Hello, readers! After a challenging school year & many months of brainstorming, I am happy to be back in the Fanfiction community! I have been thinking about this story ever since I wrote "Spirited Away II: Return to the Spirit Realm." As usual, I own nothing recognizable from "Spirited Away," and Charles Dickens' book "Tale of Two Cities" has been my inspiration for the title. Enjoy & review!

Spirited Away III: Tale of Two Worlds


She had never seen her son look so weary and haggard. His shiny green eyes were now dark with wrath, and his skin sagged and yellow.

"I do not understand you, Mother," he was saying. "After everything that has occurred -"

"I don't expect you to," she interrupted him. "But I love you, son, and I can't let a human girl get in the way of your happiness."

"She is my happiness!"

"Kohaku, now you listen to me." Her voice was uncharacteristically stern. "If you wish to marry her – that is all right with me. But you may do so after, and only after, balance is restored to our world. Not a minute earlier."

"What does that have to do with anything?" he demanded. "Why does she have to -"

"Because she's a child, Haku, a child! She needs to grow up first. You need to fully comprehend this first."

"You're not answering my question."

Here the Lady looked heavenward for patience. She loved the girl – nay, she even respected her – but that didn't mean she was going to let her affections blind her.

"Kohaku. She needs to go to the human world and stay there as long as necessary until we can first restore our world and second both of you understand the sacrifices you'll be committing in order for your … relationship … to work out."

She would rather have her son marry a respectable, powerful lady of his own species, but she didn't mention that.

Haku's eyes bored into hers. "I know your reason, Mother, so do not try to hide it. I will put up with these ridiculous rules of yours, I will do my best to restore order, and I will do whatever you say to prove my maturity in this, but I love Chihiro and Chihiro alone."

"I know you do, my son. I know you do." She did, too. An image of Chihiro's battered body flashed through her mind – she dug the heel of her palm against her eyes. It was too painful. Too much. Another reason why she secretly opposed and wanted to at least postpone her son's marriage with Chihiro were vengeful spirits, who wouldn't take all too kindly to a human princess ruling over them.

"That is why I want it to work out … safely."

Now Haku looked up heavenward.

"Mother, is there something you're not telling me?"

Sire Daisuke swiveled in his chair and faced his irritated grandnephew. Wise, fatherly, and brave, he was one of the few people Haku still trusted.

"Actually, Haku, there's a lot of things that your mother isn't telling you."