It was a beautiful day in the human world, for some people. The rain was pouring down heavily and many people had rushed into houses of people they didn't know if they couldn't make it home in time. In one house, a bunch of teenagers sat. It seemed to be a three on three staring contest.

In front of the fire, cuddled up in a warm blanket with a coffee was a girl with moderate cerise eyes. Her greyish mulberry hair with light raspberry streaks was set up in a sort-of bowl cut way. But if you said that she would probably bite your head off. Her light turquoisish grey hand was holding onto the cup like it was a life saver. What you'd notice was that she was wearing a particular uniform, a Crystal Prep one.

Next to her, was a girl in the same uniform. However, she was glaring at a girl on the opposite side of the room. This girl had brilliant gamboge eyes and dark conflower blue hair. Her hair however had moderate cerulean and moderate arctic blue streaks present within it. Her light amberish grey hand was clenched in a fist.

A girl on the couch sighed in annoyance, as she held back her bitter tounge. She too had a Crystal Prep uniform on, but she had a pair of orange glasses present on her faces, hiding her greyish orchid eyes. Her hair was a light opalish gray with light arctic bluish grey streaks. She had placed one of her light phthalo bluish grey hands on her forehead while looking at the tomboyish crystal prepper.

"Will you quit with the staring!" Another tomboy like voice hissed, cause the crystal prep teen to snarl.

"I will when you do!" She growled in return.

A loud groan came from the corner of the room, as a apple farmer on a bean bag slapped her forehead. This caused the athlete on a small single chair next to her to scowl. The fashionista that shared the couch with the glasses wearing crystal prepper just rolled her eyes.

"Dash, I think it would be polite if you stopped staring at Indigo Zap like she is evil. Sure, their from Crystal Prep, but that doesn't mean we have to be hostile!"

The fashionista could of sworn she heard her crystal prep counterpart mock her words, but she ignored it.

"I'm bored!" The two tomboys groaned at the same time

"We all are, so why don't you shut your mouths!" Sunny Flare hissed from her blanket next to the fire.

"Why don't we play truth or dare?" Applejack suggested

"And get into a game that involves secrets?" Rarity said, slightly annoyed

"Thats the whole point of the game" Sugarcoat said rolling her eyes.

Rainbow Dash suddenly pulled her phone from her pocket, and began searching things up on the internet. She smiled when she found the perfect website.

"Ok, here are the rules..."

"Rules!" Indigo Zap groaned "since when did Truth or Dare have rules!"

She found herself wincing when she was wacked over the head from Sunny Flare. Indigo looked at her confused for a few seconds, but shrugged.

"Ok, we'll go around in a circle. We will do it clockwise, so the order will be me, Applejack, Rarity, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap and Sunny Flare. We'll continue this order until we get bored and decide to change it. If a person gets a dare or truth that they do not want to do, then they will loose points. Due to this website having the ratings, G, PG , R and X. The player will loose more points if the rating is higher. "

The other five girls nodded.

"We'll start off with only G, PG and R. Then when we go around once, we will add X. Thats all the rules I can think of right now, so whose ready to play!"

A chorus of "yeahs!" Filled her ears. Which caused her to smile.

"Ok, I choose dare!" Rainbow Dash said clicking on her phone. Her face immediately looked disappointed. "Aww this ones lame!

Applejack grabbed the phone from her friend. " it says : Grab three carbonated sodas, or drinks. Shake one up as hard as you can, then give all three of the sodas to another player. The other player now randomly shuffles the sodas and lets you choose one. You must then hold and SIT the can on the top of your head and open it."

"Lame!" Indigo Zap agreed.

"Well it is PG13, so what do you expect" Applejack said, rolling her eyes.

Rainbow Dash suddenly ran towards her kitchen. She came back with a three cokes. Her friends watched as she grabbed a coke and began to shake it violently, Rarity feared that Rainbow would let go and the can would go flying. When she was done, she passed the three cans to Sugarcoat... who groaned but began to shuffle them anyway.

Applejack covered Rainbows eyes as Sugarcoat began to slow down. When the girl had finished, Rainbow began to stare at the cans intently.

"Mmm, I pick this one!"

Rainbow Dash grabbed the can on the right, and carefully placed it on her head. Sunny Flare watched intently as Rainbow slowly opened it.

When the sound came, a huge sigh of relief came from Rarity. Rainbow Dash chuckled and began to drink her drink like it was nothing.

"Ok my turn... mmm I'll go truth"

"Sissy..." Rainbow and Indigo muttered together.

Applejack quicky pressed the truth button on Rainbows phone, and her face went pale extremely quickly.

