Previously on Crystal Rainbooms : A Truth or Dare Game!

Sunny Flare growled before kissing her lightly on the cheek. Applejack chuckled once more ajd smirked at the flustered Crystal Prep girl.

"Wait, if their from Crystal Prep... who is it?"

Suddenly the door swung open, and it was Sugarcoat. She looked at the two of them and rolled her eyes, "c'mon you two, seven minutes is up"

Applejack sighed in relief and rushed out of the door. Sunny Flare groaned and followed the two girls out of the room.

'Dammit! We'll I'll find out who AJs dating eventually'

"Sheesh, you two took a little while to get down here!" Rainbow Dash teased, as she saw the two girls walk down from the room. Applejack smacked her over the head as she walked passed, Sunny didn't even look at her.

"Are we staying in the same order?" Sugarcoat asked

"Yeah, we'll change next round" Rarity finished for her

"Ok, I'll go truth this time!" Rainbow Dash said with a smirk. Her smirk stayed, though it was forced. As she read out her truth.

"My truth is : Have you ever "made a move" on someone and had them completely reject it? What was your move?"

Applejacks sweat dropped

"Nope!" She exclaimed happily

Sunny Flare gave her the 'your lying' look but shrugged it off. Rainbow then passed the phone to a happy looking Applejack. She looked around, "ah don't know what to pick" she admitted.

"Pick random, it'll come up with something" Indigo Zap said coldly

Applejack looked a little hurt, but clicked random anyway. When it came up with dare, she gulped slightly.

"Ok, my dare is to put on pyjamas, go outside and pretend to be a sleep walker" she looked over at RD, then outside.

"I'd rather not, especially not in the rain"

Rainbow rolled her eyes and then smirked, "what, are you a chicken AJ"

This caused the farmer girl to stiffen in her stance, "no, just smart... give me two marks against my name"

Rainbow nodded and began to scribble the marks down. Indigo was looking at her confused, and a little surprised.

"What?" AJ asked, noticing Indigos face

"I thought you would of done the dare"

The other three girls nodded so Applejack shrugged. She then passed the phone over to Rarity, who happily clicked dare.

"Why do you want a dare so badly?" Sugarcoat asked

"Cause I'm having fun, thats why" Rarity giggled, so Sugarcoat couldn't help but smile

"You have a cccrruussshhh!" Sugarcoat heard Indigo tease quietly, which of course earned her another smack over the head.

When the dare came up, she looked over at Sunny Flare. Rainbow notices this, and immediately knew the dare was something dirty.

"What?" Sunny Flare asked, "why are you looking at me like that?"

"My dare is to give you a hickey in a place of my choice..." Rarity uttered

"Lemme see that!" Rainbow growled and grabbed the phone off of Rarity. Of course, Rarity was telling the truth. The dare was what she had said.

"Ugh" Sunny groaned

"Awww, why does Sunny keep getting all these types of dares!" Indigo wined, but then remembered "we get to put our clothes back on after this Sugarcoat!"

"Yah backin' out?" Applejack asked Rarity

"Nope" she said bluntly

"I think Sugarcoats being rubbing off on you Rarity, that was extremely blunt!" Indigo Zap chuckled, still sitting on the nerd like crystal prep girl.

Rarity then stood up and walked over to Sunny, who scurried back. Rarity then grabbed at her face and brought her mouth down to the side of Sunnys neck.

"R-Rarity?! Are you actua- argh!"

Sunny stopped when she felt Raritys mouth grip at her neck, sucking lightly. Rainbow looked down at the ground angrily, while Sugarcoat looked away. Sunny placed a hand over her mouth to stop a moan, but it didn't really work. It had only surpressed it, but it was still heard. Rarity had begun to suck harder now, causing Sunny to grip the hemline of her skirt.

When Rarity pulled away, she was panting. When she looked at where here mouth use to be, a red hickey sat. She smirked triumphantly and walked back over to her seat before sitting down. Sunny places one of her hands on her neck and rubbed.

"Man, my neck hurts now!" She groaned, looking at Rarity with a scorn on her face

"Sorry..." she uttered

She then passed the phone over to Sugarcoat, who had only just turned around from looking out of the window. She tapped at her chin for a bit, but eventually clicked truth.

"What are you choosin'?" Applejack asked

"I'm doing a truth, so I can finally put my clothes back on" Sugarcoat answered

"What is it?" Rarity asked

"My truth is : whose boobs are better, Sunny Flare's or Rainbow Dash's?"

