Alright, so I've been struggling with writer's block and I hoped cranking out some one shots could help, I've had someone, Cardfighter By Maple, request a part two to this, so here it is. Daddy Karasuno: The Aftermath. This is done in Tsukki's POV. I hope you enjoy and that I didn't disappoint!

When Tsukishima woke up in the morning with a pounding headache, sore muscles, and a heavy and way too hot body he knew he fucked up. Groaning, he squeezes his eyes shut against the glaringly bright sun and brings a hand up to rub gently at his temple. He could already tell he looked awful and probably didn't smell much better. His glasses were gone, not perched on his nose as usual and there was an arm wrapped tightly around his waist, holding his back against a currently unknown person. Tsukishima promptly panicked, what the hell had he done? He sent a quick glance down his body and found himself, thankfully, clothed though there was the addition of a zip tie around one of his fingers. Upon closer inspection he found that the hand resting on his stomach was also decorated with the makeshift ring. Holy shit. Had he gotten married? No, that was stupid. Even his drunken self wouldn't agree to something like that. Right? Letting out a huffy breath, the blond manages to shove the heavy arm off of himself and turns to see who he had promised himself away to.

His breath catches in his throat as he takes in the messy black hair covering half of the Nekoma third year's face. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but it hadn't really been that. Kuroo fucking Tetsurou was far from his mind when he was thinking about drunken proposals. The man wasn't bad looking, and he was definitely intelligent even if he was constantly acting like a buffoon and maybe that was why he hadn't considered it a possibility, because Kuroo was smart. But those thoughts and his momentary shock left his head as those inky black eyelashes fluttered and hazel eyes squint open, a groan coming from the just barely shorter teen as he throws a hand up to cover his eyes. "Too fuckin' bright..." He groans out in complaint, rolling onto his stomach and burying his head in his arms. "Could someone turn off the sun?" He asks and Tsukishima notices that his voice is rough, probably from sleep, and his hair doesn't seem as messy as usual, probably his imagination.

"Umm… Kuroo..?" Tsukishima asks, a bit hesitant as he reaches out a hand, not entirely sure what he was planning on doing with it as the older boy shift his head so one barely opened eye is visible above his arm.

"What is it Tsukki?" He asks, voice still quiet as though trying not to aggravate the headache the blond was sporting, though it was more likely because his own head hurt.

"Please tell me you remember something from last night..?" He asks beseechingly, scooting his body back a bit while not bothering to actually get up his body still hurt way too much for that, though the heaviness had faded to practically nothing.

Kuroo's face went pale and then bright red as his eyes shot down, taking in Tsukishima's still clothed body, and his expression contorts to one of relief. "No, I didn't do anything too stupid did I? I always do something stupid when alcohol is involved."

Tsukishima ignores the fact that he seems too nonchalant about the alcohol consumption and holds up his ziptied hand so the other blocker could see the 'ring' situated on his finger as he used his other hand to gesture at Kuroo's matching jewelry. He looks confused for a moment before propping himself up on his elbows and looking down at his hands. His eyes widen as he takes in the thing in question and his voice comes out a bit raspier. "At least we're not in Vegas..." He jokes a bit weakly as he looks up to Tsukishima's slightly flushed, almost pouty, completely adorable face and the words he was going to say next fall silent in his throat.

"I'll take that to mean you don't remember." Tsukishima mutters, finally sitting up and looking around the large room full of volleyball players, most still sleeping besides the few that hadn't drunk and those who had drunk very little. "Let's get these off." He grumbles, pushing himself to his feet, groaning and catching himself when he swayed a bit, almost falling. He was glad Kuroo had decided to comply easily, falling into stride beside him as they made their way to the edge of the room where the captain of Karasuno was with a still sleeping Sugawara sprawled out beside him, head in his lap as the dark haired captain stroked his fingers lightly through the silvery locks of hair.

