I noticed that Adrien was blond while Marinette has a black hair. I was just browsing in Pinterest when I realised that it seemed like Naruto and Sasuke.

There was also a post saying that it isn't OTP if the character hasn't at least try to kill the other. Then bam. I thought of this


Naruto wheezed and panted in pain and exhaustion. She was bleeding out too fast. Beside her was Sasuke in the same situation. She laughed tiredly.

"I don't think we are going to survive this," She said, closing her eyes.

"Isn't that already obvious?" Sasuke sarcastically replied, gaining a weak glare from the blonde beside him.

"I just thought that Sakura-chan might ,come" She complained. But it was too much for her current condition, so she ended up coughing out blood.

They let silence take them. They were concentrating more on breathing, even if it pains them to do so. They had just fought, once more, in the Valley of the End.

Surrounded by the destruction they made, they laid down next to each other. Both had one of their arms missing; only a bleeding stump was left behind.

"I hope we meet in another life again" Sasuke finally said. Naruto grinned.

"Look who finally confessed that I'm a pretty good company," She said. Tears sprung out of her eyes when she noticed that he didn't reply to her. She realized that he was already gone.

"I hope so too," Naruto said, closing her eyes to fall into the arms of Death finally.

He felt warm. But it felt too small. Was this what death was like? Where was his brother? His parents?

When he died, he had thought that he would join his family in death. Was this a punishment for betraying Konoha and killing several for his own selfish cause?

He regretted everything. He regretted that he didn't save his clan. He regretted that he didn't save his brother. He regretted not befriending Naruto faster.

An abrupt movement broke his thought. What seemed like forever, he was finally into the light. Something seemed to follow him behind.

He was confused. He could not control his limbs at all. He felt a cry from somewhere. A cry of pain. But soon, there was another cry.

A baby's cry.

He quickly connected the dots. He was just in the womb.

Sasuke strained to open his eyes, feeling the exhaustion as he did so, but didn't pay any attention to it.

There were a large man and a petite woman.

The man was towering over them. He may be big, but it didn't seem menacing at all. The woman may be exhausted, but she gave him a soft smile, gently kissing her children's foreheads.

These were his family. He has been given a new beginning for him to be with family. A new beginning to have fun, to become a kid again, to be a brother again.

He closed his eyes in relief. He just wished that they weren't taken from him too soon.

She was in a warm place. It felt so safe and comforting. Was this what death was like?

But, she was quickly taken away from the dark, safe, and warm place, and into a bright, unknown and cold cried out as she was separated from where she was. She didn't like this. Was this her punishment?

She heard a soft voice cooing. Something unfamiliar holding her. It wasn't hostile and uncomfortable. It was the complete opposite.

Naruto, even if she was exhausted and wanted nothing more than just to sleep, opened her eyes. She observed her surroundings, finding many unknowns.

She gazed at the who was holding her. It was a woman. Blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Not the shade of someone she knows. But instead, it looked more like the shade closer to yellow.

She was looking tired and loving. At her? Why? Why would a stranger look that loving towards her?

She saw a bundle across from her, in the other arm of the woman. She couldn't see what it was, but the woman also looked so lovingly at the bundle.

Then, it hit her. She was somehow reincarnated. She had a family. A possible twin?

She looked around for the man that would be called 'Father'.

Beside the woman was him. He seemed to have different emotions in him. Proud, happy, relief. All these emotions seemed to be overwhelming him, making him in tears.

She had a family. A chance for her to experience life with a family. A chance to be a kid and not having to worry about the day of her birth every time.

She closed her eyes, letting exhaustion overtake her.


So I keep a bunch of story ideas that suddenly pop into my head in a notebook and a story planning detail in several different ones. I have tons of notebooks because of trying to write a story