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Notre Amour is inspired by 'A Timeless Lullaby' by Brock Hewitt, as well as the animation 'A Timeless Lullaby - Legend of Zelda Animation' by MajorLink on YouTube. If the Ocarina of Time ending made you cry like it did for me, then this will wreck you, CAUSE IT WRECKED ME! (Also, I'm a hopeless romantic wimp.) So go check that out~

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The rustling of gowns, clicking of heels and clanking of armor reverberated off the stone walls in one of the many halls of the completely restored Hyrule Castle. There was seldom a peaceful silence in the castle these days, as there was always a buzz of activity going on. Today was no exception. It was the end of the month, and time for the largest of the council meetings to commence.

Queen Zelda Nohansen of Hyrule was on her way to said meeting, escorted by an entourage of staff as always. This consisted of her secretary Chancellor Clarke, her Lady-In-Waiting Seraphina, four personal Knights and of course, Sir Link of Hateno, as he was officially known around the castle now.

Almost two years had passed since Link and Zelda had opened up completely about how they felt about each other. Since that time, Zelda had been crowned Queen of Hyrule on her twentieth birthday, and the newly-turned twenty two year old Knight had been officially reappointed as Captain of the Queen's personal guard. He was also appointed General of the Hylian Army, at least temporarily until he chose another man or woman suitable enough for such an important role.

Upon entering the large hall, which had been dubbed 'Rhoam Hall' since it's refurbishment, the crowd of representatives and council members ceased their idle chattering as Zelda took her seat in the largest, throne-like chair at the massive round table. Chancellor Clarke also took a seat at the table, whilst Seraphina and the four personal Knights stood quietly against the walls of the room. Link took his place standing behind her chair, though slightly to her left. Offering Impa a quick smile, who sat in the closest chair to her right, Zelda cleared her throat and began the meeting.

Two hours in, and the meeting was slowly coming to a close. The main focus of the day, the repair and refurbishment of The Temple of Time, had been discussed and an agreement reached. It was finally time to wrap things up.

"Are there any other discussions to be had or problems that need rectifying?" She said as she closed her schedule journal in front of her.

Councilman Averadus cleared his throat, and Zelda's heart sank.

The middle aged man with black hair and steely grey eyes turned his chin somewhat upward as he spoke. "Yes, Your Majesty, there is still one issue that seems to be repeatedly put off. I think that this meeting might be a good time to bring up the issue of succession. As I have mentioned at past meetings, now that you have taken up your rightful title as Queen, assassination attempts would likely increase. Not to mention the possibility of illnesses. If such a terrible event ever comes to pass, Hyrule will need an heir. So I think it might be best if you consider making time for potential suitors."

"Yes, I believe you are correct Averadus, but I have other issues that require priority before that." Zelda responded calmly. "Even so, I have done my research on this subject and looked back on The Royal Family's Laws and Traditions. Kings and Princes are free to marry whomever they so choose, or whomever they've been arranged to marry. But Queens and Princesses must marry a noble Hylian, to ensure the blood of The Goddess remains pure and strong, and is passed on untainted. As it now stands, Hyrule is lacking in nobility, especially proof thereof."

"Actually Your Majesty, as luck would have it, a few council members here are direct descendants of such nobles from one hundred years ago. Why, I myself am the great grandson of Sir Cassius Remont, one of King Rhoam's personal Knights."

Zelda looked around the court, noting the people's mixed expressions of shock and irritation towards Averadus' audacity. She was relieved that none of them had the same thoughts as this man. Averadus was double her age, and the thought alone made her cringe. There wasn't really any way she could avoid this forever, though she could tiptoe around it for now.

"Is that so? Well then you would have your Patent of Nobility then, wouldn't you?"

"Of course Your Majesty. I even have it on me right now." He smirked as the scroll was passed to her.

