Jareth searched the kitchen, actively looking through the cupboards in an attempt to find the tea Sarah told him about, but he was having no success. He hadn't meant to barge in on her earlier. Those damn goblins swore she had just woken up and was decent, but he was too late in getting there while she still was. He just didn't anticipate her getting out of bed so soon to get ready. What's more, he was surprised she didn't put up a fight about agreeing to help him, especially on the night he initially asked for her help. They hadn't seen each other in months after all, so he expected her to put up more of a fight. But she hadn't.

He grumbled when he still hadn't found the tea and realized it was because he could hardly concentrate, for his mind was racing with thoughts of a naked Sarah. He looked away quick enough earlier, but got enough of a glimpse to remind him of what he was missing. All he could think about now was her writhing beneath him, screaming his name, nails digging into his back. He felt his groin tighten as he thought about the times he'd taken her; how he was fighting his desire and lust for her now. The idea of being with her again was leaving him hot and bothered.

"Blast this damn kitchen, where does she keep everything!" he suddenly yelled, growing impatient on the whereabouts of the tea.

How did he not know where anything was? He'd been here plenty of times, yet for some reason he couldn't focus and began mumbling to himself how ridiculous he felt doing this for her. Why had he offered to make her tea again? They were hardly friends, she didn't deserve his attentiveness.

The truth of the matter is, he had no idea what to say earlier. Seeing her in the nude moments ago took him completely off guard, leading him to blurt out the first thing that came to mind. She'd always liked tea in the past, so he supposed subconsciously he assumed it would ease the tension between them. Except now all he could think about was her naked body and how badly he wanted to see it again.

He let out a huff and closed his eyes as he stood in front of one such cupboard, trying to calm his brain. He had too many things to worry about, and he couldn't let Sarah and her gloriously delicious body distract him.

Opening his eyes again once he felt composed, he moved to the next cupboard where he finally found all of Sarah's coffee dispensers, tea bags, honey, sugar and more. He grabbed the box labeled English Breakfast and hastily opened it to begin preparing her tea. Just when he thought he had his shit together, Jareth's mind once again steered in the opposite direction to that of Sarah, and he couldn't help but give into the sensual thoughts of their past times together.

*Five years ago*

"Oh my gosh, that was amazing!" she exclaimed. "I forgot how beautiful it was there!"

After taking Sarah to an anticipated visit with her friends in the Labyrinth one particular afternoon, her attitude had skyrocketed into that of pure joy when they returned to her apartment. Jareth couldn't help but smile at Sarah's happiness; he loved seeing her like this. They'd only been together now for seven months and he was absolutely head over heels in love with her. He always had been, though she didn't know this yet.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Precious."

Sarah plopped down on her cushioned couch and sighed in contentment. "I did, I really did. Don't make me wait too long until we go back there," she pouted. "Please?"

Smirking, Jareth walked over to Sarah and kneeled on the floor in front of her. "I am your slave. How could I say no to you?"

She smiled and bit her lip. Standing up, she offered her hand to Jareth. "Come on."

"Where are we going now?" he asked, a grin taking over his face.

Sarah wriggled her eyebrows. "You'll see."

She led the two of them to her bathroom and began running a bath.

"What are you doing?" Jareth wondered.

"I would think it was obvious," Sarah responded, a mischievous grin taking over her face.

Oh. The small of Jareth's back ached with possibility. What kind of bath? For one or for two?

"Join me?" she then asked.

Okay, that kind of bath. His body resumed feeling warm and ready, and he willed the bath tub to fill up faster with water.

"Well then. Take off your clothes." His voice came deep, quietly commanding.

Sarah obliged willingly. Reaching behind her back, she slowly untied her casual black halter top and let it drop to her waist, exposing her strapless black bra.

Jareth's expression was fully sexual, devoid of all amusement. "More."

He saw Sarah smile and she pushed the halter over her jeans. Jareth watched it drop around her sandals, and she reached behind her back and smoothly unhooked the bra, letting it fall as well.

Jareth's eyes locked on her breasts, knowing he was making Sarah's nipples tingle with desire. "So fucking beautiful," he said.

As the slow heat began to pervade both of them, Jareth then watched Sarah graze her palms up and over her bare stomach and onto the two mounds of flesh. She cupped the undersides of her breasts, letting their weight settle in her hands. Then she let her palms close fully over them, sensually squeezing as she met Jareth's gaze, as she saw the fire there and felt the results in her already-damp-for-him panties.

He growled as Sarah licked her upper lip. She continued to gently mold her breasts, and tweaked the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, feeling how hard they were and as if they elongated even more at her touch.

