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While Jareth silently prayed to himself hoping this wouldn't end with his head on a platter, all Sarah thought about was the fact that she couldn't believe she was back in the Underground. With Jareth. About to testify on his behalf. How had she managed to get in this position again? Oh. Right. She'd been stupid enough to fall in love with an otherworldly being all those years ago and be dragged into his minutia that's why. She thought that by ending things she'd be completely done with him and all the drama that came with. How wrong she was.

Let's just get this over and done with, she told herself. You'll testify. And then everything will go back to normal. Won't it?

Panic crept into Sarah suddenly at the thought of what could actually go wrong, but before she could contemplate on running away, the door opened and she let out a large gulp. Ready or not, this was happening. Brightness of the sun that poured into the large courtroom and onto her had made her squint, throwing her off momentarily as she walked alongside Jareth. When her eyes finally adjusted, she wanted to bolt, Jareth's possible death be damned.

Hundreds or more of what she knew to be noble Fae sitting in rows of wooden benches throughout the room were now aware of the pair's entrance, and they stared intently at she and Jareth, like vultures waiting to feed upon their prey. She'd recognized some of them from her time in the Underground, and she wondered if they knew she and Jareth were no longer together.

Sarah clenched her jaw in intimidation and clung her arms close to her side. She suddenly felt very exposed and naked as she walked side by side with Jareth down the aisle way that lead to the front of the large and cold room. Her head fell down on its own accord, but she let her eyes wander to the sides, the whispers from among the crowd not going amiss by her. What were they saying? Were they surprised to see her today?

"Stand up straight," she then heard Jareth murmur in a way only she could hear.

As though on auto drive, Sarah instantly did as she was told and that's when she saw what lay straight ahead: the High King and Queen of the Underground sat in their fancy throne chairs, their gazes upon the former couple. They were a striking pair, kind of like George and Amal Clooney. And they were scary as fuck, especially with their guardsmen standing on either side of them.

"It'll be alright, Sarah," Jareth added, sensing Sarah's fear. "Just try to relax, like I said."

She instantly scoffed as she'd done earlier that morning at the ridiculous idea, still keeping her eyes focused on the royal twosome as they continued to walk. Something from the other side of the room caught her attention though, and her eyes drifted to the left. In the corner she saw Hoggle, Kieran, Callum, and two other people who Sarah had never met before, but she deduced they were Krista and Amara. She wasn't able to get a good look at Krista for her head was down, but she and Hoggle instantly made eye contact. She gave him a sad smile and he lifted his hand to say 'hello.' They both gave each other a knowing glance, recognizing the shit show they found themselves to be in with no way out.

Taking in Hoggle's expression and the room that surrounded her, Sarah didn't even notice that Jareth had come to a halt, causing her to run into his back. She didn't realize she had somehow ended up behind him.

"Fuck," she mumbled, embarrassment flooding her. "Sorry."

Jareth looked over his shoulder and enlarged his eyes at her, which heavily suggested, "Get your shit together." Sarah cleared her throat and stepped to stand next to Jareth again. They now stood directly in front of the King and Queen, the monarchs regarding Sarah warily.

She bit her lip, and couldn't help but let her eyes trail to the right; seated next to the High King and Queen was another small area that contained the other kings and queens from the Underground. Sarah knew this because she'd met a few of them before as well. Two seats were empty, however, and that's when Sarah remembered two of them were giving testimonies in favor of Jareth. She wondered how that would go down…talk about awkward politics. She tilted her head slightly at all of them, noting their good looks. Jeeze, were all Fae and Elves this attractive? Hell even the rugged dwarf dude is kinda hot.

Her eyes then trailed back to the High King and Queen and she tried remaining cool and collected. The King reminded her of an older Sam Neill, only he had a full beard and longer, collarbone-length white hair. His Queen – though noticeably older than most Fae – had a youthful appearance, with her waist length chestnut hair and minimal wrinkles. Still, you could sense the years of wisdom on her. She looked either utterly bored, or she had the 'resting bitch face' look down and perfected.

"Jareth," the King finally said, acknowledging his presence only. "How nice of you to finally join us."

"I didn't realize I was late," Jareth rebutted.

The King shrugged. "We changed the time," he said nonchalantly.