Zelda couldn't help but curse internally as she recognized her own father's signature on the patent, as well as the coat of arms that she knew once belonged to one of his Knights, Sir Cassius Remont. She closed her eyes, reining in her growing frustration. "I imagine you are seeking to be a potential suitor then?"

"I would be honored Your Majesty." He stood from his chair and bowed, hiding a sly smirk on his face then sat back down.

"Very well then." Zelda tried her best not to let out a frustrated sigh. She knew exactly what she wished she could say to Averadus, and where exactly to stick his patents. He was born into nobility, and likely wouldn't be able to gain such recognition on his own. But Zelda knew she had to maintain her professionalism as Queen and simply accept. It's not like she was being forced into marrying him after all. That choice would remain hers to make. With that thought in mind, she calmed her inner turmoil and exhaled deeply.

Link on the other hand, was glaring soul-splitting daggers at Averadus as he squeezed the pommel of the Master Sword that his hands had been resting upon. He had to breathe deeply, reining back his uncharacteristic boiling temper. Any person in this room could easily guess that Averadus' intentions were not so pure, and that he was merely out for himself. Not only was he disgracing the Remont family name, but he even had the nerve to speak to his Queen, his love, his Zelda, in such an insolent manner. Link swore that if he ever crossed paths with Averadus alone, his few words would be far less than pleasant.

Impa broke his dangerous thoughts when she began to speak. "Actually, if I recall correctly, should another noble suitor with, for lack of a better way to put it, have a more 'impressive' Patent of Nobility or have more than one, then any suitors that fall below such a standard can be excluded at the Queen's discretion." Her smile was a cunning one as she pulled out two scrolls of parchment, one large and the other slightly smaller. Prince Sidon, who was seated beside Impa and knew full well of where she was going with this, insisted on holding the larger scroll up for her as she continued to talk. "As you can see, this Patent of Nobility is vastly more 'impressive', and was signed by our Queen's own Grandmother. It speaks of unending bravery and courage, traits shared by the descendant of whom this Patent of Nobility actually belongs too now."

Zelda recognized the family crest featured in the topmost center of the scroll; a royal blue shield accompanied by a purple hilted sword, with the two supporting animals on the sides depicted as chestnut horses with pure white manes and tails. Above the shield, soared an ancient crimson loftwing, much like the one depicted on the Royal Family's crest.

This particular Patent of Nobility was given to Link's Great Grandfather upon obtaining Knighthood.

Impa continued, holding up the smaller parchment. "This one was given to the Great Grandson of this nobleman, due to being knighted at such a young age himself, and was the Princess' own appointed knight one hundred years ago. As you can all see, the blade of evil's bane is depicted on his family crest; an occurrence only permitted on the Chosen One's patents."

Link's own Patents of Nobility. He remembers the day he was knighted, and remembers receiving this important document along its official wax seal. Both King Rhoam and Princess Zelda had signed it. The crest was a spitting image of his great grandfathers, only the sword was replaced with the Master Sword, the shield replaced with the Hylian shield, and the supporting animals were now a bay horse of the left, and the ancient crimson loftwing on the right.

"So I believe that since there is not exactly such a lacking in nobles as we first thought, Her Majesty's priorities should not be jeopardized for such trivial things as succession and heirs just yet." Impa concluded.

The murmur of agreement echoed in the room, while Link and Zelda were left somewhat crimson in the cheeks. No one knew about their relationship, not even Impa. Well, at least they assumed she didn't know.

Zelda cleared her throat. "Well then, I believe that wraps everything up. Everyone, thank you for today. You're all dismissed."

The people began to disperse and leave the hall in a slow shuffle of movement. Link didn't fail to notice the hard glares sent to him by Averadus before the man briskly left the room. Link merely snorted with amusement.

"I believe these belong to you, Sir Link." Impa had shuffled up to him and handed him the parchments that were rightfully his.

"How did you obtain these anyway?" He couldn't hide his amused smirk.

