The Kamen Rider of Remnant

chapter 6: Never Surrender

(Zack POV)

My first few days at The Club have been going well. The setup was easy to learn, and most of the music selections weren't to bad. I did end up removing some of the songs from the current que of music replacing them with instrumentals of Team Baron Music, even some of Team Gaim's music was added in. The twins and the boss had been helpful answering any questions I had asked. I was sitting in a booth before my shift started lost in thought, one thing had been bothering me, every night I've been seeing the same figure before going to bed. I couldn't tell at first what it was, but as the nights passed, I finally realized who it was.

"Kaito." I said out loud, but in that state, I wasn't expecting a reply.

"Who is Kaito?" Said Miltia who I hadn't realized was sitting on the other side of the booth.

I didn't really want to bring Miltia into this, so I decided to pass it off as nothing.

"Oh, it's nothing, just a person from my past. So how busy do you think we will be tonight?"

She gave me a look of concern, obviously noticing me changing the subject before she decided to reply.

"Expect a rush, Friday night means people have been paid and can afford some drinks. Also means we are open for a few extra hours tonight, so you might want to relax a bit, maybe get a nap in." She said.

I nodded and decided to head to my DJ booth, I sat down in my chair grabbed my headphones and started to listen to Barons music with the lyrics. Hearing the voices of my friends in the songs was one of the only ways that made me feel at home. I stayed there until it was time to open for the day.

"Kid, its time to open, get your music going." Said Hei Xiong before he headed back to the bar.

"Well let's get this party started." I said

(Miltia POV)

The night has been going well, Me and my sister hadn't been needed for any major issues, we only had about 2 hours left before we were set to close, and Zack had been killing it with the music. He had been doing great the last few days, his music selection and mixing flowed perfectly.

Me and my sister were about to go on our last break of the night when everything went to hell. A group of Faunus had come in earlier and were now completely wasted. They started bothering some of the other customers, and Hei had already sent some grunts to deal with it, but this only lead to a fistfight starting.

"Well Mel looks like we will need to join in, looks like the boys can't handle it." I said, completely embarrassed by the goons attempt at handling the situation.

As I was getting up Mel held me back, I looked at her questioningly before she pointed to the Suddenly empty DJ booth. I looked around and quickly found Zack heading directly to the confrontation. I watched as he went behind one of them and tapped them on the shoulder. They talked for a moment, before Zack gave the drunk an uppercut to the face. Only one thought was going through my mind. Which my sister must have also been thinking as we both opened our mouths to say.

"What the fuck."

(Zack POV)

A few minutes ago.

My night had been going great. I hadn't had any complaints or technical issues, and I had enjoyed seeing everyone dancing. I had a ten-minute break coming up and I had just set the music to automatic for it when I saw some of the club staff being attacked by some customers in the back. I would have left it to them, Afterall I'm just the DJ, however as the last of the grunts were knocked out and the patrons had mostly left, I decided I couldn't ignore this, not with people in danger. I walked over to one of the larger ones and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What do you want Human." He said.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave, you have frightened our customers and assaulted our employees." I said as calmly as I could. I wanted to avoid a fight as much as possible.

"Human do you know who we are, we are members of the White Fang, we don't care what happens to humans or their business, so I suggest you leave us to do what we want before things get ugly.

Well I warned him, I thought as I pulled my fist back and gave the large man an uppercut to the chin. The man landed on the ground knocked out cold. I turned to the rest of the group looking on in shock and rage.

"Well anyone else want to have a go."

A few of them charged me but they weren't much of a fight being so drunk. After two more went down I noticed the Miltia and Melanie approaching quickly with weapons drawn. I looked over the remaining guys that were still conscious.

"last chance to leave on your own." I said as the twins came either side of me. The men took one look at us before all running out of the club, leaving their unconscious comrades behind. I turned to see two sets of green eyes looking at me in surprise, before Melanie broke the silence.

"Dude what were you thinking, it was a seven to one fight and they took out a lot of our grunts. You could have been injured."

Before I could speak up Miltia also spoke up.

"You should have let us handle it, its our job to handle drunk bastards trying to cause problems."

I looked at them both, I knew they were just worried.

"I have been in a couple fights with worse odds, plus they were drunk, so they were off their game. I know its your guys job to handle this but not everyone had gotten out yet and I was closer. I promise I won't be making a habit out of this if I can help it."

