"Daddy Karasuno!" A certain black haired drunk calls out, stumbling through the hallway trying to find Sawamura. "Where are you?" He yells again, his voice in sing-song as he weaves through the crowd of people that he kind of knew, or at least recognized by watching games or playing against them. Most of the high school level volleyball teams in Miyagi were here as well as Nekoma and Fukurodani from Tokyo. Finally finding the captain of the Karasuno team, Kuroo slings an arm over the broad shoulders of the man with much shorter, neater hair. "Hey, hey. Your team calls you Daddy Daichi, right?" He asks, Sawamura (who hadn't participated in drinking any of the age inappropriate beverages that had somehow managed to get smuggled into the celebration) surprised looked at Kuroo like he was crazy, which he kind of was and the alcohol affecting his brain wasn't really helping his case. "So that means I gotta ask you before dating one of your babies, right?" Sawamura turns to look at Sugawara, silently begging for help, but the tipsy silver haired boy just giggled, encouraging the drunk captain by asking, "You wanna date one of our children Kuroo..? Ne, ne, tell me who!" Kuroo's hold on Sawamura tightens a bit, the drink in his other hand sloshing over the edges of the cup clutched so tightly in his hand it was a miracle the flimsy plastic hadn't broken, the liquid spilling over his fingers. The grin on his face genuine as he turns to look at the pretty setter. "Tsukki!" He crows out, the hand sticky with a mixture of fruit punch and vodka swinging out to gesture towards the designated dance floor where a way too drunk Tsukishima was dancing, surprisingly well considering his lack of sobriety, along with the more hyper of the Karasuno crew.

Sugawara claps happily, grabbing onto the arm Kuroo had slung around Sawamura. "Come on!" He shouts over the blaring electronic music, pulling him away from the sober captain. "We gotta get you a ring! You gotta ask him tonight!" Sugawara says, acting as though this was a proposal rather than a confession.

"That's a good idea! Sugamomma! Why aren't you the captain? You're so smart!" Kuroo exclaims, easily following after the silver haired teen. Kuroo stumbles along beside Sugawara who is able to walk well, though he was swaying a bit. They somehow manage to push their way through the crowd, with Sugawara clutching onto Kuroo so they didn't get separated. Leaving the large gym, they push through the much less crowded hallway. "Hey, hey, Sugamomma! Where are we gonna find a ring here?" Kuroo asks, leaning heavily against the wall as he begins to feel slightly nauseous.

"We're not finding a ring. We're finding something to make a ring." Sugawara says, reaching out to stroke his fingers through eternally messy black bangs. Sugawara had always wanted to play with the Nekoma captain's hair, it was always ruffled and in his face in a delightful way.

"Ooooh! That's even better!" He lifts his eyes from the ground to look at Sugawara and was pleased to see that his vision had stabilized. "Sugamomma… Are you actually an angel? Don't lie to me!" He asks, completely serious as he gazes up at the other boy from the spot he had slid down the wall onto the floor without realizing it.

"That's silly Kuroo-chan! If anything, I'd be a demon!" He says with a giggle before smiling so beautifully at him. Kuroo couldn't stop the shiver of fear that went through him. Karasuno was scary, he felt bad for the first years. Of course, his train of thought was easily taken over by a certain blond first year.

"Ne, let's go get a ring!" He calls out, grabbing onto Sugawara's wrist and tugging lightly on him.

"I got stuff in my locker we can use," Sugawara says, grinning as he gets a grip on Kuroo's arm and pulls him along. In the drunken state he was in, Kuroo thought nothing of this statement and follows him along without hesitation. Once in the team room, Sugawara released his hold on the taller male and took a couple steps to his locker. He quickly opens it and rummages around to pull out a package of zip ties. "These might not be the greatest ring substitutes, but they'll work. And I think that's all there is here that can work."

Kuroo's eyes light up as he takes in the sight before him. "Sugamomma… You're so kind." He reaches out and takes two zip ties, securing one around his right ring finger. "Do you have any scissors in there? This is going to get in the way…" He complains, tugging on the excess plastic of the tie.