"A week before Calamity Ganon ascended to Hyrule, King Rhoam had secretly ordered the Sheikah tribe to place all Royal documentations on laws, traditions, religion and history into safe keeping. This included the Royal Family's Lineage as well as the documented pedigrees of Hyrule's most valued or prestigious families. We've slowly been tracking down the descendants of such families and returning to them what is rightfully theirs. That's when we came across yours." Impa nodded her head sagely, rattling the metal on her large hat. "I'm sure the day will come when you might need them. After all, people want proof of who you are if you marry someone important in society." She grinned deviously.

Link turned his eyes away as his cheeks heated once again. He lowered his voice. "You know, don't you?"

"Only for the past two years, my boy." Impa chuckled softly as she began shuffling out of the room.

Link didn't know what to say. He wasn't overly surprised, but still shocked that she had known for so long nonetheless. He turned to where Zelda was still seated, talking with the Chancellor.

"…and that should be it for now. Please reschedule any other meetings I have today, I need some time to go over this morning's meeting." She once again closed her journal.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Chancellor Clarke replied simply, and then he too left the room.

"Seraphina, I will be retreating to my study for the day. I'll call for you later this evening."

"Yes, My Lady." Seraphina curtsied then quickly teetered off.

"And Sir Link..." Zelda tried her best not to smile too brightly as she addressed him. "As I will be in my Study, I will only require your escort for the day."

"Very well My Queen." He bowed his head then turned to dismiss his men or assign them other posts for the day.

Once the room was cleared and silent, Zelda exhaled deeply. "I know I shouldn't say it, but I really dislike that Averadus. I'm just glad none of the other councilmen have the topic of suitors, marriage and heirs at the forefront of their minds." She stood from her chair and walked over to her Knight. She took one of his hands into both of hers and squeezed it firmly as she peered up into his cerulean eyes. "How are you feeling? Your tension was palpable even from where I was seated."

Link turned his palm up to intertwine her fingers within his own, giving them a gentle squeeze in return. "Well… I'll be honest; I've been feeling a little on edge today. Nothing to worry about, I assure you. Averadus' behavior today prodded at my patience more than usual. My desire to protect you isn't just in a physical sense, but also socially and emotionally, so I found myself wanting to protect you from him."

Zelda had learned to read Link's minuscule expressions better than anyone else in the past three years, and the sincerity of his words shone through his eyes so much, she could feel her heart swell with her ever growing love for him. She stepped in close to him, albeit on her tiptoes slightly since he'd grown half a foot taller than her, and placed her hands on his chest as she leaned up to kiss him. Link lowered his lips to meet with hers as they kissed softly, allowing a short moment to enjoy each other's embrace.

Breaking the kiss, much to Link's disappointment, Zelda let out a contented sigh as she beamed up at him. "You really do know how to make me feel so much better about everything." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek then spun around to collect her things. "Let's be off then, shall well?"

It was the end of spring in Hyrule and it was beginning to warm up as the days slowly merged into summer. But Hyrule was known for throwing out one or two more bone-chilling nights before the summer settled in for good. Tonight was such a night, and Zelda's body shuddered violently as Seraphina aided her in preparing for bed.

"I shall light the fire for you, My Lady?" Seraphina said after undoing Zelda's corset.

"Please, if you don't mind?" Zelda replied sheepishly. She quickly removed the last few items of clothing before pulling on a knee length baby blue silk slip with white lace around the hem and bust. She tugged on a matching floor length gown and tied off the silk ribbon around her waist. Stepping out from behind the room divider, Zelda sat down on the antique love-seat in front of the newly lit fire to warm herself.

"Is there anything else you require My Lady? Some tea perhaps?" Seraphina smiled softly.

