(A/N: For anyone who is wondering why I keep making these small chapters for different stories, it's because I want to remember the ideas before I forget them as well as make sure that I get the name I want for the story before someone else does. So that's why I do this sort of thing. Plus it gives me a chance to work on something else whenever I'm having writers block for another story. So enjoy)

The world as we know it is not the way that it started very long ago. In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void, and out of the Void came a creature of vast power who became known as the Creator. The Creator made three separate realms to keep balance between the various races that would inhabit them. While only two became occupied, the third was meant for them to come together and live in peace. But that is not how the world played out.

The first realm became known as Heaven and was the home to the creatures who became known as Angels, yet these angels were bred of war and battle instead of the angels the world knows to this day. They used technology to their advantage and used it well to make weapons and armor to help them with their everlasting war with the beings of the realm that was their polar opposite.

The second realm became known as Hell and was the home to vile creatures that only lived to sow misery and destruction wherever they would dare to go. These became known as Demons, and unlike the Angels in the realm above, they used brute strength, greater numbers, as well as far more powerful magic then the angels were ever able to accomplish alone.

The war between Heaven and Hell waged on through the ages, and as it did, the Creator was heartbroken that all that he had tried to accomplish was being undone. Yet new hope bore fruit within him as he saw a new form of life be born from the constant fighting, like a flower on the battlefield. These new creatures became known as humans and while they weren't strong or as intelligent as the demons or angels surrounding them, the Creator saw a bright future ahead of them. But the angels and demons saw them as a threat in the future and sought out to kill them before their lives had truly even begun. So by sacrificing his own life energy, he made the Charred Council, three rock like entities with the power to mediate the realms themselves. And so humanity was given their own realm while the angels and demons stuck to their own.

And yet during the war, some angels and demons had somehow found themselves attracted to one another and mated. The children born of their forbidden union became known as the Nephilim, and their power was great. They had the intelligence of the Angels and the brute strength and magical know how of the demons. Soon their numbers were great enough to conquer anyone of the realms they chose, and yet they chose the realm of man to make their own. Soon the slaughter of humanity had begun, and there wasn't a force that could stop them. Yet within the bloodshed of humanity, four of the Nephilim became distraught at what their kind was doing and fled the battlefield and made their way towards the Charred Council for guidance. They were offered the chance to gain the powered needed to fight off their own kind, but in doing so they would forever serve the council. They accepted these terms and became know to all as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They then set out and slaughtered the rest of the Nephilim as ordered, thus saving the remainder of humanity from extinction. And sending a message to the angels and demons to remain within their own realms until the time where the Seven newly minted Seals of the Apocalypse were broken. Each seal would become broken when the event engraved onto it as prophesized came to pass.

Yet with power breeds corruption, and the Charred Council was no exception to this fact. Soon they set things in motion so that they would be able to recreate the realms in their own way instead of the way it was meant to be. They started the process by first falsely summoning War to the realm of man by making him hear the call of Apocalypse, when in fact the Seventh Seal had not been broken. Because of their actions, humanity died out completely without a trace, for Hell won the war and the soldiers of Heaven were scattered into small pockets of resistance.

Yet the story of humanity did not stop there, for War's brother Death set out to prove his brother's innocence, and set out to bring back mankind to free him. In his travels, he learned about how his brother was falsely accused and was going to confront the Charred Council with the rest of the horsemen, and yet before he could he was forced to sacrifice himself in the ancient object known as the Well of Souls to bring them back. Yet luck was on his side, for shortly afterwards, War, with the help of an angel, broke the Seventh Seal and called forth Death from the Void that he had hurled himself into all for the sake of freeing his brother. Once called, the truth of what the Council was know to all, and instead of them fighting one another, they formed an alliance and attacked the Councils so that it would never happen again.

The war was long and bloody, and most of the alliance fell to the Council's power, and yet with the combined might of the Horsemen, they were able to defeat them once and for all., But the damage had been done and had become too severe for them. As they lay dying from their wounds, they all smiled in the fact that at least the world has a chance to be reborn. For within the war, the entirety of the race of angels and demons had been wiped out, and the world was without gods to help it along. So what would become of it would humanities own doing. With their dying breaths they summoned forth the only living demon left alive by the name of Vulgrim, who himself wasn't really evil, just a merchant of sorts that drove a hard bargain. The each handed him an item infused with their power, so that just maybe, there would be a Horseman in the future who could stop the world from destroying itself once more. War offered up his strength in the form of his gauntlets with the power to control the elements themselves. Strife offered up his two pistols, enchanted so that they never would run out of ammunition and able to penetrate all armor that stood between the bullet and the flesh of its target. Fury offered up her whip sword, a versatile thing with many functions that the wielder would be able to use in all sorts of situations. And last but not least, Death himself offered up the most out of the four. He left his horse Despair, for what is a horseman without a horse? As well as his faithful companion, his crow Dusk. And lastly he left his scythes infusing it with the power to allow the wielder to summon forth the Reaper Form and lay waste to all enemies that were arrogant enough to attempt to fight death itself...

After they all breathed their final breaths, their lifeless bodies fell forward. And from the body of death, his mask fell of his face away from his body. Vulgrim picked up the mask and made good on his word, as he formed a chamber where the bodies of the horsemen laid, and entombed each of them with their own casket. Once they had been buried, the gifts they offered where placed on an alter in the center of the room and were sealed away so that one day, someone who was worthy of this power would take up the mantle of the Horseman once more.

Ages would pass before the tomb would ever be found and the person worthy of such power would wield it. And that person would become the known as the One Man Apocalypse...