"I'm surprised you're up Tsukki. You really went all out." He says softly so as to not wake Suga as he grinned up at the blond. "And you too, Mr. I need a ring to confess. What the hell was that about?" He asks, smile turning into a scowl as his gaze shifts to Kuroo who raises his hands in defense.

"I-Is that what happened then?" Tsukishima asks, stuttering a bit as he takes a small step back, away from Sawamura as his cheeks flush darkly, unsure of what to think about this new information. Kuroo had confessed? To him? Why? What the hell had happened to make that a good idea? Did the Nekoma captain actually like him or was it just a drunken whim? The blond didn't like the idea of the latter, he actually did like Kuroo, despite his annoyingly loud but sexily deep voice and oddly nice laugh and ridiculous hair and stupidly attractive face and wait, wasn't this supposed to be a mental list of his flaws? Tsukishima huffs and turns questioning blue eyes to Kuroo, wanting answers to all his questions. What he found was surprising, Kuroo looked flustered, waving his hands around desperately and shaking his head vehemently. "Do you still have the scissors?" He asks the messy haired captain who pauses, turning to look at him questioningly. "Scissors. I'm assuming at some point you used some to cut off the excess plastic." He says holding up his hand to showcase the ring again.

Kuroo drops his hands to his pockets, patting them down but coming up empty. "I guess not?" He replies, more a question than an actual response as Sawamura rolls his eyes.

"You guys put them back in the clubroom. The door is still unlocked. Take care of that and then head to a convenience store to get something for all those idiots, would you?" He asks, gesturing toward the rest of the still sleeping players. "If you're awake, they probably will be soon."

Tsukishima nods, grabbing onto the third year's hand and dragging him off to the gym doors before he can respond to the Karasuno captain's words. The older teen remains silent as he's pulled along to the room he had apparently been in twice the night before and Tsukishima only gets a bit concerned with the silence as he pulls open the door of their desired room, going to the small table and opening the drawer that they usually kept the scissors in. He was glad that the room didn't seem to be in too much disarray, with just a few papers scattered on the floor which were probably already there anyway. He doesn't bother picking up the papers, just holds out his hand in a silent request for the third year's who hesitates, lifting his hand a bit but not extending it.

"Hey… Tsukki..." He starts, his head down as he speaks so softly the first year almost didn't hear him.

"Yes..?" The blond was confused and unsure of what was going on, the bit of concern he had felt earlier growing a bit. "Are you alright? Do you feel sick?"

The captain from Nekoma shakes his head and looks up, hazel eyes meeting blue. "If you weren't drunk… Would you have still accepted my confession? Because… I might have been planning on confessing anyway. I was just nervous so I had a drink to calm my nerves but it didn't really help and all of a sudden one drink was more than I could count. Last thing I remember was resigning myself to cowardice, but clearly that didn't happen..." He says, glaring a bit at the zip tie attached to his hand.

The blond was a bit taken aback, not only by the question but also knowing that this dark haired teen in front of him had confessed to him twice in the span of as many days, had drunk himself stupid, according to Daichi, because he was nervous because of him. Nervous to talk to Tsukishima Kei, the awkward, rude, dinosaur obsessed, K-pop loving, volleyball player. His cheeks were flaming again, he could tell from the heat radiating off of them as he lowered his head unable to look Kuroo in the eye due to embarrassment. He takes hold of the older boy's large hand, setting down the scissors he had picked up, and nodded, twining their fingers together as he finally looks up again with a small smile on his lips.

Kuroo grins brightly, lightly squeezing the blond's hand as he leans in to press a small, soft kiss to the first year's cheek. "Well, then. Let's get rid of these." He says, still smiling as he lifts his free hand, the one that still had an attached zip tie.

Tsukishima shakes his head once, putting the scissors in the drawer. "No, let's just keep it for now… Let's go to the store to get some damn ibuprofen or whatever for everyone."

So that's it. That's the end. Unless someone asks for more and I'm still in this stupid slump.

I hope you all could enjoy this.~

Thank you again to Cardfighter By Maple for requesting a follow-up, I hope you weren't disappointed by this second installment!