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Something Wicked: Prologue

The little girl ran through the hall of mirrors as fast as she could. The smack of her bare feet against warm stone filled the air as her image danced through eternity in all directions. She took turn after turn, desperately searching for the way out, with each corner came fear. Fear that she would see the very thing she dreaded most.

Left. Right. Left again. The maze of glass was endless. Never once had she escaped, but she had to try. She had to, or else she'd see it. She'd see them.

Another right. Another left. The girl went skidding to the hard stone as her foot slipped on something warm and wet. She stood, realizing what it was, her heavy breath sticking in her dry throat. She turned to find the hall behind her was gone. Spinning endlessly in a round room with no exit, no escape.

The first thing she saw was blood. The thick, sticky liquid covered her hands and feet and stained her hair and dress red. Then the bodies.

Three. The girl fell to her knees and wailed. Her small hands tearing into her own scalp, searching desperately for an escape. "No…" She mumbled. "No…no…" Then...they were gone. She gazed into the pool of scarlet beneath her. She was alone. She couldn't rely on them. They couldn't rely on her.

She lost herself as everything faded away. Everything but the blood. It was always with her. It followed, like a faithful hound to a master. No matter what happened, in the end, the only thing she could rely on was that deep crimson red, like roses. Realization hit. No, not red like roses. Red like blood.

Weiss awoke, bolting upright. Her breaths came out ragged and uneven, her body covered in a cold sweat. "Weiss," a voice shouted beside her. Her head snapped towards the noise. It was Ruby. "Weiss, you're awake." Ruby said, a look of relief spread across her face.

For a moment, the heiress was silent as her mind came back to the world of the living. Then she saw her leaders cloak. Red like blood. "Of course I'm awake you dunce." Weiss yelled as she pushed Ruby out of her way. "You keep screaming my name." She climbed out of her bed, only to come face to face with Blake and Yang.

"You were having a nightmare." Blake spoke calmly. "We couldn't wake you up." Weiss's eyes caught on Blake's bow. An image of skin turned blue flashed through her mind as her breath caught in her throat.

"I was not having a nightmare." She lied, hastily grabbing her clothes and making a break for the bathroom.

Yang barred her path. "Then why are you crying? And why are you covered in sweat?"

Weiss reached a hand up to her cheek, feeling the moisture. She looked back to Yang, and saw nothing but golden hair crusted with blood. "I'm just fine," she insisted frantically before forcing her way past Yang and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Alone, she sighed in relief, changed her clothes, and began her morning routines. Glancing up, Weiss caught her own gaze in the mirror. Her eyes were red and puffy, and there were tear streaks going down her face. She scoffed, instantly recognizing that terrified little child hiding behind her light blue eyes. They opened a window into her loneliness, her pain. What she wouldn't give to hide herself from those eyes, to never see that fear again. Splashing her face in the sink, the lonely Heiress washed away the last remaining signs of her dreaded.

The heiress hadn't had that nightmare for a very long time. She wondered what had changed, why it had returned. Winter left the day before, and Weiss couldn't tell if it was something her sister had said or just seeing her that had stirred the feelings she had tried to lock away when she'd left Atlas for Beacon. Memories she would rather forget. She let out a deep sigh, and tore herself away from the mirror.

Ruby stood alone in their dorm room, having told Blake and Yang to go on ahead to the cafeteria. She wanted to talk with Weiss, and hoped a one-on-confrontation would make the heiress more comfortable and open. The young girl was worried. She cared for her partner, and counted Weiss as one of her closest friends, no matter how many times she had been rejected.

At that moment, Weiss exited the bathroom, tearing the young leader from her thoughts. The girl's came face to face. The heiress took a deep breath. "Ruby." She acknowledged, before she began gathering her stuff for the day while avoiding eye contact.

"Weiss." Ruby stood there for a minute, not knowing how to continue. "You know," she finally began, "I have nightmares too sometimes."

Weiss let out a frustrated groan. "I told you, it wasn't a nightmare."

"I'm just saying," Ruby tried again, "it helps to have someone to talk to. With me it was Yang. I'm your friend Weiss and-"

"We are not friends." Weiss snapped, instantly regretting it. She didn't want to hurt Ruby, but she knew that solitude was the safest place for her and her team.

Ruby stepped back, shocked. "Weiss." She said, her voice barely a whisper. Ignoring her, the heiress gathered the rest of her things and quickly hurried out of the room. A second later, realization of what had just occurred hit Ruby. She cried after her partner. "Weiss," and ran out into the hall. The heiress was nowhere in sight.

Now she was scared. Weiss hadn't treated her this way since the beginning of the school year. She opened her scroll, relieved that the first 2v2 matches of the day wouldn't be starting for another four hours.

A deep feeling of dread began to creep it's way into Ruby's heart. She was scared. Weiss was not the only one had suffered from bad dreams that night. The young leader had too. Something bad was gonna happen, and her instincts were screaming at her to find her partner at all costs. She grabbed her scroll and quickly dialed Yang and Blake, telling them to meet her in front of their dorm building. As she left for the rendezvous, she kept telling herself that it would be fine. As she took the steps to the bottom floor three at a time, however, she couldn't help a shiver crawl it's way through her whole body. There was something bad coming. Ruby knew. She didn't know how, but whether it was instinct or intellect, it told Ruby that Weiss was in danger. She needed to find her and fast.