Not long after Amy left. Nurse, General Lynch and his boss walked into the room, nurse told Murdock to get down from the dresser and General Lynch told her, it's okay, leave him up there. Nurse walked out of the room and closed the door.

"You flied your friends over at Vietnam," Lynch said. "And you know where your friends hiding."

"No, I don't and I've never heard of them," Murdock lied to protects his friends. "Ammonia."

"Ammonia?" Lynch confused.

"When they moped the floor and it's burn your feet." Murdock got down from the dresser and got back on the dresser again, he rubbed his feet with the towel.

Lynch told him, don't move and we leave. They walked off the room and closed the door. Murdock smirked on his face and he knew it's was a lied.

*Meanwhile at the town

Amy wait in the ally way to wait for someone, homeless man walked up to the alley way and saw a young woman standing by the door with her umbrella and he pretended to be drunks, so he walked up to her. He asked her if she got any money, so he can pretended to buy more beer. Amy looks in her purse and grabbed five dollars bills, took it out and hands the bills to the homeless man. He also told her, she can go see Mr. Lee about her needs his help. Amy went to the laundry to see Mr. Lee and walked inside the building.

"How can I help you, ma'am?" Mr. Lee asked.

"I'm looking for Mr. Lee," Amy said.

"I'm Mr. Lee. What can I do for you, lady?"

"Where can I find The A-Team?" Amy asked.

"I've never heard of them!" Mr. Lee replied back.

"Come one, I'm sure you heard from somebody talking about them."

"Okay, I've heard of them and it will cost you," Mr. Lee as Hannibal disguised. "Where we going?"

"In Mexico to find my friend," Amy said. "I'll pay you if you help me."

"It's going to cost you, all right," Mr. Lee explained. "I heard the a teams don't come cheap."

"How much it going to cost me?"


She raise her eyebrow so wide and can't believe that's will cost her more money and how she's going to come up with the money.

"I told you they're expensive."

"Okay, I will raise the money." She left the building to get the money and she don't know how, but she will come up with the money.

An hour later, Amy got the money but it's wasn't a enough and she will get the money when she get back and she wonders why so much money. She will find out sooner enough. Hannibal finally show up along with B.A. in the car, he got out of the car and tell Amy, we gotta go now if you want to help your friend. she grabbed her stuff and then got in the car and they took off to the airport until B.A. stopped the car.

"That's the way to the airport, Hannibal!" B.A. yelled.

"No it's not." Hannibal looked up at the airplane and rolled his eyes.

B.A. tried to hit him, but he was out cold before he got a chance to. Hannibal put him in the car and then head towards the airport. He finally arrived to the airport and saw the plane moving, so he knew Face picked the plane so he stopped the car, got out and picked up B.A. and put him over his shoulder and soon fits to get on the airplane 'till he heard the car. Hannibal and Amy turn around and saw the General got out.

"Who is that?" Amy asked.

"Nobody, let's go." Hannibal ordered.

They got on the plane and they took off the airline. Hannibal ties B.A. up with the seat belts around his arms.

"What are you going? And why he ties up?"

"So he won't wake up and beat us up," Hannibal explained. "And he hates flying and hate the guy."

"It he flying?" Amy asked, nervously.

"Yes," Face said.

Murdock came out of the front plane and walked by them Face grabbed him and put him back on the seat.

"What a kidding." Face laugh.

Hannibal grabbed her purse and looked inside and saw the envelope looked up at Amy and not happy about it then threw the envelope at Face to count it.

"Where're all the money?" Hannibal asked.

"I couldn't get the money and bank closed," Amy explained. "I will get the money when we get back."

"$25,000 dollars," Face said.

Amy told them that she couldn't understand Mr. Lee, because he all over the place until Hannibal make the disguised the voice and she can't believe she was talking to Hannibal in disguised. He agree with her that she will paid them when they get back from Mexico.

They're on their way to Mexico to help Amy's friend when they find him.


Notes: This story will go on Hiatus. I'm going to write this story on street of papers, this is will be the longest story. I will picked the episode of first season through fifth season. I'm not abandon this story.