"Ummm... uhh"

Rarity grabbed the phone and gasped at the truth. "Its asking : What was your first oral experience, giving or receiving? Who else was involved?"

"How can a girl have oral with another girl ?" Indigo asked suddenly

"We may not have dicks, but a girl can still put her mouth to a vagina. Its kinda like oral, but not exactly. " Rainbow stated with a small sly smirk in Sunny Flares direction.

"Well Applejack?" Sugarcoat consisted. Applejack looked scared for a little moment, but sighed.

"I was receiving it..."

"What?!" Rainbow Dash flared, spitting out her coke all over the floor. "With who?!"

"You didn't think the only thing the Flim Flam brothers made me do for my bass was play it in font of their store did you!" Applejack shouted "Flam was ok with only doing that, but Flim wasn't. So..."

Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash stared at Applejack surprised, while the other three girls looked confused by the confession. Rarity noticed this.

"If you stay a little longer, we'll introduce you to them" Rarity said with a small smile "ok. I'll go with truth as well"

Indigo Zap stared at Applejacks flustered face, and chuckled slightly. Raritys face instantly flushed red as her truth came up. Sugarcoat grabbed the phone off of her and read it out. " Its asking: Have you ever seen someone "hanging out" of their shirt or pants? What was hanging out, and who was it?"

Sugarcoat looked at the frightened fashionista next to her, a put her hand on her shoulder. Rarity looked up at her confused. "You know, you don't have to do this truth. You can just loose two points..."

Rarity nodded, and Rainbow scrubbed two marks nexts to Raritys name. Raritys eyes quickly glanced over to the apple farmer, but then back down at her hands.

"Ok, I guess its your turn Sugarcoat!" Sunny Flare declared

"I'll do dare" Sugarcoat decided as she clicked onto dare. She rolled her eyes in disgust.

"My dare is : First you and your partner must both strip. Then you must spoon naked for 2 rounds." she looked at her friends, who had surprised eyes.

"Sooo... who's going to spoon with you or are you going to chicken out?" Indigo and Sunny inquired.

"All of you, from Rainbow, will be 1 to 5."

"So I'm three?" Rarity asked and Sugarcoat nodded.

"Now, someone pull up a random number generator on their phone and set it one to five. Whatever number comes up, the person who represents that number will spoon with me"

"Ooh, so your doing the dare" Rainbow chuckled, and Sugarcoat nodded. Rarity then pulled out her phone, and sighed in relief when the number came up. It was four.

"Indigo Zap, get naked" Sugarcoat demaned, while Indigo looked a little surprised. She quickly pulled off her shoes, shirt and skirt while Sugarcoat did the same thing. Indigo then walked over to Sugarcoat and sat on the nerdy girls lap, which caused Sugarcoat to tense up.

"By two rounds, does it means people or..." Applejack started

"Other option" Rainbow said, not letting Applejack finish her sentece.

While Indigo Zap sat their, she covered her boobs with her hands. Leavnig her vagina exposed for everyone to see. It wasn't much, considering there was no pubic hair, but Sunny could help but feel awkward. Sugarcoat sighed, but then looked into Indigos eyes when she saw a small blotch of red near the side of Indigos vagina.

"Sunny, give me the blanket!" Sugarcoat demanded, and Sunny handed it over with a confused expression on her face. When Sugarcoat wrapped the blanket over the two of them, she heard Indigo mutter a thank you.

"Ok, I guess its your turn Indigo" Rarity said, which caused the tomboyish girl to chuckle.

"While I'm naked, I'm going to do a truth"

She quickly clicked on the truth option, and sighed when she saw it. Sugarcoat noticed her tense up, and read it out for her.

"Her truth is : Have you ever had a lesbian or bi experience? What was it like, and what happened?"

The remaining four girls looked at Indigo, waiting for her answer. The girl blushed as she bit the inside of her cheek.

"Well, spill, we don't have forever!" Rainbow Dash complained

"hold your horses!" Indigo scowled "and yes I have, it was only a short make out session but it was hella worth it!"

Applejack looked a little hurt by this," might I ask... who with?"

Indigo instantly recoild with a "it wasn't part of the question!" and passed the phone over to Sunny Flare. Sunny smiled as she pressed dare, and her smile grew even wider as she read it.

"Whats the dare Sunny Flare?" (Haha that rhymed) Rarity asked

"It is: Take your hand and put it in your pants and sit on it until it is your turn again."

"What a stupid dare!" Rainbow Dash said, rolling her eyes. Which caused her to get a punch from Applejack.

Sunny gave Rainbow the bird, before proceeding to place her hand down her skirt so she could sit on it.

"So... that sure was a eventful first round" Sugarcoat added

"You said it" Rarity concluded