Sarah heard Jareth growl under his breath. "Yet no one thought to tell me this?"

"Apparently not," laughed the King, thinking it was the funniest thing on the planet that Jareth wasn't told about the hearing time being changed.

Neither Jareth nor Sarah saw the humor in this situation, and it was taking every ounce of Jareth to not blow up and go off on the court. "My sincere apologies then," he said through clenched teeth. "Not to make excuses, but I did have to tend to the mortal standing next to me. You expected her presence today, did you not?"

The moment Jareth regarded Sarah as 'the mortal,' her head turned so fast to look at him that she thought she might break her own neck.

The King took his time in looking Sarah up and down in appreciation, though she didn't notice this right away as her attention was currently on Jareth.

"I did," the King answered. "This must be your infamous mortal lover. I've heard stories. The others here were not lying about her beauty."

That caught Sarah's attention; she turned to look back at the King, who had subtly adjusted his pants, causing her to fidget. Jareth ignored Sarah's obvious discomfort and his own fury and continued to speak as though she weren't there standing next to him. Something she was far too used to here. "Then you must understand that because she is mortal, she needed to be pacified. You know how feeble they can be."

Sarah's mouth opened on its own. Excuse me?! Did he just refer to me as some pathetic, lowly, insignificant mortal?! This insufferable, piece of…

"Identify yourself for the record," the Queen suddenly demanded from Sarah, ignoring the bantering between her husband and Jareth.

Sarah's head turned back to the royals, her eyebrows furrowing. "Me?" she questioned, pointing to herself.

The Queen rolled her eyes. "No, the mortal standing next to you," she said. "Yes, you. We obviously know who Jareth is."

Ew, rude! "I'm Sarah," she said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Sarah Williams. But you already knew that."

The Queen pursed her lips while the King snickered at Sarah's defiance. "And what is your affiliation with the defendant?" the Queen asked.

Sarah shook her head in confusion, not understanding why the Court needed her to say this if they already knew the answers to these questions. "I…" Sarah looked to Jareth, who silently urged her to just say it. "I'm Jareth's ex-girlfriend."

The crowd gasped and the voices got louder as gossip was being spilled uncontrollably, making Sarah feel even more uncomfortable. She couldn't help but turn her head around to look at them, irritation and fear taking over.

"Silence," the King ordered. The whispers started to hush, and the room was once again eerily silent, save but for the voice of the King. "Lady Sarah," he said after several seconds, causing her to turn back once more. "Do you know why you are here today?"

She shrugged. "Because I'm supposed to testify for Jareth? To help him?"

"From what?" the King inquired, wanting to see what she knew.

"You tell me," she said on impulse and with attitude, crossing her arms. "You're the one who wanted us here today, did you not?"

Jareth shut his eyes and huffed. He knew she wouldn't be able to help herself. Damn her.

The King laughed. "Ooh, a mortal with fire and sass. No wonder my loins are burning! It's a shame I never got the pleasure of meeting her like others in here, Jareth. I would have liked to have gotten to know her."

Sarah squirmed internally and she could feel her lip curl in disgust all on its own. Who the fuck did this guy think he was?! Her eyes wandered to that of the Queen, who maintained her composure even though Sarah could sense the anger rising inside. Not just from the Queen, but from Jareth as well.

Jareth curled his knuckles at the King's suggestion, and turned his head to the left, smirking. "I'm sure you would have. I doubt she feels the same, however."

Jareth and the King just stared at each other, both testing the limits of the other. Sarah looked back and forth between the King and Jareth, waiting for something to happen, but when nothing did, she let out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding.

The King merely laughed out loud a moment later. "Oh, Jareth how I have missed you at court." He then whispered to the guard standing next to him, and despite not looking directly at the woman, Sarah could feel the Queen's eyes boring into her. She refused to look her way, and instead kept her eyes on the King.

The obnoxious man ceased his discussion with the guard, who stepped down and came towards Sarah. "The guard will take Lady Sarah to sit with the rest of your witnesses," the King explained. "Jareth, you will remain right where you are and will continue to stand there until this trial is adjourned."

"Jareth?" Sarah panicked, as the guard grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away from him towards Hoggle and the others.

