Tsukishima grumbled to himself as he sent a reluctant, yet way too enthusiastic text to the freaking dark haired, blue eyed, dairy loving demon that he really didn't want to talk to. He could feel the headache coming on already from having to deal with the insufferable setter. He didn't have to wait long for a response from the setter wondering what he wanted, continuing in the much too energetic tone, he asked to go over to the raven haired boy's house for the day, already coming up with arguments, he couldn't afford to be unable to go, he needed this whole, stupid situation over. He was surprised, though, when the setter quickly responded with an affirmative answer. He was expecting to have to coerce the other teen to allow him over, especially after having to spend the majority of the previous day with the redheaded spiker who had more energy than he knew what to do with.

With yet another heavy sigh, Tsukishima begins pulling on a pair of shoes that were a bit beat up and shoved gracelessly to the side just by the door. Setting out into the still relatively cool day, he begins to make his way along to the setter's house, he had obtained the address from Hinata via text message. It didn't take as long as he had expected to arrive at his destination and he was a bit bit surprised at what he found. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but it wasn't anything that looked so warm and inviting. Moving a bit more slowly, he rings the bell and waits for a response, it doesn't take long before a woman who looked like an older, happier version of the king came out a wide grin on her face.

"Shou-Chan!" She calls out, ushering the boy into the house. "It's so nice to have you back! And so soon, too." She looks away as the redhead took off his shoes and yells over her shoulder. "Tobio, Shou-Chan's here!" Tsukishima holds back his snort of laughter at the nickname Kageyama' mother had pinned on the redhead as the setter runs into sight, cheeks a bit pink.

"Finally! You took forever, bo-" He cuts himself off as his mother gives him a glance that had death in it and Tsukishima immediately understood exactly where all of the setter's 'scary' faces came from, though he could tell that this woman's glares were much more effective than any stare the setter could even hope to give. Rolling his eye at the other teen, Tsukishima makes his way over to him, following him into what he presumed was the setter's room. It was much cleaner than he expected, a lot more simple.

"No rough-housing, alright? I'll bring you boys some snacks in about an hour!" He could hear the woman calling out to them as the door to Kageyama's room swung mostly shut, not quite latching. The raven haired teen seats himself on his bed and pats the spot in front of himself, inviting the, currently, shorter of the two to sit across from him.

"So, why did you want to come over? Yesterday you said you wanted to practice your receives, but we didn't even touch a volleyball. What is it today?" He asks, voice a bit more serious than Tsukishima was expecting as he slipped into the offered seat while Kageyama pulled one of his pillows against his chest, resting his chin on it.

"I just… I didn't want to be home today… Mom and Natsu went out and it was too quiet." Tsuki says, copying Kageyama's motions and clutching a pillow to his own (Hinata's) chest and mostly burying his face in it. Kageyama remained quiet for a moment and, right as Tsukishima was about to glance up at him and ask him what his problem was, he could feel long slim fingers threading through orange hair, combing gently through the curls as the bed creaked softly and the space next to him on the mattress dipped down a bit. He doesn't move his head, but he does raise his eyes and he can see that the setter, despite the physical affection was looking away, his barely visible face tinted a dark pink

Well, this was pretty interesting. Tsukishima was fairly well aware of the fact that Kageyama and Hinata were basically dating, without actually dating, but he hadn't expected them to actually show much affection, considering that they were both air headed idiots. Inclining his head, he presses himself further into Kageyama's hand with a feigned confusion, because that was exactly what Hinata would do. "What..?"

"Shut up, Shouyou boke." He responds before Tsukishima could even finish his question, surprising him again, not with the interruption, but with the way he was addressing the shrimp. Were they calling each other by their given names now? He'd have to ask Hinata when he got the chance. "This is random and is gonna sound really stupid and make me seem like even more of an idiot, but you need to shut up and listen." He finally looks at Tsukishima, cheeks still pink and not quite meeting the redhead's gaze with his glare before looking away again. "I know it's not any of my business, not really, but… If you're ever in trouble, at home or at school or whatever, I'll help you, okay? I notice that people aren't always really nice to you, but you brush it off and it makes me worry for some stupid reason and I don't know if you're really okay or if you're just putting on a smile to hide the pain or what, but I want to help. If you want to talk or cry or just watch stupid movies or just play volleyball until you collapse so you can get rid of your anger or sadness or whatever. I want to be the one that you come to because… Even if you don't think of it like I do, I see you as my best friend. You were my first real friend and you're the one that I'm the closest to and I care about you more. So… I want to be there for you no matter what but I'm kind of stupid and I don't really get things unless you tell me. I guess I just… I want you to rely on me more." Kageyama finally stops his rambling, his thumb gently stroking over Tsukishima's cheek, his palm cupping his jaw having dropped from red curls about halfway through his, surprisingly eloquent (for an emotional rant by Kageyama) display.

Tsukishima wasn't sure how to respond, either as himself or Hinata, and so sat there quietly, looking up at the setter in surprise before gathering his thoughts. Looking down, he makes his best attempts at blushing before returning his gaze to the raven haired male's face gazing up at him with a bright smile. "Thank you." This was the most simple, yet best way he could think to express how he was sure the redhead would respond, how he would feel.

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