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*5 years ago*

"Sarah, you need to pull yourself together," Emiley strained to say as she held Sarah upright.

Laughing uncontrollably, Sarah almost brought the two down to the ground. "Why sho serioush?" Sarah asked her blonde friend, puckering her lips at the same time.

Emiley couldn't help but laugh too. "Alright Joker, that's it. No more apple martinis for you. Come on, let's get you up these steps."

Sarah tried standing up straighter to help alleviate her friend the pain of carrying Sarah up the steps to the second floor in the apartment complex they shared. After several minutes, they had made it, and as soon as Sarah saw the couch in the living room, she plopped down on it facedown while Emiley went to get ready for bed.

"Uggghhh! Thish feels so good," Sarah slurred. She turned over so she was laying on her back now, but closed her eyes due to the spinning she started experiencing. "Fuck," she muttered. "Em?"

"Yeah?" her friend bellowed from the bedroom nearby.

"I need…help."

Emiley came sauntering back out in her pajamas and placed a hand on her hip as she stared at her incapacitated friend. "Sarah. You only have yourself to blame. I'll get you some Advil and water, but this is the last time, I swear. You have got to lay off the hardcore drinking and calling me to come get to you at 2 am. It's getting old."

"Mmmm…." Sarah mumbled, putting her forearm over her face.

Sighing in annoyance, Emiley went to get Sarah the water and Advil. She brought it over to her drunken friend, who sat up reluctantly and began chugging the bottle of water.

"Sarah…I love you, but, you need to shower. That vomit is starting to seep from your pores," Emiley mentioned as she watched Sarah drink.

Breathing out heavily after she finished the water, Sarah smiled, her eyes half closed due to her drunken stupor. "I def don't smell," she replied, sniffing her armpits. Her face scrunched up after she did indeed get a whiff of barf emanating from her hair.

"Exactly," Emiley retorted, smiling. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Emiley helped Sarah to her bedroom, where she began to undress. After Emiley guided her friend to the steaming shower, Sarah got in and immediately placed her palms flat against the tile to support herself. She stood there for several minutes, letting the water cascade down her body. When she felt up to it, she began washing her hair and body ever so slowly, trying to avoid getting more nauseous. After she was done, she then threw on a t-shirt and underwear and hopped into bed.

"That is it…" she told herself. "No more drinking."

"Sarah? Everything alright?" Emiley then asked from the doorway. She walked over to Sarah's bed and sat on the edge, with another glass of water in hand. "I'll leave this here for you in case you get thirsty in the middle of the night. I wouldn't want you to turn into SpongeBob when he visited Sandy's house."

Sarah chuckled and turned to her side so she facing Emiley. "Hey, Emiley?" she asked innocently.


"Do you think he ever thinks about me?"

Emiley furrowed her eyebrows, not understanding what Sarah was talking about. "Who?"

"Jareth," Sarah replied sleepily.

Tilting her head in more confusion, Emiley asked, "Who is that? You've never mentioned a Jareth to me before."

"I wish he were with me right now," Sarah said with eyes closed as she turned away from Emiley. "He probably hates me though. I did beat him ya know."

Raising an eyebrow, Emiley really had no clue what Sarah was going on about. "Uh…okay. Well…whoever he is…he'd be crazy to hate you. Get some sleep Sarah, I think you're half dreaming. Love you."

Emiley stood up and closed Sarah's door on her way out, leaving her best friend alone in her bed. She didn't know who or what this Jareth guy was, but the way Sarah mentioned him sounded a lot like…longing? She wasn't sure, for she had never heard of the dude. Emiley shrugged and just told herself it was because Sarah was drunk and had no idea what she was even talking about.

While Emiley contemplated Sarah's words, Sarah laid in bed, and began to drift off. Right as she was surrendering to the dream that tried taking over her mind, she could have sworn she felt the presence of some other entity in her room. Her jade green eyes swept open, and Sarah had momentarily forgotten she was incredibly drunk. Sitting up, she looked straight in her room and saw the outline of…a person?

"Em? Is that you?" she asked out loud, holding the comforter to her chest.

"Hello, Precious."

*Present Day*

"We're here, ma'am."

Sarah's head turned to the voice abruptly, pulling her thoughts back into the present. She hadn't even paid attention to her whereabouts on the drive to her place, as her mind went back to the night she and Jareth met for the second time.

"Oh, sorry," she responded. "Thanks so much," she added as she got out of the car.

The driver drove away, and Sarah let out a breath of air. She was dreading going inside her home, not feeling quite ready to face Jareth. Pulling out her house keys, she unlocked her front door anyway, and looked around the darkness, trying to see if she'd notice him anywhere.


"In here, Precious," came his deep and seductive voice from what sounded like her office.

Sarah followed the sound and switched on the light, only to find Jareth sitting in the small couch occupying the corner of the room. She noticed that he was still in his human disguise, drinking bourbon - the alcohol he had left behind months ago. She kept forgetting to throw it out and worried that Jareth found the accidental act to be sentimental.