"Some Warm Safflina & honey tea would be lovely, thank you Seraphina." Zelda returned the smile as her charming Lady-In-Waiting curtsied and left the room. Zelda was glad for choosing Seraphina for such a role. She was a middle aged half Sheikah, half Gerudo woman that had come seeking employment within the castle after her husband had passed on from an illness. Zelda often found herself reminded of Urbosa when interacting with Seraphina, as she was strong-willed, motherly, and someone she could turn to for advice about certain personal topics that required ultimate confidentiality. Zelda's face heated as she thought about the topics the two women have discussed in more recent times. She buried her face in her hands. "Curse my ever curious mind!"

Link lay fully clothed on top of his bed in his chambers further down the hall from Zelda's. His mind had been somewhat distracted all day, often leaving Zelda pouting when she had to repeat herself. He didn't know if it was the meeting this morning that was still bugging him, or something else entirely. Deciding he wasn't going to be sleeping anytime soon, he got up from the bed, strapped the Master Sword on his back and left the room for an evening stroll.

After making his way through one of Zelda's favored gardens and picking a glowing Silent Princess for the empty vase in his room, he was leisurely heading back there when he encountered Seraphina in the hallway carrying a tea tray.

"Good evening to you, Sir Link." Seraphina bowed her head politely, and Link returned the gesture.

"And to you as well, Seraphina." Link smiled slightly, but it didn't last long. Seraphina did not fail to notice either.

"Forgive me if I'm out of place for asking, but are you feeling okay? You're looking a little pale Sir."

Link could feel her dark burgundy red eyes scrutinizing his appearance, and though it didn't exactly make him uncomfortable, he couldn't help but avoid her gaze. "Yes, I'm fine. I was just taking a walk for some fresh air." Link knew she was a smart woman, and couldn't be fooled. But to his relief, she let the subject go.

"Alright then, but if you feel unwell, you should head for the infirmary Sir."

He glanced at the tea tray she carried. "Might I take that to Her Majesty on your behalf?"

Seraphina hesitated a moment as she scrutinized him again, this time for an ulterior motive. She noticed the glowing flower in his hand then locked her eyes back on his, speaking with a bit more force than usual. "Okay then, you can take this to her. But only because you are her best friend and most trusted Knight." She watched as he placed the flower on the tray then took it from her. "But I will warn you that she may not allow you entry, since she has already changed into her nightwear."

Link nodded firmly, ensuring she knew he understood as he made his way to Zelda's room.

Knock knock… Knock.

Zelda recognized the knock pattern and became a little flustered as she stood from the sofa. She opened the door and poked a viridian eye out into the darkness, only to see her blue-clad Knight with a tray of tea and a dorky smile. She couldn't help but smile back as she opened the door for him to enter. He set the tea down on a small coffee table by the love-seat, where he began to pour it for her.

As she turned to join him, she quickly noticed the ceramic teapot tinkering as it shook in his hand. "Uh… Link? Is everything alright?"

He swallowed hard, then turned to face her as he passed her tea to her. "Yes."

Zelda wasn't buying it. He was never so uncoordinated before. She placed her tea down on the table and took his hand in hers, then led him to sit on the sofa with her. "Link…"

Slowly, cerulean eyes connected with viridian, and Zelda instantly saw the amount of uncertainty and hesitation within them. She gave his hands a gentle squeeze of encouragement, and then he spoke softly.

"I'm concerned with this whole 'suitors and heirs' business. It deeply worries me. I know it's not a main issue right now, but I-."

Zelda cut him off. "I know… It has me concerned too. But since my coronation, I've been researching the marriage history of past reigning Queens, and since my Father and Mother are no longer alive to plan an arranged marriage for me, I have until my thirtieth year to choose a husband, or else one is chosen for me for the soul purpose of producing an heir. In any case, whether the man I take as my husband takes up the role of King or my Prince consort, that choice is up to me regardless."

"So all that said in court today about requiring nobility is true then?" Link asked quietly and Zelda nodded in response.

"Yes. So we don't need to fret about such a frivolous subject just yet." Zelda smiled, and it melted most of his worries away.