"I don't think so… But there is pair somewhere in here..." Sugawara closes his locker after tossing the zip ties back in, securing it once more. He moves over to the small table they have in the room and pulls open the drawer, he offers the orange handled scissors to Kuroo while gripping them by their black blades. Kuroo takes them and somehow manages to slice off the bit of plastic without cutting himself open.

"You're so nice Suga. Hey hey, can I call you Koushi?" He asks, slinging an arm around the smaller boy's shoulders. The silver haired teen allows it as he rolls his eyes and leads the way back out of the club room.

"Let's go find you your Tsukki." He says as they make their way down the stairs and back towards the gym to find the blond.

"Yeah! But I need to ask Daddy Daichi first! I can't just go and ask Tsukki!" He says to Sugawara, looking at him seriously. "I want him to approve of our relationship." Sugawara grins, trying to hold back a laugh as they make their way, Kuroo stumbling, back to where they had left Sawamura. He was still there and Kuroo wasted no time calling out for him over the still ridiculously music. "Sawamura Daichi! Please!" He slips down from holding Sugawara onto the ground on his knees, shifting into a seiza position with his hands (and almost his forehead) on the ground. "Please allow me to date Tsukishima Kei."

Sawamura holds up his hands backing away a bit with wide eyes, he was confused to be sure, but also a bit concerned. "Please, Kuroo, get up. You're being ridiculous, you don't need my permission to date Tsukki, just go ask him." Kuroo does exactly that, shooting up from his position on the ground to find where Tsukishima had disappeared to in the crowd.

"Thank you Sawamura-san! I'll be good to him, I swear!" He calls out over his shoulder before slipping into the crowd of volleyball players. Kuroo had shoved the scissors into his back pocket but kept the zip tie clutched in his hand. "Tsukki!" He cries out, eyes flickering over the crowd until finally falling on Tsukishima. "Tsukki!" He grabs onto the taller boy's wrist and the blond turns to face him.

"Kuroo!" He shouts, voice wavering a bit as a smile spread over his face, moving closer to the Nekoma captain to throw an arm over his shoulder and lean heavily on him.

"Come on, I wanna talk to you," Kuroo says, tugging him gently along to give him the choice of walking away.

Tsukishima follows along, stumbling even more than his dark haired companion as they finally make their way out of the gym and around the corner of the building where there was no crowd. "What is it Kuroo?" The first year slurs, pressing himself to the exterior wall to hold himself up as Kuroo drops himself onto one knee and holds up the still unused zip tie up in his hands like an offering.

"Tsukki. I don't really know you that well, but I'd like to get to know you better. I think you're really great even if I don't know much about you. Your wit and intelligence and personality are all perfect and your face is cute and when you really smile my heart stops a little bit. I wanna be with you for awhile. To be able to talk to you and laugh with you and comfort you when you need it. Will you be my boyfriend?" It was sweet really, despite Kuroo's slur and his stumbling over almost every other word and Tsukishima giggling at him with each slip-up.

"Yes." Tsukishima manages to say before falling to his knees and drawing Kuroo in for a really sloppy kiss. After pulling back, Kuroo takes Tsukishima's right hand and attaches the zip tie around his ring finger before snipping off the excess.

So, there this is. This idea came to me while listening to Fantastic Baby by BigBang. At first, I wasn't sure what I wanted the pairing to be but I knew I wanted it to be Kuroo, I could totally see him getting smashed and doing this, but then I felt stupid. I have this headcanon that Tsukki is a huge K-pop nerd, knows every word and every dance to every song he listens to. Of course, this isn't my main ship for either character (those would be TsukkiYama and KuroKen), but these two together are cute too. Anyways, this is actually dedicated to my sister and best friend, though she doesn't have an account on here because she sucks.

I'm really sorry about my lack of posting too, I haven't had time to do much because school has been insane. My summer break starts next week though and then I should be updating much more regularly.