"Don't stop," he demanded.

Sarah bent to undo the small buckles on her shoes, followed by the button on her jeans. She lowered the zipper and eased the denim over her hips until it hit the tile, leaving her in a black thong complete with embroidery and lace. She stepped free from the jeans and stood before him, drinking his gaze, predatory and all male.

She skimmed her palms up her thighs, then let them glide over her hips and back onto her ass, arching it into her hands as she thrust her breasts forward. Drawing her hands back around, she raked one finger teasingly over the front of her panties, then let it dip down inside. Her fingertip brushed briefly over her damp, swollen clit before she extracted it.

"Gods," Jareth uttered, his eyes glassy with want. "Let me taste you."

Sarah nodded happily, took a few steps forward and slipped her fingertip into his mouth. They both moaned when his lips closed around it, his tongue spiraling over the finger followed by a slight, suckling pull.

Releasing her finger, Jareth said, "I want more. Take your underwear off."

Sarah then eased her thumbs into the elastic at her hips, and peeled the thong down until it dropped to her ankles. Jareth wasn't shy about planting his gaze right where his interest lay – and at the moment, he studied her perfect pussy. He knelt to the floor and immediately leaned in to rake his tongue firmly up the center of her parted folds.

"Ugh, fuck, Jareth," Sarah whimpered.

He licked her again and again, from bottom to top, as if her pussy was an ice cream cone. Soon, he eased two fingers into her already soaked opening, giving her the sense of having him inside her. Jareth glanced up, his face still buried so sensually between her legs. His attention narrowed, focusing more tightly on her clit, and her breath became heavier. His skilled tongue swirled about the engorged nub, and then latched on, pulling it inside as his tongue thrust at it hard, making her orgasm hit.

Sarah moaned and arched her neck in response to the intense waves of sensation and cried out softly as she drove her pussy against his mouth, soaking in every pulse of pleasure to the end. When the feeling ebbed, she went still and Jareth eased back from her.

"You're so fucking gorgeous when you come," he said. "Get into the tub."

Doing as she was told, Sarah slowly worked her way into the hot water as Jareth undressed himself. When he joined her, he wasted no time in kissing her, his tongue expertly exploring Sarah's mouth.

"Mmm," she purred as their tongues rolled around together.

Sarah situated herself on top of Jareth until she felt the head of his shaft right where she wanted it.

"Fuck me," she begged.

"With pleasure." Jareth clamped his hands over hips and pushed her down to sheathe him.

They both groaned at the impact. "So big," Sarah murmured.

"Tell me you like it."

"I fucking love it," she sighed, then began to move on him.

Letting his palms close over her ass beneath the water, Jareth leaned in again to deliver a sensuous kiss. Sarah undulated on him in rhythmic circles, nearly undoing him right then and there. Soon, she moved harder and harder.

Peering up into her eyes, Jareth whispered to her. "Fuck me, Sarah. Fuck me just like that."

As Jareth's mouth closed over one sensitive nipple, she bucked against him, crying out. He suckled her hard, right, and she thrust her breast deeper into his mouth. As she rocked against him, Jareth grew aware that the water in the tub moved with them, and she was making rough waves, some splashing out, water flowing over the tub's edge.

Jareth felt her nails dig lightly into his chest, causing him to moan in joy, loving the very decadence of this moment – until he realized he was nearly submerged underwater. "Sarah. Stop."

She went still, panting. "What's wrong? Are you about to come? If you are it's okay, you already got me –"

"No, Precious. You're drowning me."

He'd somehow gradually slipped down into the tub as she'd ridden him so vigorously, and now his face rested barely above the water.

Sarah gasped and eased off his erection, allowing him to sit up. "Shit, I'm sorry babe. I didn't realize…"

He grinned indulgently, water dripping from the ends of his long hair. "I didn't want to interrupt you, but I was afraid you might push me under and not notice."

Warmth stained her cheeks. "My bad."

He lifted a wet hand to her face. "It's okay, wild woman. This tub might not be the best place for that position. Turn around and let me…"

*Present Day*

"Hey," he suddenly heard.

Jareth jumped a little at the abrupt voice, his thoughts of pleasuring Sarah coming to an end. She had entered the kitchen, her attire – or lack thereof – not going unnoticed when he turned towards her. He saw that she was wearing nothing but a short black robe, her hair was wet, and she was rubbing her hands together with what looked like lotion.

Is this woman trying to kill me!? he wondered. Why would she come out here all scantily clad?