Link wasn't ready to let her go. He hoped he never had to. But if someone who was better for her and the kingdom of Hyrule came along, he would let her go as long as she was happy. That's all he ever wanted. Her happiness; forever smiling rays of sunshine wherever she went.

Darkness encumbered the vast room as the Queen and her loyal Knight sat on the floor together in front of the fireplace, surrounded by plush pillows and thick, Rito down-feather blankets. Zelda sat upright with her legs curled in beside her, a book in one hand whilst the other gently stroked through Link's dirty blonde hair. He laid out on his back as his head rested on her lap, listening to the soft tones of her voice as she read of the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny's tragic love story.

"…When the Hero of Time finally returned to Hyrule from the parallel world of Termina, he was seventeen; the same age he and the Princess of Destiny were when together they defeated the Gerudo Prince Ganondorf, and eventually Ganon in his true beast form. He sought out the Princess once again and understandably, they fell in love and began courting. But Hyrule never knew of the Hero's courage and bravery that had saved them, since what had transpired never came to pass after the Hero returned from the future to warn the young Princess of the Gerudo Prince's intentions. The King and his Royal court refused to recognise his efforts. Thus, the King was convinced that the Princess was emotionally delusional, and forbade the two from the marriage they sought. The Princess was quickly arranged to marry a neighboring country's Prince, and the Hero was left heartbroken, never to be heard of again. The Princess became Queen and bared two heirs in the years that followed. Some historian's claim that on the same day each year until the day of his death, the Hero and the Queen would rendezvous in a secret location so that they could share that one special moment together in each other's arms again." She finished quietly.

Zelda hadn't realized her hand that was stroking through Link's hair had stopped on his cheek until she felt a trickling wetness there. She placed the book down and leaned over to look at him directly. "Link?"

Link's eyes were a crystalline blue as the tears that welled up fell freely now. His voice cracked slightly as he spoke. "I'm sorry."

Zelda remained quiet and patient for him, wiping away his falling tears with her thumbs as she waited. Never before had she seen him cry like this. It tore her heart to pieces to see the strongest person she knew and loved break down like this.

"But I… I'm afraid… My biggest fear is that we might end up like the Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny." He said as he stared up into her eyes.

Zelda caressed his cheek gently. "We won't. I won't allow it to happen like that. I promise."

Link suddenly sat up and turned himself around to face her, taking her hands in his. Zelda was a little taken aback, but squeezed his hand to reassure him however she could. When her eyes locked with his, she felt her breath being taken away at his expression of pure love and devotion.

Link's heart pounded hard against his chest to the point it was almost painful as he spoke the words he had truthfully been fretting over for weeks now. "I refuse to let you go. I promise I'll never let you go. If someone tries to take me away from you, I will fight, or die trying. I would die for you again, My Queen. I would gladly die over a thousand times if it meant keeping you happy and safe. My life, my love and my soul belongs to you forever. So please, share your life with me. Let me protect and love you the way I want to; the way you deserve. Allow me the chance to be selfish for the first time in my life and ask you to be my Zelda forever… Marry me…"

Tears had long since overflowed from her eyes as Zelda's heart thrummed loudly in her chest. His words, so true and strong like himself, had left her feeling as if all her sacred powers were converging strongly within her heart. She felt her love grow tenfold in size, as if it were even possible for her love for him to grow beyond that. A gentle sob escaped her quivering lips that slowly turned up into a smile, as her teary eyes sparkled brightly with the reflection of the dancing flames. "I will give you my life, my love and my soul in return. I will share my life with you Link, and just as you are my Hero, I will be your Zelda forever and more. So yes… Yes I will marry you."

Their lips came together firmly as they poured every ounce of love they had into it. Driven by raw emotion, Zelda threw her arms around his neck and Link circled his arms around her waist tightly, pulling her body flush against his as he was overjoyed to hear her say 'yes'.