On command, Jareth took a step towards Sarah, who was being taken to sit with the others. He stopped himself in time before making a scene, and curtly nodded to her, letting her know that everything would be alright. He hated himself for putting her in this situation. If only he could have gotten his damn emotions under control since the time they ended things. He watched helplessly as Sarah was man handled.

"Jesus Christ," she said out loud, as soon as she reached the witness area. Shaking her arm out of the hold from the guard, she told him, "You didn't have to grab me so hard, you asshole."

The guard – whose face was hidden under his helmet – looked to the King for some guidance on how to handle this situation.

The King simply laughed. "Fire! Fire indeed!"

"Please sit, Lady Sarah," the Queen chimed in, growing exasperated with her husband's behavior.

Sarah sighed in frustration, but sat down nonetheless behind Hoggle and next to some female who was clearly an Elf.

She must be Amara, Sarah thought. She'd never met her before. Next to Hoggle was Callum, then Kieran, and the mysterious Krista.

"If we may," the Queen began impatiently. "Can we please get on with this?"

The King nodded, trying to compose himself and get serious again. "Certainly, my Queen. Now then. Jareth. Do you know why you are here today?"

Jareth nodded and kept it simple and short. "Because apparently I'm unfit to rule."

The King furrowed his eyebrows, expecting Jareth to say more. "Precisely," he said, rubbing his chin. "And your stance is that you disagree?" he questioned.

"Yes," was all Jareth said.

"How shocking." The King sighed and spoke to the entire room. "We will begin by listing out the charges against this Fae, who will then have a chance to give an opening statement. The witnesses will next be called forth, one by one. Each will give a declaration on why they're in…favor, of this misguided ruler."

Sarah couldn't help but seethe at the King's implication and felt an immense compulsion to stand up and defend Jareth. Sure he was a lot of things, but misguided? As a ruler? She didn't take too fondly to the insults being thrown his way and she suddenly couldn't wait to get up to the dais and give this court a piece of her mind.

"We will finish with the defendant giving a closing statement, after which a discussion will be held," the King continued. "A discussion wherein we, the Queen, myself, and the other rulers to my left will decide on his fate." The King now looked directly at Jareth. "May the Gods be with you."

Jareth nodded once in understanding, keeping his face void of any sort of emotion, though inside the complete opposite was occurring.

"Jareth," the King started to say. "Ruler of the Labyrinth, master of dreams and wishes, and King of the Goblin City: you are hereby being charged of reckless abandonment of your duties as overseeing the Underground's life source. You have neglected your obligations by irresponsibly engaging in an intimate relationship with a mortal from Aboveground. Due to the nature of your failed relationship and the inability to get a hold on yourself, the Labyrinth has fallen ill which directly impacts the lives of all here. We take our duty as counsel very seriously, which is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the Underground, and only grant the privilege of ruling to someone who is suitable. Today we will determine whether or not you are suitable and whether said privileges will continue. This decision can possibly be swayed by those you have called upon here today to give a statement in favor of you. Do you have anything to say before we call upon the first witness?"

Jareth remained in his standing position, hands behind his back, and addressed the other rulers of the Underground. "The only thing I wish to say is… keep an open mind. For things are not always what they seem, and you can't take anything for granted. Your decision today, should it not be in my favor, might have unwanted consequences."

Sarah's face scrunched, and she looked down and away from Jareth, trying to figure out the meaning behind his subtle threat.

"That's it?" the King asked in a genuinely surprised tone. "Hmph. Well, you're not going to get very far. I knew groveling was too beneath you." The King huffed and looked to the witnesses. "Now, before we start hearing from you bunch, I want to point out that we have two of our very own royals siding with the defendant today." He looked to Callum and Amara. "You both realize what it is you are doing?"

Callum and Amara merely nodded.

"Very well, then," the King said in a sing song voice; almost threateningly. He picked up a piece of paper in front of him and continued to speak. "Let's begin with…" he peered down to the paper in his hands, trying to read off from it and straining to see the words. "Damnit, who made this blasted font the size of a pixie?!" he yelled.

The Queen rolled her eyes and took the piece of parchment from her husband's hands. "Hoggle," she read aloud. "Please come to the dais."

Hoggle groaned and hopped down from his seat and hobbled over to the dais that stood in between the monarchs and Jareth, but faced the King and Queen. The podium was much taller than Hoggle though, and Sarah frowned at the laughs that came from every one as they watched Hoggle stand behind the podium, trying to reach up and lower it so that he may deliver his speech.

