Once upon a dragons tail a fairy lost her wand.

They were flying high above the clouds; it fell into a pond!

"Please my friend! We must go down!

The fairy said with a slight frown.


So down they went straight to a pool,

'Twas there the fairy lost her cool.

"I must find it! Must get it back!"

Stomped her foot and heard a crack!


Gasps of horror, eyes widened in surprise,

The fairy's shouts soon became cries.

"There there," the dragon said at last.

That fairy turned on him fast.


"Do not try to comfort me!

My wand is broken can't you see?

What is a fairy without her magic?

Oh, this is horrible! Awful! Tragic!"


"Now I can't cast a single spell.

If only we had a wishing well!

Or perhaps a bit of fairy dust.

We have to fix it! That's a must!"


Now as they were quite the lucky pair,

Their luck's so high that it's unfair!

They stumbled on not the one, but two!

All the duo had to say was "Whew!"


Now with both the dust and the well,

They fixed the wand that had fell.

And now at last to her great glee,

The fairy's magic returned promptly.