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The Beginning Arc: Before the Fated Meeting

It all started long ago, when the creatures of the night, the vampires and the inhumanes, the wizards stopped co-existing with each other. All-out wars, assassinations and unnecessary bloodshed, you name it, they were all scattered messily in history. Countless efforts have been made to meditate the two races but due to pride and hard headedness of either races, none of it provided fruitful outcomes. As time went by, the emergence of renegades from each sides, people who speak of freedom and camaraderie, became evident. The races, in the midst of their own bloodied hands, were being torn into two. The renegades and loyalists.

There was a time, in the vampire's side that the renegades almost got what they want, full control of the vampire race and negotiate with the renegades of the wizards to help them persuade the remaining loyalists to join their cause. Yet, the loyalists didn't want to have any of their 'petty' and 'destructive' ideals and fought against them. Thus began the civil war among the vampires. A heap of dirt, fangs bared against fangs, eyes hungrily searching for death, it was brutal. Yet in a blink of an eye, renegades had lost more than they gained and slipped, giving the loyalists more advantages. Needless to say, they won the war.

That wasn't the end. The loyalist wizards used the civil war to bring down the vampires while they were busy with themselves, tearing their own kin apart. The vampires were almost exterminated if it weren't for a certain clan of loyalists consisting of the most notorious vampires that ever lived. After regaining back their footing, building the empire back from the aftermath of the civil war, they had to decide on a new king. That king came from the line of that clan and with their newly gained power over others, those in the renegade faction were given a choice, kill a wizard and stay in the labyrinth or leave the labyrinth and be banished. That clan was-

The girl's nose twitched, smelling the faint scent of lavender and strawberries from below the street.

"Do you think she's awake?" a high and perky voice asked.

A sigh, "If she wants to keep her limbs and bones intact, she better be."

The mirror gazed back at her as she was already clad in her school attire. For Kousaka Honoka, waking up at the wee hours of the morning for no good reason or not without her cerulean-haired roommate/best friend to kick her out of bed, was something out of the ordinary. She took her bag by the handles and went out of her room, feeling slightly off, as if something was missing. "Ah," she spun around and went back, remembering her essentials. She opened one of her wooden drawers, spotting the royal blue box lined with gold trimmings of cloth. She popped the box open and slipped on the two contents on her left and right ring fingers. Two glimmering pieces of unknown stone or magic sat proudly on her hands, yet they kept their simplicity.


"Eh? That Honoka she didn't even bother to close the house."

A giggle. "No mere human robber can sneak up a Kousaka."

"True but still she's being too reckless."

Hurried footsteps rang out in the household as Honoka ran down the stairs.

"Morning!" she greets her best friends, who stood, shocked, in the spot near the entrance. Umi-chan can't complain now.

"Who are you?" the blunette of the two asked immediately, her brows brought together in confusion.

"Mou~" Honoka whines and pursed her lips, "you're mean."

Kotori could barely stop a giggle escape from her lips. She too was surprised to see Honoka awake without the need for a blow horn or Umi. She's the bridge between the two opposites being the one to pacify Umi when she gets all sea monster-ish on Honoka and being the cerulean color eyed girl's go-to to protect herself.

"I-It's not like I don't like it. It's a nice change after all." Umi was really not expecting this. Really. On the way to the house, she was already preparing her fists to break every limb and bone of her friend. It's not like Honoka will die from that...according to her past experiences.

"Sadly it won't be happening again soon."

"I figured as much." Umi sighed and shook her head before the three of them burst into hearty laughter.

"Well, shall we go?" Kotori speaks up after the laughter dies down and her two childhood friends nod as they make their way out the house, not without locking it and Umi's subsequent scolding about the unlocked door. Honoka could care less and walks ahead of the two.

"It's a nice change of scenery right?" Kotori smiles while eyeing the back of the happy skipping Honoka in front of them. Umi eyes her best friend and saw that her co-member in the kendo club topping every once in a while, admiring whatever catches her eyes. "The breeze feels so cool!"

"You get to experience this more often if you wake up early."

Honoka hummed, "Once is already enough." the lazy side of her said.

The blunette tried to reason more, how blissful it was to see Honoka awake in these hours in the morning, but the girl had already shunned her out, 'not' hearing her as she sang a happy tune. She sighs at her failed attempt and was comforted by a gentle pat on the head from the gentle designer.

"Ah," Kotori jogged to Honoka's side, "So is the math homework hard?"


"Didn't you say you don't need our help and will do it on your own before you left Kotori's house last night?" Umi adds in, her morning cannot be any better if Honoka somehow managed to drag her lazy butt early off the bed and do her homework. Honoka had already done the former and Umi felt hopeful because maybe just maybe Honoka's getting matured, rather really late.