Jareth frowned as well, but could do nothing, despite wanting to, for he was told to remain where he was and he knew he couldn't use his magic to help his subject. He glared at the King who was undoubtedly enjoying watching Hoggle struggle to lower the dais himself, and finally intervened in the only way he could.

"If you want to get on with this, might I suggest helping my witness in lowering the stand so that he can provide his testimony? Unless of course, you'd rather sit here all day and hire him on as a jester instead."

The King stopped laughing and tilted his head, looking at Jareth observantly. Before he could bite back at Jareth, the Queen stepped in. "I for one, do not wish to be here all day. Why don't you do as the Goblin King suggested and lower the podium? For all our sakes."

Jareth smirked, and the King grumbled, waving his hand to lower the stand for Hoggle.

"Thank you, my Queen," Jareth said.

"It wasn't for your benefit," she countered and then turned her attentions back to Hoggle. "Dwarf, you will see that there is a vial in front of you. In order to give a true testimony, you will need to drink the serum. Do you accept?"

"I do," Hoggle replied and he drank the serum, wiping his mouth after he was done.

"State your affiliation with Jareth," the King decreed.

"I'm his subject and gardener," Hoggle answered.

"Gardener?" the King teased. "You're his gardener and you're giving a testimony in his favor? How rich. Please, do go on, I'm anxious to hear this."

Sarah and everybody else listened as Hoggle gave his favorable testimony about how Jareth was a tough but fair king, and that he always had his subject's best interest at heart. Hoggle said how much he appreciated his job as gardener and caretaker of the Labyrinth. He also explained Jareth's role in overseeing runners and knew he tried to make it as hard as he could to appease the entity.

There was so much about the Labyrinth that Sarah never knew, and she found herself becoming captivated by Hoggle's explaination on how the Labyrinth essentially got off on the runners' frustration in the maze; what Sarah was able to deduce was that the harder it was for them, the happier the Labyrinth was. She got goosebumps at the thought of the living entity being so sociopathic and needy. Who would have thought? Jareth did say it saw her as its other ruler and master, so maybe it really was acting out due to her absence. Yikes.

"And that's why I think Jareth oughta continue ta be ruler of the Labyrinth, and king of the goblins," Hoggle concluded.

"Thank you for that, Higgle," the King said and Sarah fought back the need to correct him. "Now, tell me. What do you know of Sarah Williams?" the King then asked, seemingly ignoring everything else Hoggle said. "Are you…friends with her?"

Hoggle noticeably gulped, and turned to look at Sarah. Her lips parted and she looked at him with pity, hoping that whatever he said next didn't get him into trouble.

"Yes," he answered, looking down. "I am. I've known her since she was a young girl."

"How young?" the Queen asked.


Again, gasps from the crowd and whispers filled the room. Sarah didn't need to be psychic to see that everybody saw how scandalous this all was so far.

"And…how did you come to meet her at such a young age?" the King inquired, being extra nosey.

"She ran the Labyrinth," Hoggle answered dejectedly. "After she wished her baby brother away. I…I helped her win."

She and Jareth both could tell Hoggle hated outing them like this; he'd kept the true beginning of their relationship a secret like he promised his king, and now he felt he was betraying them both, despite the court already knowing this information.

The King feigned shock as though he were completely taken off guard. "You mean to tell the court…that she, a young mortal girl, ran the Labyrinth previously? And you, a loyal subject to Jareth, helped her defeat it?" He gasped, pretending he was oblivious to everything.

"Yes," mumbled Hoggle.

"So you committed treason," the Queen stated; it wasn't a question.

Hoggle shook his head. "No, you don't understand, I was told to..."

"We get it, Dwarf," the King interrupted. "A feat that is supposed to be near impossible and made as difficult as can be by none other than Jareth himself, was compromised."

The whispers among the audience started up again. Oh, no. The King was doing a good job at making Jareth look weak.

The King hushed everyone and looked to Jareth. "Oh, Jareth. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to mix business with pleasure?" He made it a point to turn and look at Sarah directly as he said his next words and licked his lips. "Though, I can't say I blame you."

