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Hinata scrolls through the messages sent back and forth between Tsukishima and Yamaguchi in their ongoing thread. He felt bad doing it, knowing it was an invasion of privacy, but he wanted to see how the blond spoke with the pinch server one on one, with no one around. He didn't to completely botch his impersonation of the other middle blocker, after all. It seemed he was just as curt and crass in his messages as he was in real life, though it felt a bit different, altogether the behaviour wasn't drastically different. So all Hinata had to do was impersonate his usual attitude. Letting out a huff, he curses Tsukishima in his mind for acting like such a dick all the time. This was going to be exhausting dealing with this mess. Especially when he was going to have to hang out with one of the people that knows him the best for the rest of the day. Then again… The same could be said about the younger boy's situation as well. At least Hinata actually liked Yamaguchi, it could be worse. He could actually be Tsukishima right now.

After reading through the entirety of their conversation, Hinata feels confident enough to send the pinch server a message, asking him to come over so they could continue studying. The response was astoundingly quick, so fast that Hinata wondered if Yamaguchi could secretly control time. The answer was an affirmative and he was glad for that, he didn't want to spend time trying to convince the brunet to make his way to Tsukishima's house. Then again… He didn't really want to spend all day cooped up in Tsukishima's bedroom, that was a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't close enough with the taller middle blocker, this was the first time they had been to each other's houses. He sends along another message asking if the freckled boy wanted to meet at the store near Tsukishima's house and just study at the library. He knew that it wasn't exactly replicating the day, but he wouldn't be able to think in the stifling atmosphere he felt in the Tsukishima household. He knew that Akiteru was nice, and he was sure their parents were too, it just felt like he was trespassing into their lives and he hated it. Thinking like that, Tsukishima probably felt the same way, he just didn't care.

Sighing, Hinata makes his way to the store that Yamaguchi had approved their meeting at. He slips the phone into his pocket and focuses on actually walking rather than letting his thoughts run rampant. Yeah, that was probably more effective than worrying about stupid things that wouldn't help his situation. It doesn't take long to reach his destination, helped by the longer than usual legs and occupied thoughts.

Walking into the store, he goes automatically towards the refrigerated section, wanting something to give him the energy he knew he would end up needing. He wasn't well versed in the foods Tsukishima liked and disliked, but he was pretty confident the blond wasn't allergic to anything. He grabs a few cans of one of the energy drinks, one he hasn't tried before and then goes to scour the aisles to find some snacks that sounded appetizing. Probably something sweet, sugar would give him energy. He needed that in spades right now. He had a headache and could barely keep up with what his life had become. He heard the chime of the door opening and glanced at the entrance to find the brunet coming in, scanning the store. Knowing that Tsukishima wasn't a person for warm welcomes, he nods at him before returning his eyes to the shelf, just barely catching the grin on the other boy as he makes his way over.

If nothing else, this experience was already making Hinata want to punch Tsukishima more than usual. Though he wasn't really sure before, just reading through their texts was more than enough confirmation for him to prove that they liked each other. They were either oblivious or just stupid. He might be pretty stupid in somethings, but he always had a strange sense with these kinds of things. Of course the blond wasn't making things easy on himself by acting so cold all the time. When this was all over, Hinata decided that he was going to make sure that at the very least the middle blocker knew that the shorter boy returned his feelings. Honestly, it was surprising as it was frustrating that Tsukishima didn't know, or at least, didn't act on it because Yamaguchi was so painfully obvious about his affection.

"Tsukki!" He calls out in that soft voice of his, looking a bit more nervous than usual and a bit more red as he steps closer to Hinata with a shy smile on his face. "Why did you want to go to the library? We usually just study at your house." It was an innocent question, but one that Hinata couldn't answer completely honestly.

"Just felt like getting out of the house." He replies, hoping that he nailed the blond's usual snotty tone and curt responses. This was going to be more difficult than he thought. He was already doubting his ability to pull this off, and if someone questioned his strange behaviour he wasn't sure he'd be able to answer in a non suspicious way, he was really bad at lying. He needed to stop worrying it was making him even more nervous.

"Ah, yeah. I guess that makes sense. Changing it up sometimes can make things more interesting." Yamaguchi replies, giving the not quite Tsukki a smile that was almost blinding. At least he didn't seem to suspect anything yet, so that was good. Hinata picks up a few boxes of Pocky and a few other snacks. Man, he hated Tsukishima for spending his time studying. There was no way he was going to understand any of the material he would be working on. Hinata already had problems comprehending his own course material, there was no way he'd get anything from anything being talked about in an advanced class.

Yamaguchi had picked up a few things as well and soon they were making their way up to the register to pay for their choices. After being rung up, Hinata reaches into his pocket that contained the wallet he was glad he had grabbed on his way out of Tsukishima's room earlier that morning, paying for the entire transaction, ignoring Yamaguchi's words of surprise.

"You can pay next time," Hinata says, taking their bag of snacks from the cashier and walking towards the exit as the brunet follows along behind. Yamaguchi huffs his discontent but catches up to walk alongside the taller blond and it quickly became apparent to Hinata that Tsukishima altered his pace to suit Yamaguchi's speed. And he started hating this whole thing even more. He didn't want to think of Tsukishima as a nice person. He was a prick. And yet here he was, slowing his stride a bit for the other boy as the blond would usually would.

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