Jareth gulped and looked away, not wanting to make it obvious that he had just been reminiscing on their past sex-capades, especially while she was wearing little to the imagination now. That evil vixen. She had to have known what she was doing. Before he turned away, he even saw her bite her lip knowingly, and he hated that she looked sexy as hell and knew it.

"That was a rather quick shower," he stated nonchalantly, grabbing a coffee mug nearby. Casually, he adjusted his breeches to make his erection less visible. He wanted to look unaffected by her.

Sarah sighed and took a seat on the barstool which was placed behind her high countertop. He could feel her eyes on him as he began to rummage around the kitchen, looking for a spoon now.

"Yeah, well. I'm nervous and realized I really did need tea. It soothes my stomach."

Jareth chuckled a little and ripped open the pouch containing the tea bag. "It always did. Do you still like lemon in it?"

"I hate that you know these things," Sarah said dryly.

Smiling, Jareth picked up the slice of lemon he'd already prepared earlier. "Need I remind you that we were together for quite some time, Precious," he replied. "I know you well whether you like it or not."

He handed Sarah her mug, but not before gliding his hand over it in order to fill it with hot water, followed by squeezing the slice of lemon so that the juice mixed in with the hot liquid. He then gave her the spoon that he picked up seconds ago.

"Thank you," Sarah mumbled, taking the mug and spoon.

Jareth nodded his head once. He was surprised she could put her pride aside and give gratitude for his efforts. "You're welcome."

He stood on the opposite side of the counter top and watched Sarah blow on her hot beverage and sip the tea slowly. He couldn't help but think how absolutely stunning she was. She didn't have a lick of makeup on and she looked a little tired, yet she superseded any woman and female Fae he had ever known. Sadness was beginning to creep in and take over his conscious; he hated that things had ended so badly between the two of them and he longed to make things right. But as he told himself earlier, he needed to concentrate on today and focus on what he came here to do: prep Sarah.

"I thought I might give you some insight as to how today will go," Jareth said after a few moments, leaning forward, his arms sprawled out on the granite counter.

"Yeah, I got that from when you walked in on me earlier," Sarah retorted. She looked up from her mug and gave a small smile, which indicated to Jareth that she was trying to alleviate some tension, though he still felt awkward about it.

He felt himself turn red and crossed his arms. "I apologize for that once again. I sincerely did not know you'd be…naked."

Sarah shrugged and continued to sip her tea without looking directly at Jareth. "It's okay. I know you aren't some pervert, plus I don't have anything you haven't seen before I guess."

She was right he supposed, but it didn't negate the fact it happened. "Still, I should have announced myself first," he countered. "The goblins…"

"Jareth, seriously," Sarah interrupted, setting her mug down and finally looking up. "It's fine. We don't need to discuss it anymore. What we do need to discuss is this hearing."

"You're right," Jareth responded calmly.

"I'm nervous," she admitted out of nowhere and swallowed hard. "What if I say something that hurts you, or screws you over, or…" She shook her head, not being able to finish her sentence.

Jareth walked around the counter and took a seat on the other barstool next to Sarah. He loved that she actually cared about the things she might say, in fear that her words might harm rather than help him. It proved to him that he mattered to her still, regardless of everything that happened. He sighed and felt the need to rest his hand on Sarah's, but resisted, not knowing how she would react.

"Sarah," he began and looked her straight in the eye. "I trust you. We may not be in a good place with one another now, if ever, but I know you won't intentionally say something that impedes on my ability to be king. Like I told you before, you will be under a truth spell, so you're bound to tell the truth anyway. I'm not worried about your testimony; I'm only worried it won't be enough to help me out of my predicament."

She nodded in understanding. "What will happen?" she implored, her eyes ridden with fear.

Leaning back in the barstool, Jareth took a deep breath. "When we arrive at the Capitol, we will be escorted to the main hearing room. You will see many Fae, as well as the rest of the court members, which are comprised of elves, trolls, dwarves…the likes. Don't pay them any attention unless they speak directly to you, and do not appear weak. You've been in the Underground enough to know the basics. Some ground rules will be given, followed by other nonsense most likely, just mind-numbing stuff. Then, the session will begin and someone I am affiliated with will give their own testimony. Once it is your turn…the main counsel will ask you a series of questions regarding your past relationship with me. At least, that is what I'm assuming based off of previous hearings."

Before Jareth could continue Sarah furrowed her eyebrows and interrupted. "How many people are before me?"

"There are five people ahead of you," he stated.

Sarah's eyes widened at his statement. "Wait, only SIX people are testifying in favor of you?!"