Sarah gave him a scorned look, causing him to grin devilishly. His attentions then went back to Jareth and his expression and tone now turned serious. "No wonder the Labyrinth is unhinged," he said with contempt. "Its ruler was distracted." The King waved his hand passively as he spoke again. "You may sit down, dwarf. If we have follow up questions, we will ask later. Who's next?"

The Queen read off the list again, and this time Kieran – Jareth's advisor – came to the podium. Hoggle sat back down and sighed in sadness, causing Sarah to place her hand on his shoulder trying to console him. None of this was his fault.

When Kieran spoke, he essentially gave the same speech as Hoggle, and told the court how fond of Jareth he was and how much he enjoyed serving him over the long years. Not only did he work for Jareth, but he came to think of him as a close friend as well. The court of course asked what his relationship with Sarah was like, with Kieran telling them that he and Sarah got along for the most part and Jareth's subjects seemed to love her.

"Do you think she is the cause of the Labyrinth's instability?" the King asked, peering down at his nails, acting uninterested.

Kieran gulped and looked to Sarah with apologetic eyes. "Yes."

"Yet you side with Jareth," the Queen stated with narrowed eyes.

Kieran nodded. "I blame her for hurting my king. She's a femme fatale, just look at her."

Sarah's mouth opened and she was dumbfounded. She felt everyone's eyes on her in that moment, and she could feel herself shrinking in her seat, wanting to scream. I could punch this man!

"But I know in my heart that Jareth can overcome his anguish and continue to rule as he had been doing before she came into his life," Kieran added. "No one is perfect. And you all know how successful Jareth has been at taming that wretched entity we depend on. I ask that you give him another chance so he can prove his worthiness."

Sarah was more than perturbed at Kieran's words. Not only was she completely insulted that he'd blamed her for all of this – he called her a femme fatale! – but what was this about Jareth's anguish? What does that have to do with anything? She knew there was more than Jareth had let on, there had to be; there was no way the Labyrinth was acting out solely because she wasn't its other ruler like Jareth said. She needed more information. And fast.

"Thank you, Advisor Kieran," the King said dispassionately. "We'll of course take your words into consideration. Next."

For the next hour, Sarah listened to Callum and Amara. They too, fought hard over Jareth's reputation as the ultimate tamer of the Labyrinth, a good king to his subjects, and a loyal subject himself to the High Court. Callum mentioned he'd only met Sarah briefly once before at a ball and thought she was innocent enough, but that he did witness a fight between the two; about what, he didn't entirely know, he just saw and overheard them yelling at each other. Sarah was overcome with embarrassment; if that was the fight she thought it was he overheard, she hated to think of who else may have seen. Shit.

He defended their coupling though, and noted that feelings are fleeting and he had high hopes that all would sort itself out. Amara agreed with Callum and tried reasoning with the rest of the monarchs that this was temporary; Jareth's emotions would settle down eventually and he'd be able to think clearly again. She explained that she'd never met Sarah before, but she'd heard things from Jareth and always encouraged him to follow his heart. That made Sarah smile.

However, at this point, she was also about to lose it. She still didn't have the whole picture down and was growing aggravated that she couldn't piece together what Jareth's feelings and emotions had to do with anything! She just wanted to know why the Labyrinth was being dysfunctional!

"Thank you, Amara. We will now move on to our second to last witness," the Queen said while Amara came to sit back down. "Krista. Please rise and come to the dais."

Sarah had almost forgotten about her. She watched as the brown haired woman sitting directly in front of her stood up and walked towards the front of the room. She wore a blood red dress, and her long, black hair went down all the way to her tailbone. Sarah snarled and rolled her eyes to herself, so far unimpressed with how this female looked from the back.

So this is Jareth's former lover, huh? She's probably hideous and has…

Sarah's negative thoughts ended and her eyes widened when Krista faced the audience, holding both sides of the dais.

Holy Moses. She has to be the most attractive woman I've ever seen. Her eyes! They're so blue. How are her lips so naturally full? And her boobs! Are those real…?

"Krista, you will see that there is a vial in front of you," the Queen spoke. "In order to give a true testimony, you will need to drink the serum. Do you accept?"

"I do," Krista answered. Without hesitation, she drank the serum like it was nothing as the rest had done. She sat the small vial down back on the podium and looked ready to go to war.

