Name: Collin Hayden Corcoran

Age: 16

Blood Status: Pureblood, but doesn't care

Amanda and Maddie (younger sisters)
John and Linda Corcoran (parents)
Sarah Corcoran (cousin)
Tom Riddle (uncle)
Emily Corcoran (paternal aunt, deceased)
Crush: Ginny (later on)

A word from Collin: What's up? Collin here. So, you've probably met Maddie, 'Manda, and Sarah. Such sweet girls. I love them to death. They're so close they may as well be sisters! And me? I'm pretty much the big brother/bodyguard for them, meaning if anyone messes with them, they'll have to answer to me!
I'm excited to go to Hogwarts- it's gonna be awesome!
(Mom: Collin, wrap it up! We're leaving soon!
Me: Kay! Be right there!)
Gotta go. Mom says we're heading out pretty soon, so I'd better end it here.