Rainbow Dash and Sunny Flare immediately looked at each other surprised, then down at their boobs before looking up at Sugarcoat.

"Mmm..." she looked at them closely.

"While Sunnys are definitely bigger, I'd have to say Rainbows"

"Hey!" Sunny said, hurt.

"It's not that you have ugly boobs, I just prefer smaller ones. Yah know, ones that don't make me uncomfortable to look at"

Sunny pouted and placed her arms across her boobs. Indigo rolled her eyes before standing up and grabbing her clothes. When she was dressed, Sugarcoat was too, and the two of them sat down separately.

"Finally, I have my clothes back on! I'm also doing dare!" She then clicked down on dare, another confident smirk on her face. When her dare popped up, her smirk when from confident to perverted.

"Whats with that face?" Rainbow Dash asked

"Hehe, I have to give Applejack over there a hickey on her neck!"

Applejacks face went bright red at that. When Indigo stood up to walk over to her, Rarity tried to stop her. This was of course due to Applejack dating someone. But AJ just shrugged the fashionista off.

Indigo grabbed at the apple farmers shirt and pulled her closer, grabbing at her neck with her lips. Applejack gasped, and slid her arms around the tom boys neck. When Indigo began to suck hard, all the other girls stared with wide open eyes.




When Indigo eventually pulled off, like Rarity, she was panting. This was when Rarity noticed that Indigo hand one of her hands gripping at Applejacks thigh. Indigo was also sweating like crazy.

"Perv..." Applejack mumbled softly

"Tease..." Indigo uttered before letting go and walking back to her spot.

The other four girls looked extremely shocked, while Sunny was also having a nose bleed. Rainbow had quickly run off and grabbed her a box, while Sugarcoat was simply staring wide eyed with her mouth open.

"That was..." Sugarcoat started

"Heated..." Rarity finished

When Rainbow came back with the box, Sunny wiled at her nose before grabbing the phone off of Indigo Zap.

"Ok, I'm going to do dare as well!" Sunny declared

"Is any one going to talk about what just happened!" Sugarcoast asked, but no one responded to her so she crossed her arms.

"Well, I love this dare!" She smiled

"What is it?" Everyone asked at the same time

"I have to make one person in this room strip and remain in their panties.. for the whole game!" She smirked, and Applejack instantly looked over at Dash.

"W-who do you choose?" Rarity questioned

Sunny slowly looked over at Rainbow Dash, who gasped and blushed heavily, "m-me?" She asked weakly.

"Yes... now strip"

Rainbow Dash gulped and pulled off her black shirts from under her skirt and her over shirt. This left her in a tank top and a skirt with shoes. She took off of her shoes and then her socks. Sunny watched as she also pulled down her skirt and took off her tank top.

The other five girls noticed that she was wearing laced blue panties and matching bra. It was a B cup, so she had small boobs.

"Nice!" Sunny said, pulling a thumbs up

"..." Dash looked down at the floor, not answering. However, she covered up her body as she best as she could with her hands

"Whats up with her..." Indigo said slowly

" she doesn't like to show off her body" Rarity stated matter of factly, "even knowing I have no idea why she wouldn't, I mean she has a good figure"

Sunny Flare instantly looked guilty, "Rainbow, I'm so sorry... I d-didn't know..."

Rainbow looked at her with a small forced smile, but then looked away again without saying anything. Sunnny looked at the ground also, rubbing at her arms.

"Does she also go quiet?" Sugarcoat asked and Applejack nodded. Sugarcoat sighed and then stood up, walking towards the cupboard. Rainbow and the rest of the girls where confused, but when she came back with a blanket Rainbow smiled.

"Why didn't you just use the one you and Indigo had before?" Rarity asked, causing Sugarcoat to give her a look that Rarity understood immediately.

When Dash grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around herself, she smiled genuinely,"thanks Sugarcoat..."

Sugarcoat stiffened but nodded, "no problem Dash"

"I think we can change the dare from the whole game to two rounds, like Indigo and Sugarcoat had to do... does anyone agree with that?" Sunny stated

The other five girls nodded in agreement, and Rainbow smiled happily at Sunny. This caused Sunny to draw in a breath, and look away blushing.

"So ah guess this is the end of round three?" Applejack asked

"Yeah, I guess it is" Sugarcoat answered, "but don't think what you did with Indigo is going to be pushed a side so quickly!"

This caused Applejack and Indigo Zap to gulp