Let's see… What have I not updated in a while..? Everything? Dang, I suck... Well… Let's write some Haikyuu! fanfic then. Foolproof plan. Yes, this story has finally been updated. Amazing! Right? I swear I'm not dead. Just horrible at staying on top of updates.

"Alright!" Hinata, even while being still, was still bouncing a bit as he grins at the blond while flopping onto his own bed. It was nice to know that at least they were both enjoying this to the same extent, which was not at all. The redhead almost felt bad for the tsundere who had buried his head under his arms. It was giving Hinata a headache trying to keep up with how to refer to himself and Tsukishima. It was strange to mean himself but think of the taller middle blocker. He was just noticing how small his bed seemed though, the taller frame of the blond boy filling the bed more than his usual smaller stature. "So what exactly is the plan then, Mr. Smartypants?" Hinata asks, definitely not sarcastically, as he heaves himself back up, getting a bit dizzy from sitting up so quickly in a way too tall body.

Tsukishima glares at the older boy viciously, though it was difficult to take it seriously given his current state of being stuck as a tiny, fluffy sunshine ray. "How do you expect me to know what to do? This whole mess is probably your fault anyway. Besides, your the older one here, aren't you?" He asks, glare turning into a sneer as he continues. "Aren't you supposed to be the dependable older brother right now?" He asks, trying to hold back a snicker even just at the thought of ever grouping Hinata in with the word 'dependable' and meaning it. He wouldn't ever be able to see the redhead as anything more than an impulsive redhead.

"Well, really the only thing to do is to go about life as normal, right? I mean… If we said anything to anyone, they'd probably just think we're kidding around or something. So we're basically on our own. So unless you're secretly a magic girl who saves the world, we're probably stuck like this..." Hinata replies, his voice becoming softer, trailing off a bit towards the end as he begins chewing lightly on his lower lip. Tsukishima looks over at the teen and grimaced a bit at the face he was making.

"Come on, really? Don't be making stupid faces in my body." He says, though his voice belies the grumpy nature of his words, coming out much less gruff than earlier, softer.

"I can't help it if your face is stupid," Hinata replies, voice as unconvincing as Tsukishima's had been, still wavering a bit as he pulls his pillow to his chest and leans forward, burying his face in the cushion.

"The only stupid face is this room is your own." The blond replies, coming back to his usual snark as he spins around in the chair, slowly. "So what? We have to go through the rest of our lives like this? I don't want to be stuck as an insufferable idiot." He complains, using his foot to keep the chair twirling, though not fast enough to make himself dizzy.

"Well, I don't wanna be stuck as an annoying tsundere. So no one is winning here. Besides… If it just magically happened, can't it just magically un-happen..? Maybe we just need to go through and redo our day yesterday." Hinata offers up as a possible solution in his awkward attempt at using logic.

Tsukishima sighs, planting his face in his palm as he settles his foot onto the ground to stop the spinning so he can really look at himself, upset that such a stupid thing had just come out of his mouth. "That's so freaking stupid." He says, raising an eyebrow at the now taller male before sighing in defeat. "But I guess it's a better plan than just sitting around and hoping for things to get fixed..."

"So am I redoing your day or my day?" Hinata asks, grinning a bit as the younger boy concedes the point, glad to have won against him even in these circumstances. "I mean… I think it makes more sense for me to do whatever it was you did yesterday. Because I'm kinda you right now." He points out as Tsukishima resumes his slow spinning on the chair.

"There's no such thing as logic right now, but that would probably be more effective… I think." Hinata wasn't sure what to feel about the younger boy's uncertainty. Whether he should be smug, knowing that even the great Tsukishima Kei had a downfall, or to feel even more concerned than he already did because the normally level-headed cool guy seemed so overwhelmed.

"Alright, so let's do that then… Ummm… What exactly did you do yesterday?" The boy who was usually redheaded asks, eyebrows furrowing a bit as he looks over the younger boy as he realized, with some frustration, that they would have to exchange accounts of the previous day. He had spent the majority of the day with Kageyama. It was both nerve-wracking and horrifying that Tsukishima would have to spend that amount of time with Hinata's best friend, the guy that he had been harboring secret feelings for since they had become friends. He couldn't imagine this going well. The two mixed about as well as water and oil.

Hinata moves off the bed and goes to his desk, pulling out an unused notebook from one of the drawers and gesturing to the cup full of pens with completely full ink cartridges. Rolling his eyes, Tsukishima opens the notebook to a random page in the middle and takes one of the pens, twirling it before uncapping it, attaching the lid to the bottom, and pressing the tip to the clean paper. As the sound of metal scraping gently across paper filled the silence, Hinata sat himself back on the bed, sitting with his legs crossed and swaying his torso slightly to the beat of the stupid song stuck in his head that he was pretty sure he had never heard before, despite knowing all the words. Was this a sort of mental link between them..? Well, that was a bit concerning and unsettling. After a moment of sitting in the near silence, Hinata began humming the song aloud and he could very faintly hear his own voice singing along softly. As much as he wanted to tease the cold boy who was singing a bubblegum pop song from a Korean girl group, he let it be, settling to bite back his laughter as he continued humming, a bit louder than before. When the singing cut off suddenly, Hinata looked over at Tsukishima only to find that he had tossed down the pen and was stretching his arms over his head, looking a bit bashful. Which would have been terrifying if he was in his own body but was fairly commonplace on the redhead.

"Alright!" Hinata lurches forward on the bed, almost pitching himself face first on the ground if he hadn't caught himself with his newly long arms. He was stunned for just a second before regaining his composure and pushing himself up to snatch up the notebook to look at the schedule. It was expectedly neat and organized, in a handwriting that was indeed Tsukishima's, though surprisingly sparse. Studying, eating, practice, sleep. That was really all that was written out. Though Hinata wasn't surprised that Tsukki didn't get out, he was a bit surprised that both the blond's practice and study sessions were spent in the company of Yamaguchi. He knew they were friends and had been for awhile, but he hadn't really expected them to actually associate with each other outside of school and club activities. Looking up with a devilish grin on his face, Hinata put on a falsely sweet voice. "So he can actually put with with your salty self for hours on end? He must actually be an angel, huh?" He asks teasingly and, though he couldn't tell because Tsukishima had turned away, Hinata was pretty sure he was blushing.

"Shut up, stupid. Where's your schedule?" Tsukki asks in a grumble, still stubbornly turned away from the older boy who let out a small laugh.

"I don't got one. I just went over to Kageyama's." Hinata bites back another laugh as he hears the loud groan as Tsukishima drops his head to the desk, making a soft thumping sound at the impact. He really wished he could have seen the expression Tsukishima had made as he received the news. "Now come on! Let's get going! I'll head back to your place and get Yams over there. You convince the idiot to let you come over."

With another groan, Tsukishima and Hinata swapped phones again and the younger boy began furiously tapping at the keyboard as the older boy saw himself out and began making his way back to the house he had left not too long ago.