The sudden urges that ignited within them were familiar, but new all at the same time; a love-induced lust that they wanted to feel and explore further together. Being so close to each other, Zelda felt every hardened muscle in his body that was now above hers, sparking memories of all the times she had caught a glimpse of him training in the yard, shirtless, with his body glistening from sweat. The feelings that had been provoked in her from seeing him back then were dulled in comparison to being able to feel him against her body now. Link was quickly finding himself in a haze as he felt every soft, delicate curve of her body melding against his. Pleasure now replaced the guilt he felt from the few times in the past where he had let his misbehaving eyes roam her curvaceous body as she often walked ahead of him. As a young Knight, he never had a moment to experience the hormones that were coursing through his body now because of her.

Coincidentally at the same time, instincts drove Link to grind his pelvis down against her, and Zelda to rock her hips in sync with his movement above her. Such a motion sent sparks throughout their bodies, converging in the lower regions in particular as the pair broke off their passionate kiss to let out a shuddered moan together. They were both shocked and aroused by this reaction, breathing heavily as they looked into each other's eyes. Much to Link's surprise, Zelda was bold enough to make a move before he had time to process their predicament. She leaned in and placed soft but eager kisses and nibbles along his jaw, stopping and focusing on his pulse point when she heard him gasp out her name.

"Zelda… w-we shouldn't… We need to think about-…"

"All I ever do is think. For once, I just want to feel and nothing else." She murmured against his ear, sending pleasant shivers down his spine.

"But, are you sure? You really want… this?" Link nuzzled his cheek against hers.

Zelda smiled against his skin. "Aren't you the one who's always telling me to not overthink things?"

Link knew she was right, and as much as he wanted this himself, he didn't want to make her feel rushed or uncomfortable in any way.

"I want to feel you… I want to feel your love…" Zelda whispered pleadingly.

It was all the encouragement Link needed. He kissed her again, slowly and deeply as he placed his hands in hers, pushing them back onto the pillow beneath her head. He then leaned back to look down at her. Her baby blue silk gown had slipped off one of her shoulders slightly and exposed her creamy pale skin to him. The nerves in the pit of his stomach began to resurface as he thought of what he should do, but his own words came back to him. 'Don't overthink everything.'. Link slowly tugged the ribbon of her gown free as he looked up into her eyes. He could see the storm of nerves behind her ever curious eyes. "Like unwrapping a precious gift…" He crooned softly to her and smiled as he watched her blush deeply. His breath hitched in his throat as he tugged her gown open, seeing the short slip with lace that hugged her body in the right places. He was pulled out of his trance when he felt her tug at his blue Champion tunic.

Zelda slowly sat up, shrugging the gown completely free and discarded it to the side. Her hands went straight back to undressing him. First, Link's blue tunic came off, followed by his undershirt, boots and trousers. Her bravado faded when she came to the final piece of clothing, looking to him for permission. Link's face grew crimson as he removed his underwear himself, completely exposing himself to her. He didn't like the feeling, but there was no one he would rather see him in this state than her.

Zelda was simply more impressed by his body now than before when she had seen so little. Every detail in his well sculpted muscles was now on display to her. His washboard abs were well defined, his broad chest and toned arms displayed strength. He was fit, strong, handsome and… Well of course… very appealing down below. But fighting the embarrassment she could feel burning her cheeks, Zelda took his hands and placed them on her thighs where the hem of her slip sat, letting him know she was ready. Link gently tugged it up and over her head, adding it to their growing pile of clothes.

Zelda let herself fall back against the pillows and blankets, giving him a complete view of her now naked form as she bit her bottom lip coyly. Link let his eyes slowly rake over her form, taking in every tiny detail, wanting to commit it to memory forever. She was more beautiful than the Goddess she was descended from. His eyes traveled from her crimson face, down her slender neck and collarbone to her breasts, which were perfectly rounded and delicate. After lingering his gaze there for a moment, his eyes moved down to her flat, slightly toned stomach and slender waist. Further down to where her hips flared out, he noticed a tiny freckle on the point of her hip that he had the urge to kiss. Lastly, his eyes found her panty-clad centre and shapely legs.

