Author's Note

To all the lovely people who love this story~

Today my story was the target of a person who wishes they had authority to dictate what I do with my works and is just doing this to make themselves feel superior. I received a review saying this story 'doesn't comply' with the guidelines. Apparently it's too 'explicit'.

This has deeply upset me, because I take great pride in any work I do, whether it's writing, art, or just anything else.

In no way have I written this story to be explicit or pornographic. I have written out a beautiful scene between two characters that love each other. If people want to view this story as explicit and too graphic, then I believe they do not know how to use filters when searching for stories to read. It might be a sex scene, but it doesn't need to be over-sexualised! It's not like I wrote out graphic details for goodness sake... How many M rated movies have sex scenes after all?!

I will be altering my story. The description only. Otherwise I'll just be targeted again like this.

However, I will not be altering my work because someone didn't like it. The only way it is removed is if it's removed by an official staff member of FanFiction. net, or I have received an email/message from them requesting it so.

In the unlikely event this happens, I have posted my story on AchieveofOurOwn. org for it to be enjoyed. It's the same title, and my username is the same there, as is my profile picture. This site does not discriminate against fluffy lemons.

"Feel free to email me too, just inbox me for my email.

I hope more people enjoy this story, as it has quickly become my pride and joy.

P.S Another chapter is coming!