"Why so few?" Sarah inquired.

Jareth wiped his hand down his face, feeling a bit impatient with all her sudden questions. "Six seemed adequate enough to me. They're all my closest subjects and colleagues, and really the only people I trust."

"Alright then…," Sarah said uneasily. "What else?"

"Don't interrupt the counsel," Jareth mentioned. "You'll feel compelled to be combative, knowing you, but just try to do otherwise. For both our sake. And just try to…relax."

Sarah scoffed. "Relax. Right. Who's all on our side?"

Sighing, Jareth responded, "Could be more than I think. But for certain, Hoggle, Kieran my advisor, Callum who is king in the southeast region, Amara, queen of the Wood Elves, and Krista, an ex-lover who is now…"

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Excuse me?" Sarah interjected, shaking her head a little. "A past lover is walking the plank for you? Who the hell is she?"

Jareth couldn't help but smirk at Sarah's immediate jealousy. Krista had been an old and close acquaintance of his for years; she'd been like a sister to him in fact. They hadn't slept together in forever because of that, though he wouldn't let Sarah in on that detail. The two had never met either.

"She's an old friend," Jareth replied. "Anyway…"

"No, don't 'anyway' me," Sarah remarked, her face getting red. "You never mentioned her to me before, what the hell Jareth?"

Jareth could feel satisfaction building up inside him. He loved getting her riled up. "My, my Sarah, is that jealousy I'm sensing?" he teased.

He watched Sarah clench her jaw and scoff. Seeing as she came out in a jarring outfit on purpose, he only saw it fit to mention Krista in retaliation. He laughed internally at how irritated she had become.

"Don't flatter yourself," she responded. "It's just annoying how you never mentioned to her me."

Sarah sipped her tea again, and Jareth couldn't help but notice that her attempts at looking unaffected by Krista were failing. He knew her mind was spinning now; perhaps he shouldn't have said anything. He needed her focused too.

"What happens after Krista, or whoever goes before me, is done talking?" she then asked.

"You'll then be taken to the front of the room to attest," Jareth explained. "Once the main counsel feels as though they have gained enough insight from everybody, they will end the testimonies and call to order to make a judgement."

"And how long will that take?"

Jareth shrugged. "Could be hours…minutes…seconds. I'm not sure."

Sarah bit her lip in nervousness, if Jareth had to guess. "I guess we can't wait for the inevitable. Let me throw some clothes on and dry my hair. Then we can go."

Nodding, Jareth said, "As you wish."

At exactly 6:45 am, Jareth apparated himself and Sarah to the enormous citadel situated in the Capitol. It was a large, stone fortress where hearings of all variety took place, its ominous and dark tone succeeding at being intimidating. It was a place that told its visitors you can't escape the truth. If this place was bad, Jareth hated to think what actual prison looked like. He hoped that wasn't in his imminent future.

When they arrived, they were immediately escorted by several guards, all of whom wore armor bearing the High King and Queen's sigil on their breast plate – the lion. Jareth noticed that Sarah was slightly shaking. He brushed his hand against hers, trying to ease her mind, though he really wasn't sure how this would end himself. She looked to him and gulped as he nodded once, indicating it was nearly time.

They all walked in tense silence to the hearing room. Jareth was trying to keep himself calm, though he'd be lying if he said he wasn't nervous. He hated uncertainty, and he didn't trust the counsel whatsoever.

"Who are they?" Sarah whispered to Jareth, breaking him free of his roaming thoughts.

He leaned in slightly, but kept his eyes ahead on the back of the two guards who were slightly ahead of them.

"Just Fae guards, meant to keep things in order should anybody get out of control," Jareth explained. "I've been to enough of these hearings myself where I've witnessed disorderly conduct arising."

"Great," Sarah mumbled. "This should be interesting."

Jareth sighed. He felt terrible that Sarah was put in this position, but he needed her help. And she had agreed, much to his appreciation. He knew there were plenty in the Underground who wished to see him either dead or abdicated from his throne, seeing as he was one of the most powerful Fae around. He truly hoped everything would turn out in his favor, but he really hadn't a clue what would happen. Who would be testifying against him? Would anybody? He'd find out soon.

Everyone stopped when they had reached the large doors, the hearing soon to take place on the other side. Jareth took a deep breath.

"Ready, Precious?" he asked, turning to look at a ghostly white Sarah.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she replied softly, looking straight ahead.

The door opened. Blinding, bright light took over Jareth senses as they stepped inside.

Please let this end well, he prayed.

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