His cerulean eyes locked with hers as he gently placed his hands on her hips. Holding her gaze, he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of her white, lacy panties and slowly pulled them off. Now she lay completely bare to him. Taking in the full sight of her, he breathed out softly. "So beautiful…"

Zelda resisted the urge to cover herself, but his words gave her comfort. "Link… I am all yours, tonight and forever. S-So… please…" Her voice was tinged with desire.

It was still all so surreal to him. Up until now, being here with her in this way had been like a long distant dream that would never come to pass. But he was here with her, living out such a dream. Link lowered his body to hers and the feeling of her warm skin on his was mesmerizing. "Zelda, I… I've never done this before, so I-…"

Zelda pressed an index finger to his lips to silence him as she smiled adoringly with a hint of playfulness dancing in her eyes. "Nor have I."

Link paused a moment, then realising her words were teasing, chuckled softly. He relaxed instantly when Zelda giggled along too but it was short-lived as he sealed his lips over hers.

His kisses began to trail along her jawline, moving down her neck and stopping at her collarbone as one of his hands traced along her waist, moving up over her ribs and stopping at the side of her breast. He hesitated momentarily before letting his hand caress over her soft mounds, his lips moving down to kiss between them. Zelda let out a pleasured sigh from his actions, and it encouraged him further. Zelda gasped loudly as her body jolted at the feeling of his lips sealing over her pert nipples. His tongue made slow, circular motions that teased and excited her, feeling the heat of pleasure pool in her lower belly. Her back arched and she gasped out his name when he let his teeth lightly graze them.

Link felt her body tense and relax beneath him in reaction to his movements as his mouth left her breasts and continued a trail of kisses down to her lower belly and hips. Finding the tiny freckle he came across on her hip earlier, Link placed a few open mouth kisses on it before tracing his tongue down the tops of her thigh. He placed a few kisses on the inside of her thigh which prompted her to squirm and instinctively spread them apart, effectively allowing him access to her most sacred area. He didn't know what he was doing, but her soft sighs and moans had taken him this far already. Kissing all the way up until he was at the apex of her thighs, Link placed an open mouth kiss on her heated centre, and Zelda's reaction was instant.

"Ah! L-Link! N-Not there!" Zelda pleaded, but the tones of pleasure that laced her voice betrayed her. Link focused his attentions on lavishing the tiny pearl of flesh he found with his tongue, rendering Zelda a quivering mess as she buried her hands in his dishevelled hair and cried out his name.

Zelda's head was spinning when he finally did stop. She didn't know whether to hate or love him for it, but leaned more towards the latter. Zelda watched Link crawl back up to meet her gaze, situating himself between her thighs before leaning down to kiss her briefly. She noticed a timid look upon his face as he looked down at her.

"I heard that it's sometimes painful for a woman the first time they… do this." Link voiced his concern as he slipped both his hands into hers. "I promise you that I'll be as gentle as I can, and that I will never hurt you like this again."

Zelda nodded, tugging her hands free of his and wrapping her arms around his neck to have him closer to her. "I'll be fine, since I'm with you."

Link aligned his member with her heated center, feeling her slick skin meld around his tip. He exhaled deeply through his nose, reigning in his urges to bury himself within her completely. He held up his torso by resting his elbows beside each of her shoulders, his forearms cradling her head and stroking her hair to relax her as he began to push himself into her. Link only felt her tense when he met resistance within her halfway.

"Zelda, I'll make this as quick and painless as I can, okay?"

