Trapper's Wounds

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While Hawkeye ws busy operating on Trapper's chest a look of fear and determination showed in his eyes. He was fearful that Trapper might die because there was almost 100% chance of it, and he was determined to beat the enemy because he loved Trapper like a brother and he was using all of his efforts to prevent that. Nurse Kelly was standing by monitoring his life signs which were unfortunately weak and handing out whatever medical instruments Hawkeye was asking her for. At this moment he was using forceps to keep the arteries away from the organ and the medical sizers to cut away the infected part.

"Sponge," he said to the nurse.

Nurse Kelly handed him a few sponges and Hawkeye packed them inside Trapper to prevent bleeding.

"More suction, Nurse Kellye; I can't see."

She added more suction.

There was another nurse kneeling down and squeezing the air bag or whatever bag it is at the right side of Trapper's bed.

Hawkeye pulled out a shrapnel that he missed and placed it on the table. It was tiny, but it looked bloody.

At that moment Father Mulcahy arrived at Or and looked at Trapper with worry in his face.

"How is he doing?" Hawkeye.

"Not so good," Hawkeye answered with sadness in his voice. He had tears in his eyes but he refused to break down because he needed all of his wits if his to save the life of his best friend.

"Do you need me to step in now?" Father Mulcahy asked hoping that it would not be necessary at all."

"Not yet," Hawkeye answered with the same tone of voice.

Father Mulcahy continued to look at Trapper and the medical staff working on him, and began to pray.

Dear Lord, please don't take Trapper away from us; he is a great doctor and many patients are counting on him, he is also important to many of us especially Hawkeye, his best friend, and his family who will be heart broken if he doesn't make it. I trust whatever decision you make to be the best for us, but if you take him away it will be hard on us. Please use Hawkeye's hands that you can save the life of one we love so much through him. "Lord…"

Blood began to gush out of Trapper's wound and Hawkeye was working at lightening speed to stop the bleeding. He was also rapidly asking Nurse Kelley for the instruments and she was handing them at the same speed he was asking.

"Forcepts, scapel, sponge, more sponge, another forcept, clamp, smaller clamp sponge, more sponge, suction."

"We're losing him?" the other nurse said. She was now monitoring his life signs while Nurse Kelleye was handing Hawkeye the medical instruments.

"Father Mulcahy, we need you now."

Father Mulcahy put his stole on and was about to minister the last rites to Trapper when all of a sudden he stopped bleeding and his vital signs were rapidly getting better. Hawkeye noticed that lots of arteries was already repaired and what amazed him was that it wasn't him who repaired half of them. There was no question that this was a miracle from God. Because he knew he couldn't repair this many arteries this fast by himself, and he could not stop the bleeding.

"He's stabalizing, doctor," the other nurse said.

"Let's take the sponges out and close him up," said Hawkeye who sighed in relief.

"Thank God," said Father Mulcahy."

Several hours later Trapper was sitting up on his cot playing gin with Hawkeye. Trapper thought for a minute and then dropped his card onto the discard pile and picked up a new one. He placed it next to the last two in his hands.

"It's your turn Hawkeye."

Hawkeye was looking at his deck in his hand and then at the discard pile and regular pile. A few seconds later he dropped his card on the discard pile and picked up another from the regular pile and placed it into the middle of his hand.

"Thank you," Trapper said with a smug look at his face.

"What do you mean thank you?" Hawkeye asked.

When he saw Trapper's smug expression he realized his mistake. A second later Trapper picked up the card in the discard pile and then placed a card from his hand onto it. When he was finished, he placed his cards faced up on the table and said, "Gin," with a smug tone in his voice.

"Oh, come on!" Hawkeye said with annoyance while he slammed his cards on the table. "I just had one more to go."

"Well that is six times in a row that I beat you. Should I try the seventh?"

At that moment Father Mulcahy entered post op to check on Trapper and when he saw that he was smiling and that his eyes were bright it warmed his heart.

"I came here to check up on you, and it seems that you are in good spirits." He said to Trapper.

"I won six games in a row," Trapper said smugly.

"Do you have to rub it in?" Hawkeye said with annoyance in his tone of voice.

Father Mulcahy chided him. "Now Hawkeye, it is only a game."

"I suppose you are right," Hawkeye sighed. A second later a broad smile filled his face. "Besides, I really beat him in poker last week."

"Do you have to remind me of that?" Trapper complained.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Trapper," Father Mulcahy said trying to change the subject.

"I'm feeling a lot better; I'm also happy to be alive, Thanks to Hawkeye." Then he looked directly into Hawkeye's eyes and said to him. "If it weren't for you I would probably be on my home in a box."

"Trapper, I don't deserve most of the credit," Hawkeye said.

Trapper looked at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. "But you are the only doctor who worked on me and the nurses told me you did a fine job of it."

"I did a fine job of it, but if it weren't for God you wouldn't be alive right now. There was too much damage inside of you for me to be able to work efficiently and to make things worse you were bleeding uncontrollably despite the sponges and other instruments I have been using to control it. We were losing you, but all of a sudden your vital signs began to get better, and I saw that some of the repair work wasn't done me. I am a doctor, an excellent one in fact, but I can only do so much."

"Yes, it was a Miracle, Thank God," Father Mulcahy agreed.

"I'm going to my tent and practice my boxing; I'll see you guys later," Father Mulcahy said.

"Thanks for coming around Father," Trapper said.

"Now what game should we play now?" Trapper asked.

"How about checkers?"

Two hours later.

"That's three in a row," Trapper said happily. "This is definitely my lucky day.

Hawkeye frowned.

"I noticed something, Trapper," Hawkeye said while he began to set up the board again. He was determined to win a game.

"There haven't been any casualties here for more than 24 hours," Hawkeye said with a smile on his face. "And I hope that there will be no more for a while."

"I hope there would be no more for a least a week."

"You're pushing it Trapper, but it is nice thought. It would be nice if we can spend a few more hours…"

A second later the sound coming from the words came from the PA that Hawkeye hated. "Incoming wounded! Incoming wounded! All personnel report to OR on the double!"

"Darn!" Hawkeye yelled while he slammed his fist into the checkered board causing the pieces to fly all over the place.

The End.