Before they could reply, the boss came over with some cops to get my side of the story. After I answered all their questions the boss told me to go head home early. I decided I would finish the conversation with the twins the next day. As I walked home on the quiet streets of Vale, I noticed a railing overlooking the harbor. I went over to it and let my mind wander. Less than a month ago I was trying to be a professional dancer, trying to make something of myself, but then I had no choice but to fight again and now I was stuck in another world with no way home.

"What would you do Kaito." I said out loud hoping that it would come to me.''

"You need to stop being weak."

I turned around in shock, there was a transparent figure, looking at me with a critical eye.

"Kaito." I said not believing my eyes. "How are you here, you died months ago."

"I am here because you want me here." The spirit said, stern as always.

"I don't understand."

"You called out to me during your battle with Shura, that's what brought me to you, and now you are holding onto anything that can connect you to your past life." The spirit spoke.

"Kaito I don't know what to do now. Why am I here. Why did this happen to me."

"What you need to do is stop being a weakling, you are better than this Zack. Stop threating about what you no longer have, think about what you do have now."

I honestly didn't know what to think, Kaito always hated weakness, but he had never shown that much compassion, it made me question my fight with Shura even more.

"You know, I made a promise to keep fighting for Team Baron, your pride, and to acknowledge my weaknesses, and I've only just realized I haven't been living up to that promise. I can no longer fight for Team Baron, not now, and I don't know if I deserve your pride, but I think I have figured out my weakness. Even if it isnt the life I planned for myself, I have started a new one here."

I looked to the spirit, who was looking at the broken moon in remnant's skies.

"You will find a new reason to fight, and you don't need to worry about my pride. You had it the moment I gave you that driver."

His words took a moment to process.

"Hey Kaito."

He turned his head away from the moon to look at me

"I know I said that stuff to Shura but in the end I still don't really understand you. Even though I was the one closest to you. I wanted to understand you best, but you were right, my weakness, I'm not confident in myself. I really don't know if I knew you at all."

I could swear I saw the spirit show a small smirk before returning to his normal expression.

"Of course not. Like you'd understand me."

I had to have a small chuckle at that, it was definatley a Kaito response. I only had one more question left in my mind.

"Can I ask you one more thing?"

He didn't turn to look at me this time, deciding to just acknowledge me.


I composed the words I my head before speaking again.

"Why didn't you kill me before? You could have."

He turned and looked me in the eye, I saw a small hint of emotion in his eyes as he spoke.

"I just thought, you could become stronger, and now I think you will become strong again, now that you have accepted your situation."

Once he finished, I processed his speech, and I realized he was right, I had finally accepted that I might never get home, he had helped me move on. Now it was time to let him move on.

"I see." I said before looking to him.

"Let's dance one more time Kaito."

He looked at me one last time.

"Very well."

(Miltia POV)

By the time Me and Mel finished answering the cop's questions Zack was already gone. I asked Hei where he was, and he told me he had already sent him home a few minutes ago. I was pissed as we hadn't finished our talk with him about getting into fights. I decided to go out and find him but soon half an hour had passed, and I had basically given up for the night. As I was heading back to the club I heard music on the wind, I couldn't make out the words, but the voice sounded familiar. I soon arrived at a clearing by the docks, and there by the railing was Zack. The music was coming from his scroll which he had playing nearby. I quickly realized that he didn't use this song in his DJ playlist, and, the words were in a strange language that I couldn't understand, but the tone made it sound sad, with the only words I could make out being Dance with me. I watched him dancing moves that he obviously knew to heart, and it was memorizing. Like he was portraying an entire story with his moves. As the song reached its final note Zack threw his arm into the air finishing his dance.

"You are really good you know." I said without thinking.

Zack turned around to face me with a little bit of surprise.

"How long have you been here" he said

"Only a few minutes, I'm honestly shocked that you aren't a professional, that was some of the most beautiful dancing I've ever seen.

I saw a smile grace his face.

"Thankyou." He said with a voice that couldn't be anything but genuine.

"Ive never heard you play that song before, you are a good singer you know, I just wish I understood the words."

(Zack POV)

Dancing with Kaito one last time was exactly what I needed, it felt nice to just dance my cares away like I used to in Zawame. I felt it when Kaito finally disappeared, but I couldn't be upset, he had given me what I needed and now he could rest in peace. As the song finished up, I looked up to the sky and I could swear I saw a star sparkle a little brighter than the others. What I didn't expect was to hear Miltia after the song ended. I was surprised that she had loved my dancing and music but her last statement did hit me.

"Tell you what, if you can find me a place I can record, I'll do translated versions for you when I have some spare cash."

I honestly didn't expect what she said next.

"I'll pay for it myself if you would teach me how to dance."