She nodded and leaned in to kiss him deeply, hoping it would distract her as she felt him withdraw slightly. He surged back in, tearing apart her barrier completely as he buried himself within her fully. Pain ripped through her body as she abruptly broke off the kiss to cry out. Link kissed hot tears away from her eyes as he kept himself still for her. The pain from her fingernails digging into his back was nothing he couldn't handle as he spoke soothingly to her between her sobs. "I'm so sorry, my love. It'll be over soon. I promise you'll feel better soon." At least he hoped she would.

As the pain slowly began to numb, Zelda noticed the strong concentration on Link's face and the beads of sweat forming above his brow. She realized that he was focusing so much energy on remaining still for her, that it was becoming almost painful for him. Zelda pulled him close and whispered in his ear softly. "I-I'm ready now, Link." She felt the ridged muscles in his shoulders relax instantly as he slowly withdrew from her. When he thrust back in slowly, they let out a moan in unison.

Their pace was slow, gentle and steady as the remaining pain in Zelda was quickly replaced with a pleasure like she has never known before. The feeling of having Link connected to her physically was so enthralling. She felt oddly full as she stretched around him with each motion. The overwhelming feeling of love that swelled in her heart prompted more tears to slide down her cheeks.

Link knew her tears were good ones, but he still kissed and nuzzled her in comfort as he thrust into her in slow precession. The feel of her satiny walls squeezing around him pulled low moans from his throat, occasionally along with her name whispered on his breath. He didn't think it was possible to love her any more than he already did, and how wrong he realised he was as he felt his heart beat in sync with hers.

They moved and reacted together as though they were one; her hips moving to meet with each of his thrusts as the room echoed with the sounds of skin against skin, desperate kisses, heated breaths and moans of pleasure. As the pace increase, Zelda arched her back and threw back her head in the throes of passion, crying out his name as he descended on her with deeper, stronger thrusts. Their bodies glistened from a sheen of sweat reflecting in the firelight as the pleasure intensified.

Link slipped his hands under her thighs and lifted them high to circle around him completely, enabling him to angle himself better to plunge deeper. Zelda let out a tiny squeak of surprise at the new sensation of Link hitting certain place deep within her body. Even he noticed her reaction and concentrated his movements to hit that same spot again and again. Zelda felt a tightening knot in her belly, like a reservoir about to burst as her legs began to tremble.

"L-Link… s-something is- Aaah! I can't- I can't think!" Zelda cried out between her moans.

Link responded in a deep, husky tone between low grunts "G-Good! Ngah! Don't think Zelda. Just feel… all of me…" He felt her walls clench deliciously around him as he picked up a relentless pace, driving hard into her heated core. He felt his release approaching quickly.

"Aah! Link! I feel like… Aaah! I'm going to… to burst!" Zelda cried, gripping him tightly.

"Mmmff! M-Me too!" He groaned in response.

Their eyes greedily poured over each other before cerulean locked with viridian. In that split moment, everything became hazy and stars floated in Zelda's vision as she felt the metaphorical dam burst. Pure bliss ricocheted throughout her body as her orgasm peaked, crying out his name in ecstasy. Tightly squeezing muscles within Zelda prompted Link's own climax at the same time. He yelled her name out into the room as he stilled himself inside her, spilling his release.

Collapsing beside her on the mass of pillows and blankets, Link pulled Zelda into his arms and kissed her forehead lovingly between heavy pants. "I love you."

She hummed in response as she leaned up to kiss him softly. "And I love you. So very much."

After cooling off a little, Link pulled a blanket over their naked forms and cuddled Zelda close. Zelda raised a brow and looked at him. "You aren't going back to your chamber?"

"Nope." Link replied flatly

"And what if Seraphina sees you in the morning? As much as I don't want you to go, I think it would be best."

"Can't." He said again in his stoic tone.

"And why is that?"

"Because I promised My Queen I wouldn't let her go." He said defiantly.

Zelda stared at him with her mouth agap for a moment before bursting out in a fit of giggles, a sound that always melted his heart. She leaned in and kissed him, smiling against his lips. "My silly Hero."

Link kissed her again, smiling. "Forever yours."