Hi… I'm sorry. I know. What the heck am I doing? There are so many other stories I need to be working on right now, what's even the point of a rotation if I don't keep it? I'm sorry… But between classes, writer's block, and attempted moving I haven't really had time. So this is a short (probably) one-shot that I starting scratching out in my Biology because I was bored… So, here! Have this kind of Kagehina, kinda Tsukkiyama body swap thing I did.

Hinata awoke on the first day of their spring break, yawning and stretching his arms over his head as he sat up, he could hear and feel all along his spine popping and cracking loudly with the movement. He groans and glances toward his bedside table, where his clock sat only to notice that this was not his room. He looked around confusedly, he saw nothing here that stood out as familiar. He shoots up out of the bed that wasn't his, quickly losing balance due to his discombobulation with his line of sight, fuzzy as it was, extending much higher up than was usual for him. "Woah!" He shouts as he topples to the ground. He looks around, finding the bedside on the other side, hoisting himself back up onto the bed he gets up. Beside the clock he also found a phone and pair of glasses. Tsukishima! Was his first thought when he saw the glasses. He looked around the room as if expecting someone to appear out of nowhere before picking up the spectacles gently, unfolding them and slipping them on, his vision clearing as the glass was pushed in front of his eyes. Hinata almost giggled, almost. This was definitely a weird dream he was having, he decided. He was about to swing his (now ridiculously long) legs back over the edge of the bed, hoping to poke around and find a bathroom to splash water on his face when all of a sudden music started bursting loudly from the phone. Without thinking (more like, thinking it was a dream so it was fine), Hinata reaches out answering the phone to silence it. "Moshi moshi?" He asks, not bothering to check the Caller ID, he'd heard somewhere that you couldn't understand written words in dreams anyway.

"Hinata! You damn shrimp! What the hell did you do?" Hinata sits for a moment, even stranger than waking up in an unrecognizable room in a body that wasn't his was hearing his own voice yelling at him over the phone. Was this how identical twins felt talking to each other..? He wondered for a moment, not liking it, before answering the question. "I didn't do anything! I swear!" He defends himself loudly, almost shrieking.

"Kei! Be quiet, I'm on the phone!" Hinata hears the shout of an almost familiar voice and then a groan on the other line.

"Just get over here! I'm assuming this is your house?" His voice continues before the call ends, leaving Hinata in relative silence to do as he was asked. Sighing, he tosses the phone onto the bed and stands again, a bit more slowly this time, and goes to dress himself. After the phone call his mind was cemented in the fact that he was, indeed, dreaming that he suddenly woke up as Tsukishima. He took special care in choosing the clothing, knowing that the blond blocker wouldn't be pleased if he came over dressed like 'a dunce' and even if this was a dream he didn't want to listen to the boy's scathing remarks. He pulls on a pair of black jeans, fitted tightly, and a white and green horizontally striped T-shirt, he walks out of the only room he had seen in Tsukishima's house so far and makes his way through the house. He somehow manages to get through the house and out the door without any problems, upon going out the door Hinata takes out Tsukishima's phone and gets his address typed into the map feature. Seeing how long the walk would take Hinata groans a bit, starting with as long of strides (much longer than he was used to) as possible. Once he got to a point where he was recognizing landmarks Hinata closes off the app and began walking his way home from memory, casually tucking his arms behind his head and humming to no particular tune. Upon arriving home, Hinata had to physically stop himself from just casually walking in. He rings the bell, waiting for the door to swing open and see Natsu or his mother allowing him in. Instead, he saw the face he saw reflected in the mirror everyday but it looked a bit off, different. For one he had to actually look down to see his own orange hair, in that moment he understood everyone's need to reach out and muss his hair. He felt tempted to do so as well, from this angle he could really tell how short he was. This was going to be awful, he was getting a taste of the height he would never have and as soon as he woke up he was going to miss it. He wasn't, however, going to miss being Tsukishima Kei. It had only been a little over an hour and he already missed his younger sister and mom. "Kei, is that you?" Hinata asks teasingly. "Who's the shrimp now?" He laughs, the look of anger didn't look right reflected on his face.

"Just get your ass in here." Tsukishima complains, tugging Hinata in by the wrist and dragging him along to his room. The way to Hinata's room was clear, leaving Tsukishima to drag him along without complication.

"Where are Mom and Natsu?" He asks quietly as they reach the door to his room.

"Something about shopping." Tsukishima responds in a grumble as he shoves Hinata inside quickly. "I was a little too busy freaking out to care much. Now really, what did you do?" He asks, turning to glare at Hinata after shutting the door.

"I didn't do anything! I swear! I went to sleep in here and then woke up in your bed." He says, holding out his hands defensively as though it would help. Tsukishima groans, sinking down into the desk chair and burying his face into his arms. "Maybe it'll be fixed tomorrow..?" Hinata offers hopefully.

"Right." The blond turned redhead responds sarcastically, fixing a glare at the shorter, now taller, boy. "It will just be fixed magically."

"Well, it just got screwed up magically." Hinata reasons, looking disapprovingly at his own face. "Besides, we can pose as each other for a day, right? That shouldn't be too hard, right? Just be as unlike yourself as you can and I'll do the same!" Tsukishima looks at Hinata, even more disbelieving than before, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I actually had things to do today. Give me my phone." He holds out an expectant hand towards Hinata who presses the device into his hand as he scoops up his own to check for new messages. Tsukishima grumbles as he types out a message and sends it, turning his attention back to Hinata who was just fidgeting at this point. "Alright, schedule's cleared. Let's figure something out."

So I'm leaving this here for now because I have other things to be working on (fanfic and personal and school). But this will be continued. I'm really sorry about my lack of posting, that will pick up next Wednesday though, I promise.