That thought shattered and broke like glass when Honoka stammered for an answer. Umi halted, causing the two to stop as well. The sun was starting to rise up in the quiet neighborhood and they would have been toasted to dust if it weren't for their rings. Umi closes her eyes, "You said you'll do it on your own, that's why I allowed myself to sleep at Kotori's place last night."

Umi gritted her teeth as little tick marks appeared on her forehead, "You said you'll do it on your own, that's why I allowed myself to sleep at Kotori's place last night."

Honoka chuckles nervously and turns to Kotori for help, the latter chuckled dryly, "H-Honoka-chan..." Honoka's done for now. Seeing that Kotori cannot save her this time she made a break for it, using her supersonic speed to her advantage.



"Umi-chan, Honoka-chan wait for me!"

"I can't believe this, the one school in Akihabara just happened to be owned by a vampire." The tallest of the three friends voiced out, bugged and annoyed.

The brunette smiles at her friend, "It's not like we have a choice, UTX Academy is owned by a loyalist wizard. I don't think we'll fare better than this one." The girl sighs, her friend had a point. Still, if she had known that she had to choose between having a chairman who is a vampire or a loyalist of their kind then she would have chosen not to move in Akihabara with her friends, she would have opted to go to Uranohoshi in the countryside.

"Kayo-chin's right nya!" the short orange head exclaims, "Rin heard that the chairwoman here is in the renegade faction so Rin thinks she'll be kind about Rin and Rin's friends being wizards nya."

"Plus we won't be the only wizards there. We'll be safe." Hanayo reminisces to their encounter with the purplenette wizard that consequently, invited them to attend Otonoki.

The one in the middle stares up at the sky, something about the cloudless blue sky seemed to draw her in. It's calming. "I hope you guys are right." She mumbles as they walked on. While one of them was complaining about the skirt to her four-eyed friend (It's too short nya! Kayo-chin looks cute in it but Rin is not nya!) while the other walked behind the two. It's not like she's not close with them, she just did not want to join the conversation. Swoosh! Her ears perk up a bit and she turns around alarmingly.

Her skirt flies up before it flapped down. That was no wind. And soon as it came and left two more came in quick succession. Her brows furrowed, "Did you two feel that?"

'Kayo-chin' and Rin turn to look at their friend confusingly, "What is it?"

The redhead looks down to her feet, still for a minute, "It's nothing must have been my imagination."

It wasn't my imagination.

A slide.

The pair seating around the table did not look up as they knew who walked in. The blonde was reading something, it was the request form of the cheerleading club wanting to increase their member limit. The other one seemed engrossed on the cards spread widely in the rectangular table. The newly arrived girl sighed. I should really have friends outside the student council.

"Good morning Nico-chi."

She rolls her eyes, at least the purplenette had the manners to greet her. Nico glares at the blonde who had her hand on her chin clearly deep in thought. Knowing that she won't get any attention from the blonde soon she decided to entertain herself with the fortune teller. She sat beside the girl and watched as she drew a card from the spread out deck. The girl traps it in between her middle and index finger before turning the front to herself. In a split second, a knowing grin was plastered on her face. The not so endowed third year's face showed confusion.

"What is it now?" Nico was never interested in the cards as she deemed them fake...but after seeing everything happen as her friend said she developed a sense of trust on the fortune telling cards. She didn't tell that to her friend though, it'll lead somewhere around the lines of 'Oh~ you don't think they're fake or occult after all?' and if she ever tells her friend how great of a fortune teller she was then it'll go 'Nico-chi you flatter me.' And she didn't want that. Nor does she want a bunch of other teasing lines from the purplenette, having her terrifying groping abilities to worry about was enough.

"Looks like today will be unusually eventful." The girl's lips curve into a smirk. I can't understand this girl. Nico shakes her head but before she could question her mysterious spiritual friend she gets cut off by the blonde who had set down the papers in front of her.

"Are those three involved Nozomi?"

"You mean the new students?" Her companion nods. "I don't know about that Eli-chi. It's up for the spirits to run their course."

Eli sighs, "I hope it wouldn't cause us more paperwork." She mutters under her breath but the half werewolf heard her as she tried to stifle a giggle. The blonde realized this and turned a sharp glare to the halfling.

"Oh, if those three were involved I'm sure..." Nozomi trails off.

"Guys please talk normally, the great halfling Nico nii doesn't get anything."

"We'll talk about it later and Nozomi." She stares at her best friend, "I think her alone would be disastrous enough."

The two student council members shudder while Nico leans back in her seat and crosses her arms.

"I don't get it."