The Kamen Rider of Remnant

chapter 1: Aftermath of a Battle

(Zack POV)




My transformation disengaged, I barely here Azumi say my name over the pounding rain, as me and Shura fall to our knees. It was over, and I knew that Shura would not be getting up again. I had won the battle to decide Kaito's legacy. I slowly get up and walk to Shura and take his Sengoku driver and banana lockseed.

"I have won Shura. You don't deserve the name Baron, and such I'm taking it away."

I turn around and walk away heading to Peko and Azumi who weren't far away. That was when Shura spoke out.

"You think you have won, that you can honor Kumon Kaito and his legacy. WELL YOUR WRONG, and if I can't have that power then neither can you."

Shura pulled out a lockseed vehicle, He opened the lock and a dandeliner unfolds.

"Be gone from this world ZACK!"

He launched the dandeliner at me, the dandeliner hit me and started pushing me back at faster speeds. I looked on the dandeliner and saw a sakuro lockseed about to blow, I heard a crack open and just as I entered it the lock exploded. I faintly hear Peko and Azumi yelling my name, then everything went black.

(No POV)

In another universe, a battle had been going on. Vale had been breached and the hunters and huntresses had been fighting to stop them. Glynda Goodwitch had just repaired the breach and the students were celebrating. Until a sudden explosion appeared in the sky.

"Be Ready, something is coming down, said Coco as she armed her minigun. Ready to face whatever was coming down."

"Does anyone have an eye on what it is", said Weiss.

Ruby turned crescent rose into sniper mode and looked through the scope. She suddenly gasped and started running full sprint. The others not knowing what it was ran after her as fast as they could.

Just as Zack was about to hit the ground Ruby quickly jumped and caught him. She looked at him and cringed, he was littered with minor injuries and burns. As the others started to arrive Ruby yelled out.

"He's hurt badly, we need a medical bullhead now."

When the bullhead arrived, they quickly loaded him up and took him to a nearby hospital, many wondering what that explosion was, and who he was.