The Queen nodded in understanding. "What is your affiliation with Jareth?"

"I'm a close friend of his," Krista said suggestively. "We go back ages."

"How close?" the King wanted to know, raising his eyebrows.

Sarah furrowed her eyebrows, wanting to know if the King was always this immature.

"Very close, your grace," Krista replied curtly. "May I begin talking now? Or would you like to know the size of his cock, too?"

The crowd laughed, and Sarah pursed her lips, feeling her nostrils flare. What the hell kind of trial was this? This bitch just insinuated she and Jareth were fuck buddies at one point! And everyone was okay with the fact she mentioned his cock like it was no big deal? She glanced over at Jareth, who refused to look her way. In fact, come to think of it, he hadn't looked in her direction one damn time since this started.

"We do not need to know the extremities of your past relationship," the Queen answered, giving her husband an accusatory look. "Please go on."

Krista took a deep breath, the swell of her breasts rising at the same time. "I've known Jareth for a very long time. We first met at the Spring Equinox Festival many, many years ago. Perhaps several hundred at this point. I of course knew who he was, and sought out his affections that night. I don't need to go into large detail as to what occurred between us, but our relationship with one another did not end after that tryst." She took another breath, and continued. "As time went on, we continued to see each other informally and there would be times where I spent all day with him at his castle. Not necessarily in a sexual manner, you see; we enjoyed each other's company without it. And in my experience, I've always known Jareth to be a very tenacious, strong willed king.

He did his job, regardless of how difficult it often was for him. And he did it well. He continues to do it well. I'm not sure you all realize just how challenging it is to be ruler of an entity that is fundamentally our life source. Keeping one's emotions in check nearly all the time? Just so the Labyrinth can stay in harmonious equilibrium? Can any of you even imagine having to constantly worry about that? No, you couldn't, could you? You're all happy to go back to your homes at the end of the day and drink your wine, sleep soundly at night, cry when you're sad and despair when you need to without worrying that you might cause extinction. You do not have the responsibility of managing something that is eons old and uncontrollable for practically all of our kind. In fact, Jareth is the only Fae in history to have done his job successfully as Goblin King for not only as long as he has, but to do it right. He was chosen, after all. Now, I'm not naïve; I am aware that he's had some slipups. But two, out of how many prosperous years? We're all still here, aren't we?"

The King sneered. "Barely," he said. "Should he continue as King who knows what might happen?"

"I wasn't done yet, your grace," Krista retorted, giving him a scornful gaze.

At this point, Sarah had been listening intently and was using Krista's testimony to finally try and piece together what was truly happening with the Labyrinth. So…there was a correlation between Jareth's emotions and the Labyrinth's stability? What the hell?

The King stuck out his palm face up, indicating she could continue, a grin plastered on his face. It was as though he enjoyed getting under people's skin.

"None of us can help who we fall in love with," Krista continued. "And try as we might, we can't always help how we feel after a heartbreak. But as the others have stated, feelings are fleeting. Jareth can, and will, overcome this. He's stronger than you give him credit for, and I can guarantee that if you deny him the crown, we could all very well perish."

As the crowd and other monarchs murmured and argued amongst themselves, that's when it hit Sarah: the Labyrinth wasn't acting out because it was mad that she had beaten it or that she wasn't ruling it with Jareth, though perhaps that didn't help things. No – the real reason the Labyrinth was going crazy was because…because of their breakup!?

"Oh my god," Sarah said to herself. Of course! Jareth was heartbroken!

Jareth was heartbroken...and his grief was causing the Labyrinth to act unstable. It all made sense now. The court recognized this and now they're trying to have him step down from his position as ruler. All because of a fucking breakup?!


Sarah huffed and wanted to slap herself. And laugh at the absurdity of it all. Hasn't anyone gone through a breakup before? Then again, they didn't have Jareth's position as a-supposed-to-be emotionless robot. So maybe this really was all her fault. How the hell was she going to talk her way out of this one?

"I object!" Sarah suddenly yelled without any thought.

And then all eyes were on her again.

What the hell had she just done.

Next chapter Sarah is in the spotlight! More information on their break up - we'll finally find out what happened/led to it - and the next chapter I'll try to incorporate more from Jareth's POV. Wanted to focus mainly on Sarah's thoughts here.

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