Name: Sarah Riddle

Age: 14

Blood Status: Half-blood

Personality: pure of heart, empathetic, puts friends' needs before her own, clever, unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, loyal to those she loves

Tom Riddle/Voldemort (father)
Emily Corcoran (mother, deceased)
John and Linda Corcoran (maternal aunt and uncle; godparents and legal guardians)
Amanda Corcoran (cousin)
Madeline Corcoran (cousin)
Collin Corcoran (cousin)

A word from Sarah: Hi, readers! Sarah here! So, you probably noticed I'm Voldemort's daughter. I know what you're probably thinking; how can a monster like him be MY father? I asked the same question when Auntie Linda told me I was his daughter a few months ago.
I've spent pretty much my whole life in the United States, mainly for my own protection, but my cousins and I were invited to transfer to Hogwarts this year, in England. Naturally, we accepted the offer. I can barely contain my excitement, especially since I've never been to England before!
Ok, I have to go, we're heading to the airport soon. Catch ya later!