"Oh, please, do make yourself comfortable," she said sarcastically, throwing her purse on the floor.

He looked up from his drink and smirked at Sarah. "Thank you, I have been. I hope you enjoyed your date, and didn't have too many martinis."

Sarah flipped him off, making Jareth chuckle. "I did enjoy it, thanks. Spencer is really great," she lied. She refused to take the bait and tell him that Spencer had taken Jareth up on his advice regarding the apple martinis. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction knowing his little plan had worked.

Jareth only snickered. He could sense that Sarah wasn't being totally honest. "Seems like it. You're back so soon, after all."

"Yeah, well. Regardless of how I feel about you, my curiosity got the better of me," Sarah said, sitting down in the love seat that sat on the other side of the office. "So what do you need help with?"

"Can't we just catch up before I work our minds into a frenzy?" Jareth requested, putting his head back against the cushion of the couch.

Narrowing her eyes, Sarah looked to the gorgeous blonde man sitting across from her. "Seriously? What would we even talk about?"

Sighing, Jareth looked back to Sarah. "Oh, I don't know. How's the family?"

Sarah only rolled her eyes. "Annoying and nosey." She didn't have to say more since Jareth knew all the details about her family – they meant well, but they often tried dictating the way Sarah lived her life and were extremely judgmental when she didn't do things that appeased them. Toby was the only one who she cared to stay in touch with. Then there was her biological mother who Sarah got exasperated with within moments of being around her. Sometimes she felt like the only normal one out of them.

Jareth nodded slowly. "Have any of them asked about us?"

Sarah's nostrils flared, not wanting to talk about this with him. "What do you think? And why are you still in your human getup?"

"I'm too lazy to change," Jareth answered with a smirk on his face. "What have they said?"

"Why do you care to know?" Sarah questioned in a harsh tone.

Jareth threw his hands up in a I surrender motion. "Say no more, I suppose. I was only curious if they were happy things ended between us. They never did think I was good enough for you."

"And you weren't," Sarah spat, somewhat regretting the words soon after she said them. She wanted to hurt him, wanted him to feel like shit after everything that had happened. Was that immature of her to do? Probably. But she never got much of a chance to have closure, and all the pent up anger was beginning to come out.

"You're right," Jareth replied somberly, making Sarah's eyes water instantly.

This is not happening, she thought. She immediately stood up and faced away from Jareth, staring at the wall in front of her. She closed her eyes, telling herself to not cry. Not here, not like this. Her breathing was unsteady, and all she really wanted to do was find solace in the one person who just happened to break her heart all those months ago.

Sensing her sadness, Jareth set his drink down and stood up to comfort Sarah. He wasn't sure how she'd react, but something told him she would eventually relent, even if it were for but a moment. He nervously put his hands on her waist, feeling her body flinch, but she didn't move away.

Resting his chin on her right shoulder, he sighed. "I know you want nothing to do with me. And I know I hurt you. But you hurt me too, Sarah. These past several months have been hell, and it's taken every ounce of my entire being to not come here and beg you for another chance."

Sarah's eyes closed and her head fell back into Jareth's neck. God, she loved the feeling of his hands being on her again. How was he able to make her feel this way? Just when Jareth's hands slid up and down Sarah's arms, she caught herself as she felt her body surrendering to Jareth's whim. She forced her eyes open and herself out of his embrace, turning to look at him. His expression was that of sorrow, his icy blue eyes conveying his feelings.

"No. No more chances," Sarah dryly said, taking a step back. "We gave each other too many."

Jareth simply smiled, though it was more of a frown. "As you wish."

Sighing loudly, Sarah crossed her arms, trying to pretend the two of them didn't just share a tender moment. "Are you done trying to catch up with me?"

Jareth frowned even more, but decided to not add fuel to the fire. "Will you have a seat at least? So I can update you on everything that has happened?"

Dropping her arms to her sides, Sarah did as Jareth asked and sat down on the same couch she found him in earlier. The two of them sat in silence, studying each other. The tension was too much for Sarah to handle, so she looked to the floor, and cleared her throat.

"So, um. What exactly is going on?" she asked, avoiding eye contact with Jareth. "And why did you come to me of all people to assist you?"

"Do you want the long version or short version?" he wanted to know.

"Just give me a brief overview now, then fill me in on whatever I need to know later."

Without further ado, Jareth began to explain himself. "The High Court is seriously debating as to whether or not I'm fit to continue ruling the Goblin Kingdom."

This made Sarah widen her eyes and she looked right into Jareth's blue ones. "Wh…what? Why?"

Jareth didn't respond right away, not wanting to piss the scorned woman off even more. But she needed to know if he was going to get her help. "They think I'm unfit…Because of you."

AN: Still curious as to what the breakup was about? We'll get there. Eventually. Through flashbacks and insinuations in the conversations that take place between Sarah and Jareth. Sorry for the way short chapter by the way. They'll be long(er) from here on out, probably somewhere from 4-5k words like Ch. 1 was.

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